Sandhya catches Rajkumar inside the coffin in graveyard in Diya Aur Baati Hum





Sandhya has caught RajKumar finally, as he was fooling them around and gave sweet cake to a prisoner Gomes and then called up his relatives to bring the coffin so that he can run away. Sandhya and Zakir have seen the CCTV footage live feed on their mobile app which got looped by someone who did it intentionally to not let them know about Zakir’s eloping from the jail. Its Disha who hacked their phones and changed the settings. Sandhya still has to find out about her. RK runs away from the jail being dressed as a constable.

Sandhya and Zakir try to evaluate the situation seeing which vehicles got through from Gate number 3. They see the coffin mentioned in the register. They quickly find out about Gomes relatives and reach the graveyard where Gomes body is taken. Rajkumar got the double deck coffin where Gomes body was kept up and he was lying inside in the bottom deck. Sandhya and Zakir reach the graveyard with the staff and look for Gomes grave. They dig it and open up the coffin. They see Gomes dead body and are let down. But then Sandhya’s clever mind and wits start thinking and she finds out the below deck and open it up.

They see Rajkumar was lying in the coffin with the oxygen mask. Rajkumar was finally again in Sandhya’s sharp eyes and he is taken back to jail. Rajkumar is still all smiling as his mission has started, and he is still fooling the police to bring them after them and then show him that he is in jail, so that blames does not come on him. Rajkumar got handcuffed and shifted to jail again. Sandhya and Zakir did a good job as of now, but still Sooraj’s life is in danger and Sandhya has to save him at any cost. We hope she saves the airplane from hijack attempt by Rajkumar and his gang. Keep reading.


  1. I JUST WANT 2310 TO BE HIJACKED AND WANT TO SEE RAJKUMAR SUCCESSFUL IN HIS PLAN…..(because this is the only way through which gaurav sharma can remain in the serial…I JUST WANT THAT!!!!!)


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