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Dare 2 Dance Life Ok

Akshay Kumar (Host, Mentor) shows the daring contestants of Dare 2 Dance a gold card and calls it priceless since it is not made up of gold. He will tell them what is the purpose of that card at an appropriate time. Sanam speaks that the card could be a lifeline (immunity) or given to the one giving an unbelievable performance.



* Sanam Johar speaks of his Indian theme in the performance. Sanam speaks that nobody wants him to fare badly. Akshay asks Sanam who is the best and he replies Kunwar Amar Bhai. Sanam speaks Alisha to be his best friend and Akshay wants Alisha to pray for him and others. Alisha does the prayers. Akshay speaks of a big quote that God help those who help themselves. Sanam speaks of doing rehearsals with scuba diving and he speaks of breathing with only mouth and during his rehearsals the oxygen cylinder got over and he had to ask the drivers for support to take him up. He felt that his time has came to die when he have those breathing problems under water. Also, speaks of cold water and was getting scared before doing his act.

Sanam performs underwater in the Indian classical form and is dressed and the song is Mann Mast Magan Bas Tera Naam…. Akhiyo Kare Hazoori Maange Teri Manzoori. He lifts his partner and helps in her turning upwards and downwards. He does sommersault and also reverse spin downwards. In the end dance act, there is a lovely scene where they depict a couple¬†relishing their moment of togetherness and the boy giving her warmth. Sanam gets applaud from everyone and Akshay suggests that Sanam’s performance is perfect and think that the idea of underwater dance act is amazing and has gone to different level. Sanjay speaks that Sanam has attempted Indian contemporary and gets a green card. He speaks that all Sanam moves like Aadaab and lifts were different and the turns with this partner turning his head. Francois gives him a green card as well. Akshay congratulates Sanam on getting 2 green cards and speaks that their coordination was amazing and there was no mistakes. He speaks that Sanam’s performance is marvellous.
Result: 2 Green cards.

* Scarlett Wilson speaks of performing on the Teri Meri in unusual style.
Prelims: Akshay wants her to speak in Hindi how much she is happy for coming in the show. She speaks of being happy to participate in the show and Akshay thinks she is lying and pulls her leg. Scarlett speaks of having an incident where she was almost drowned and also she was having problems for ventilating under water. She is wearing a long gown as costume for her act and she hopes on not slipping.

Scarlett performs on the Teri Meri song and the performance also has a story. Scarlett’s partner James gives her able support and lifts her. He holds her while she stretches her body in dance sequences. She does sommersault and follows the lyrical steps in her dance. There is a wall comes in their performance that separates the lovers and they fight it out to break that barrier to meet again and come close. Finally, the boy is heartbroken. After the act, Scarlett speaks of panicking and got some problems in her ear during the act. Francois gives her a green and also another green from Sanjay. Sanjay speaks of the story in her act. Akshay congratulates them for getting green cards. Akshay calls his partner James as James Bond and suggests that they are bonding well. Prince comes forward and dances on the Teri Meri song in his locking/popping dance style which is his forte. Prince made that dance on the fly.
Result: 2 Green cards

* Sayantani Ghosh comes next and she speaks Bengali at home and Akshay wants her to say that she wants to marry him in Bengali.
Prelims: Akshay pulls her leg when she speaks it in Bengali like that Is he a beggar, He came there after doing his B.A. studies ? Sayantani speaks of overcoming her fear and do the act. Sayantani in the recorded conversation speaks of having lots of fear – clausophobia. She wants Akshay to come with her during underwater act and he agrees, Sayantani speaks of equalizing your ear because of the depth otherwise your ear can burst. She speaks of having a foreigner partner who is not well versed with Hindi songs.

Sayantani performs with her partner on the Ranghaa Ranghaa.. song and he holds her in their dance act. The dance is sensual a bit and she jumps over him and moves her hands and legs. Akshay is also seen under water overseeing her as she has earlier requested him. He asked her why she has made audience and himself fool. He even got wet because he went underwater. She speaks of her making her mind and he asks her to not make him a fool another time. Sanjay calls her dance act convincing and speaks that her postures and dance was less and gives her a red card. Francois gives her a green card. Akshay asks why she got a red card ? She replies that Sanjay spoke that she has some tricks but less dance. She then opens up and speaks on doing the dance as being given by her choreographer and she speaks of putting her inputs as well. She speaks of just following the structure of dance given and suggests that she is sad. Akshay suggests that she might be not fulfilling the choreography given to her and she is giving 80 % and when she has been 100 %. He asks other contestants whether they are unhappy with choreography. Kunwar Amar speaks that she lost her balance and slipped. Prince speaks that she didn’t clean in her back flip. Akshay speaks of doing fair play with all contestants and motivates her for next act.
Result: 1 Green and 1 Red [Dance]

