Rudra and Mayra to confess love and marry to live happily ever after in Rangrasiya


 Rudra and Mayra to confess love and marry in rangrasiya



The sharp tongued Mohini has realizes all her mistakes and she goes to Rudra to apologize to him. She makes him confront his heart asking whether he loves Mayra or not. Rudra thinks that he has feelings for Mayra, but denies to her. When Mayra gets hurt and her head bleeds, its Rudra who cares for her and does the first aid, and Rohit being stupid to think its sindoor in her hairline. Mayra is at the point where she has choose between Rudra and Rohit. Mayra feels Rudra loves her a lot, but stops her heart. Rudra gets a dream of Paro coming to talk to him, and saying that their son needs a mother and Mayra will be best for him. She asks Rudra to accept Mayra and marry her, as she has seen love for her in his eyes. Rudra will be confused as Mayra is marrying Rohit and he does not want to come between them. Rudra hides his feelings, as he sees his Paro in Mayra and still wants to go far from the house, for Mayra’s happiness.

Rohit is unsure about Mayra’s feelings as she looks doubtful about their marriage. Mohini goes ahead to talk to Mayra and will ask her to not ruin her life by marrying someone she does not love. She asks her not to marry Rohit and confess her love to Rudra. Mohini will be seen pushing Mayra to follow her heart and do what will keep her happy for her lifetime. Just when their marriage is about to happen, Mayra tells Rohit that she does not love him, but Rudra, as she has realized her feelings.

By this time, Rudra has left the house and stands outside with Dhruv, giving his best wishes to Mayra. She runs out leaving her marriage to stop Rudra. She then confesses her feelings to Rudra, making his decision of loving her firm and clear. Rudra too tells her that he loves her and they have a romantic hug. Finally, Mayra got her Rangrasiya….. Everyone is happy for Rudra and Mayra. With all animosity gone, Dhruv has got a good mother and Rudra got a true life partner. With Ashish Sharma and Sanaya Irani’s show ending, we wish them all the best for their next projects and would like to see them back in new shows soon.


  1. This show had so much potential to do even better everything muddled such a brilliant premise and actors so much more could have been done. lost opportunity. If the channel was at fault, the makers shd maybe have gone to another another, total goldmine this show without promos it did what others did with promos

  2. hello i am watching this serial on you tube nearly 20000 viewers watching per day in you tube donot know about other website why they are ending this serial so early with
    undetailed ending what happen tejawat, that girls who were kidnapped by tejawat to
    other countries aman laila etc there is no need of mayraa character without finished
    above these comming to mayraa she came to india after finished her engagement with
    rohit she only first proposed rudra for love but now rudra shown his heartful lover toher
    but she is saying that she do not want to broke rohit believes she gave always problem
    to rudra she cannot make her decision also properly then is rohit not yet seen paro
    picture in rudra’s house if he seen means what is his reaction about paro and myraa
    in same face what happen do rudra’s old haveli it is also belongs to rudra’s father name
    only why this undetailed ending for this show I am a tamil lady i do not know hindi even
    i am watching this serial because of the brilliant actors they do their best but the
    channel and director, producer of this serial nor properly use their talent because of
    big bass show

  3. This show had a lot of potential.. sad to see how it got ruined after Paro’s death.. one of the biggest mistakes of the CV’s

  4. It is a nice story but i felt sad when paro died at least myrah came as her look alike as 4 -7 look the same in the world and myrah helped him find love again even though they have been through alot with their differences


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