Sakshi decides to make Durga pay for Shaurya’s paralysis; Dev gets a clue about Nitya in Ek Hasina Thi


sakshi and durga in ek hasina thi


Shaurya is frustrated as his lower body have been paralyzed by the effect of getting beaten up badly and getting hit on his back. Sakshi cries seeing him suffer so much and how Shaurya became helpless. Shaurya fumes on everyone and feels they are sympathizing with him. Shaurya loses his temper and scolds Dev which leads to their argument on Nitya. Dev is still feeling it strange on Durga’s story of the goons beating up Shaurya and leading him to paralysis just for the small argument at the Dhaba.


Dev decides to find out Durga’s intentions as he feels Durga is behind all this. Sakshi is sure that Durga did this and decides to give her a payback surprise and make her life hell, which makes death look simpler to Durga. Sakshi promises herself that she will not spare Durga and make her pay for Shaurya’s pain. Durga and Dayal are confident that Sakshi is not doubting on them and are glad. Sakshi and Rajnath are stunned as doctor tells the probability for Shaurya to walk again is nearly negligible. Sakshi fumes on Rajnath for his decision to send Shaurya with Durga and now wants to play her game secretly.

Durga proposes to marry Shaurya stating her love is true, and Sakshi understands her game and gives a nod for it. Durga teams up with Akash and wants to make Goenkas cry, while Sakshi is finding out about Durga’s truth and why is she after Shaurya. On the other hand, Dev too is curiously finding out about Nitya and Durga’s connection. He feels Durga resembles Nitya in much sense, but being a Thakur, it stops his thinking. Dev gets a video tape which is a proof against Shaurya and in favor of Payal. It is the evidence which got left out and it has matter related to Payal’s rape.

Dev decides to get justice for Payal and Nitya and goes ahead to find out Nitya. Will he come to know Durga is Nitya? Durga wants to enter Goenka house and take care of Shaurya, and indirectly become a termite for them to eat the Goenka base and shake their empire. Will Durga succeed or will Sakshi win in her masterplan against Durga? Will Sakshi hurt Dayal Thakur to take her revenge on Durga? Keep reading.


  1. sabki bari aayegi boss….
    Pehla number to shaurya ka tha..dont worry sakshi ur number will also come… but durga must be carefull and should not underestimate mrs.goenka

  2. The story is good, Durga enters to take revenge on the top most business tycoons. But it is only one sided. Sakshi being the no.1 with name, fame, riches, can an ordinary girl like Durga strike her. I think its now time to add some THRILL in the serial. Of course no doubt its an copied version of the English title “Revenge”. Sakshi and Durga should come now atleast shoulder to shoulder in the serial. Earlier episodes did show that Akash just walks in and plug the detective recorders in their house and walks away. But now Sakshi should start her detective and instinct mind to work and first target Akash’s identity. It its revenge it cannot be on one sided only. No please add some THRILL in the serials and we want to see more of Sakshi mind working in the right direction and make it more harder for Durga to reach the goal. Now it shows so easily Durga gets her works done. No thrill no fun. Thanks


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