Rajeev plans to spoil Alka’s honeymoon and befriends Rohan in Shastri Sisters


shastri sisters



Rajeev has come back in Alka’s life. He disguises himself as an electrician and meets Alka, while Astha misses to hear their talk. Rajeev threatens Alka not to go ahead in life with Rohan, and come back to him. He says he is ready to marry her and give her a home of dreams. He threatens her that she will lose her respect if she does not agree to him. A tensed Alka thinks Rajeev never loved her, else he would have not hurt her like this. She hides this matter from Anushka. Rohan and Alka greet the elders and are about to leave for their honeymoon to Manali. Alka thinks to tell Rohan everything, as he told her not to keep any secrets between them. She stops saying him seeing his trust on her, and not willing to break his hopes. They leave for Manali.

Rohan stops his car seeing a man asking for lift. The man tells him that his car broke down and he has to go ahead. Rohan agrees to help him and asks him to sit in his car. The man sits in the backseat. Rohan introduces his wife Alka. Alka turns to greet him and is shocked seeing its Rajeev. Her smile goes and Rajeev is glad to stick to them and spoil their honeymoon. Rajeev plans to hurt Rohan to keep him away from Alka and also tell him the truth of their affair. He threatens Alka to come with him if she wants to see Rajeev fine. Alka and Rohan’s sweet relation which just started, gets a laid back by Rajeev.

On the other hand, Neil was doubting that Rajat and Devyaani like each other. He cleared his doubt from Rajat and came to know that Rajat likes Devyaani as she is a bright cadet, not for any love sake. Neil is glad and thinks to win Devyaani’s heart. Neil very well knows Devyaani likes Rajat and wants to make a place in her heart. Rajat finds Anushka rude these days, as she always comes in between him and Devyaani’s friendship. Rajat invites Devyaani in a success party for her competition victory and Anushka allows Devyaani by much insistence. Devyaani goes in the party as she is mad about Rajat and wants to be around him. Neil too follows Devyaani to be with her, and wants to express his love to her. Will Devyaani’s heart breaks knowing Rajat does not love her? What will be Rajeev’s step now? What will Alka do? Will she tell Rohan the truth or bear all the tension alone? Watch Shastri Sisters on Colors TV at 7pm.


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