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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein
Pyaar Ka Dard Hai
Saath Nibhana Saathiya
Suhani Si Ek Ladki



Baldev takes on Veera on a date and a truck hits Veera. She meets with an accident and bleeds. A shocked Baldev rushes her to the hospital and informs the family. Ratan and Chaiji think to inform Ranvi, but Veera stops them saying it will affect his singing career. Ratan has accepted Baldev, but will Ranvi accept him? Gunjan thinks to break this news to Ranvi on right time and hope things don’t go wrong before that. Ranvi enters the third round of the Junoon 2014 Competition shocking Dev and Rishabh.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Mrs. Bhalla has come to know that Ishita has been meeting up Poornima Prakash since long and has been taking cooking classes from her. She does not tell Poornima’s truth to Ishita, but in turn goes to meet her and warns her to be away from Ishita and not influence her married life. Poornima in turn is a clever lady who wants to meet up Ruhi more often, and also planted Sanjana Arora to divert Ishita from the right track. On the other hand, Parmeet is involved in this Arora game and is having fun seeing Ishita restless to know Mihir’s sister.

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai:

Adi has got his Pankhudi home, and Ayesha welcomes her by showering rose petals in their way. Nafisa is proud of Ayesha for sacrificing her love once again. Ayesha gives a hearty welcome to Adi and Pankhudi. The mystery case comes up when the inspector informs about Pankhudi being fine and then her condition becoming worse, as someone being behind this. Adi is curious to know about the two year course of Pankhudi’s life. Ayesha’s big heart makes everyone praise her again. Pankhudi slips into coma and doctor tells Adi that she may survive, but chances are less. The Diwaan Family gets upset knowing Pankhudi’s condition. Nilofer is back in Diwaan Mansion to support her daughter. Avantika explains her Pankhudi’s comeback. Nilofer is angry as Ayesha will be named a second woman in Adi’s life, how will the world name their relation as Diwaan family got their bahu Pakhudi back. Nilofer is worried for Ayesha’s future. Nilofer decides to go to the women’ organization to get Ayesha’s rights. Ayesha tries to stop her and this creates big troubles for Adi.


Saras and Kumud have bumped into Khushi on the road, or should we say she came before their jeep and caused a minor accident too. But Khushi saved Kumud from being hit by a car. Saras and Kumud are stunned when she tells them about her suicide attempt as she is pregnant and her family is against her love. She says she loves someone and states about their families who were great friends before, but things went wrong and they turned into shrewd enemies. She clears that the guy too loves her, but is unable to do anything because of the families, as things may get more bitter, so they decided to part ways and she was committing suicide. Saras and Kumud take a step in talking to their families and are adamant to unite the lovers. Saras and Kumud wants to explain the pureness and power of love and thus unite Khushi and her love Vijay. The show is wrapping up soon with this social message of Preserve Love in hearts as purity with no space for hatred.

Saath Nibhana Saathiya:

Gopi is standing against Paridhi knowing her motives are not clear yet. Kokila does not hear Paridhi speaking ill about her and is keen to see Jigar happy. She tells Gopi that she has nothing to do with Paridhi, but she is giving Paridhi a chance as she wants to bring back happiness in Jigar’s life, and if Paridhi proves to be a good life partner and make him move on in life, then she will accept Paridhi. She says once this happens, she will mend Paridhi in her ways as she did to Gopi. Gopi agrees to her, but still keeps an eye on Paridhi. Paridhi dresses like Rashi to get a place in Jigar’s heart and does the Teej fast drama. Jigar is annoyed. Paridhi is trying to prove herself the best bahu. Jigar makes her drink water as she fools him by her lies. She smiles as he breaks her fast.

Suhani Si Ek Ladki:

Yuvraaj is disturbed seeing Soumya back in their lives and consoles Suhani to forget everything. Suhani wants an answer from Soumya for hiding about her marriage. Soumya calls up Suhani to meet her and Yuvraaj reaches the spot. Soumya is shocked seeing him. Yuvraaj insults her for loving a servant Krishna and rejecting him. He taunts her about Krishna’s status and hurts her feelings. Soumya cries and regrets her mistake for cheating Suhani. Yuvraaj takes her good class for fooling Suhani and spoiling the name of friendship, as she has told Suhani that Yuvraaj loves her and pushed her into a forced relation. Soumya realizes her mistake and tries to clarify to Yuvraaj. Suhani comes there and patches up with Soumya, as she promised she will never leave her again. Suhani is very happy getting Soumya back. Bhavna faces problem with Rishi and can’t eve complain to anyone about him. On the other hand, Krishna is in no mood to spare Soumya for her small mistakes, as his parents arrive. Soumya feels out of place as Krishna’s family is against her.


  1. Beautiful line in Saraswatichandra article : Preserve Love in hearts as purity with no space for hatred. You guys write very well. hats off. I liked this post as it got all my fav shows. Keep up the good work guys.


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