Ishani dazed to know Ranvir is her new boss in Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi


ranvir and ishani in meri aashiqui tum se hi


Ranvir’s Aashiqui for Ishani was always selfless and he made great promises to himself that he will always stand with Ishani, no matter what she does, she hates him or she insults him. Ranvir has faced a lot in the past, and post the two year leap, Ranvir is known as the rich business tycoon RV. Good days have come in RV’s life, but he still misses Ishani. Ishani is with Chirag to know who has acquired her home, and who helped Chirag in ruining her business empire. Ishani struggles in a job, and she even takes loan to get some expenses covered. She has a bad equation with her boss at the office. The lover boy from heart, RV learns about this and is keen to protect Ishani once again. He buys her office and becomes her new boss.


The whole office staff rejoices as the old rude boss got away. They are happy with RV as the new boss and praises him. Ishani hears the staff talking to RV. RV was hurt seeing her with Chirag in the party. His heart is broken into millions of pieces, but the fact is, it still beats for Ishani. RV does not want to marry anyone, as he can’t love any other girl. Ishani thinks to return the money to the new boss, as she is payable to the office accounts. Ishani goes to the boss’ cabin to meet him. She talks to him, and is stunned seeing Ranvir as her new boss. RV’s motive was just to protect her, but what will Ishani take this step as, has to be seen. Will Ishani understand Ranvir’s love for her? Keep reading.

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