Chakor’s “Udaan” to Lucknow in Rawat Family


chakor in udaan


Chakor’s innocence and smartness have touched Ishwar’s heart. Even Aditya is convinced by talking to Baa that Chakor can have a bright future if she is given a right direction and moulding. Aditya has told Bhaiya ji that he will ask for the gift when the time comes. Ishwar and Aditya hear the maid Laali scolding Chakor and saying her that Bhaiya ji will take the final call on her after the guests leave and no one can save her now. Ishwar sees Chakor upset and asks her what did Laali say. Chakor does not tell anything, but Aditya is very clever too, he tells Ishwar that Bhaiya ji is going to do something with Chakor, which won’t be good. Ishwar worries for Chakor and has a doubt that all people in Aazaadgunj are Bhaiya ji’s slaves.

Ishwar tries to find out and shares this matter with Abha. Girja hears them and alerts Bhaiya ji. He asks Manohar to shut everyone’s mouth by scaring them of death. Manohar tells the village people to be quiet, else they will lose their families. He asks them not to tell anything to Ishwar who will come in morning to know about the sign on their hands. Ishwar turns up next morning, to question them and everyone run seeing him. They go inside their houses and shut the door, making the village look vacant. Ishwar is puzzled by their sudden fear. Just then Imli stops him holding his hand, and asks him to save Chakor from Bhaiya ji’s anger. She says they will burn my Chakor, please stop them from hurting Chakor. Ishwar is shell shocked and understands Bhaiya ji’s cruelty, which no one dared to tell him, but a little girl has told him being brave and innocent to understand fear.

Ishwar determines that he will free Chakor and all others too from Bhaiya ji’s torture. While Ishwar’s family is leaving from Aazaadgunj to go, Aditya plays a smart move and asks Bhaiya ji to fulfill his promise. Bhaiya ji asks what does he want, to which Aditya replies ‘Chakor’. Aditya takes this step to protect Chakor from Bhaiya ji and wants to take her with him to a safer place, at his home in Lucknow. Bhaiya ji has no option, but to agree. He frees Chakor and asks them to take her. Ishwar and everyone get happy to take Chakor. Ishwar wishes to give best education and a good life to Chakor to nurture her dreams to touch the moon. Bhaiya ji fumes on losing Chakor to Ishwar, and hatches a new plan. He hires two goons to go Lucknow and kidnap Chakor.

Bhaiya ji says he wants Chakor back in his haveli at any cost, and then he will forever make her his ‘Bandhua’. Prabhakar tells Bhaiya ji that he will make Ishwar issue the NOC for his silk factory. Ishwar is confused over supporting Bhaiya ji after seeing his truth. Ishwar plans to take a big step for the people of Aazaadgunj and bring down Bhaiya ji’s control. Chakor is extremely happy to get a new and peaceful home, where everyone respects and loves her. Aditya finds a good friend in Chakor, and Ishwar treats her as his daughter. Chakor’s life is taking the Udaan…. Will Bhaiya ji succeed in getting back Chakor? Watch Udaan at 8.30 PM on Colors TV.


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