* Karan Singh Pangali comes next and speaks of a surprise in his dress.
Prelims: Akshay pulls his leg and asks him to not appear without clothes under water. Karan speaks that his performance is that of Romeo and Juliet and the song is Sadi Galli Aaja Saanu Jaanuwaliye and his partner name is Michelle. Akshay speaks why Heer and Ranjha not perform on punjabi songs and why Romeo and Juliet are to be performed on punjabi songs. Karan replies the concept is of East meets West and Akshay pulls his leg on that note. Karan speaks of being ready for surprises. Karan speaks of doing swimming only in vacations and suggests of not combining scuba, swimming and dance never. He speaks that balance is very hard to maintain and with water there is no control. He will be doing lot of back flips and doing hand stand. Last time, he mixed Kathak with hip-hop and this time Akshay will see more unique act.

Karan performs with his partner Michelle on the Sadi Galli Aaja Saanu song  and starts with Romeo doing a ball room dance and then does some lifts. He holds Michelle with his hands. He goes on to do some back flips and reverse spin. He passes below the legs of Michelle in their dance act like that of a slide. Both jump together and at the end he even showers a kiss. Akshay speaks on camera that Karan has done a good act and he has used his props as well and just want to know why has he kissed at the end. He gets green cards from Francois and Sanjay as well. Sanjay speaks that his concept was good and cute and he has attempted ballroom dance. Akshay learns that Karan got 2 green cards and Karan speaks of kissing at the end which was surprise. Akshay speaks that instead of smooch he went for a kiss and he replies family show. Akshay congratulates them.
Result: 2 Green cards

* Kunwar Amar comes next.
Prelims: Amar speaks of doing romantic element and his prop is German Wheel to add more element in his dance. He speaks that act with German wheel under water have never been attempted so that is the unique part. Akshay speaks that in this week nobody has got 2 red cards and asks him whether he thinks he will be that person ? Kunwar Amar looks at contestants and replies no. Amar speaks of not doing 2 red cards performance never and Akshay thinks that he has lot of confidence. Kunawar Amar speaks of having phobia under water and at its depth. He speaks that dance becomes slow under water and you will not be stable and also German wheel is also unstable and it can give you injury. He hopes of not receiving any red card.

Kunwar Amar performs with his partner while standing on the German wheel to start with and both are wearing red dresses. They perform on the Behna Behna De Mujhe Paani Ki Tarah song and he holds her with his one hand and she walks on his hand and makes some turns and back flips. She comes inside the german wheeel and moves in the periphery. Amar and his partner ends the act while sharing an intimate moment and after the act he calls the scuba drivers for help. Akshay speaks on cam that Kunwar Amar has the flow and his act was good. He speaks that entire night has passed and now there is early morning. Sanjay speaks that Amar used german wheel which is a big prop and his act was good and gives him a green card. Francois gives him a red card for not doing proper sommersault. Kunwar Amar speaks of doing one mistake which is back flip and was worried on getting a red card. Akshay learns that Amar got one red and one green card. Akshay notices where Amar went wrong in his act.
Result: 1 Green and 1 Red [Dare]

Akshay informs the contestants about extreme dance heroes of this week and he calls Prince and Alisha. He speaks that Alisha’s hard work and even her rehearsals were incomplete and on other hand Prince does the act with laser. Akshay asks the contestants who should be the extreme dance hero and the contestants chose Prince and Akshay informs Prince as the extreme dance hero.

Akshay speaks of next week and there will be doing dance with movement where they need to dance on a moving truck. He speaks that even a big dancer will face challenge as well. Akshay signs off with his dialogue – Jiski life mein dare nahi, uski life ki khair nahi.

Next Week Performance: Rithvik got two red cards even after doing the best aerial dance on the moving truck and Akshay is very much surprised on that development. Akshay is also seen on a trendy and big motor bike in the introduction scene. The location of their moving truck is the coastline thus winds,dew, and other environmental factors will play a factor in their performance as well.

Sneak Peek: Dare 2 Dance, Episode 4, 14th September 2014
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Sneak Peek: Xtreme Dance reality
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Next Week Promos: 20th and 21st September
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