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Bilal has lighted the Dhaba where Zain was sleeping. Aaliya was informed about the fire at the Dhaba and reaches the spot knowing Zain is stuck inside. Zain too gets awakened and saves himself. Aaliya’s heart soothes seeing him fine. The fire of the Dhaba ends the fire of hatred in Aaliya’s heart. Aaliya shows her sheer concern for Zain and hugs him saying I love you. This marks the journey of the new love and they get romantically united again. Rehaan helps the lovers to unite and will be marrying Aaliya, to later divorce her and let her marry Zain as per the Islamic rules for the divorced couple to remarry. Rehaan’s sacrifice will shaken his love. The Halala Nikaah concept will be shown, which will bring a unwanted distance between Zain and Aaliya again.

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 2

Kalindi’s world is turned upside down as her son Ankush has made an entry in her life. She now has the duty to change him into a good human being. Ankush was unknown to her as her first husband lied to her that their son died and kicked her out of his home. He has now given his entire property to her after his death and also left Ankush’s responsibility to her. Ankush will be staying at Kirloskar house and troubling everyone to bring out his anger and show his wrong upbringing. Kalindi will be shown accepting this responsibility later on and trying to change Ankush to mould him into a perfect character. Astha joins office again to be around Shlok, but comes to know Shlok changed her cabin to keep her at bay. Astha and Shlok’s annoyed romance goes on.

Diya Aur Baati Hum

After Meenakshi has did the suicide attempt, even then her efforts have failed as Vikram is adamant to marry Prema. Sandhya and Sooraj support Meenakshi. Sandhya tries to find out about Prema’s background before Vikram married her. RK has found a way to escape from the new locked home cum jail. He uses the soap to kill the rats to show the place is unhygienic and mocks being unhealthy to shift to hospital and a better place from where he can run. He succeeds in his plan and starts his mission to hijack the plane. Sandhya has to save her husband and Bhabho this time from RK’s attempt to harm them.

Ek Hasina Thi

Dev goes to meet Payal at the rehab centre. Later on, Durga gets a call from the doctor saying Payal got missing. Durga is stunned and shares this with Dayal and Akash. They start finding Payal and with this, her identity truth twist will be out soon, just before her marriage infront of Dev. Is Dev behind Payal’s gone missing? Shaurya is in two minds to marry Durga or not, knowing about his weakness post his paralysis.

Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Urmila and Paridhi are together in a plan and Gopi comes to know about this. She decides to find out what does Paridhi want to do next. Kokila too starts doubting Paridhi, being finding her reliable. Hetal is adamant that she will not make Paridhi take Rashi’s place. Kokila asks her too give Paridhi a chance for Jigar’s happiness. Will Gopi find Paridhi’s secret soon?

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Ishita and Raman sit in the Satyanarayana puja at home in Mihir’s tilak function and both being angry, start arguing infront of all the guests. The families get irked and asks them to stop arguing. She asks him to get gas cylinder, and ends up getting the water tanker, which initiates a fight between them. Since they are not talking, she tells it to Appa to ask Raman, and Raman does not know anything. Ishita and Raman start their usual taunting on each other where he defends himself. Mihir denies Sanjana to be his sister and speaks up that Shagun is her sister. The drama evolves as Shagun makes an entry and everyone is stunned. Shagun tells everyone that she is indeed Mihir’s sister who has sent him Rakhis all these years and he did not keep relation with her for Raman’s sake. Sanjana’s mock sister character is out. Poornima’s truth to be Shagun and Mihir’s comes out and Ishita is left stunned for getting fooled perfectly by them.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

Naman and Karishma meet in the Garba function. Akshara is upset as Naitik is not around, but he surprises everyone by coming home. Naman and Karishma get romantic and everyone see them being shocked. They come to know about their love affair. While everyone is tightlipped, the one who stands against it is Devyaani, who does not like Karishma at all. She asks Naman to be away from Karishma. Naman says he loves Karishma and he will marry her, even if Devyaani is against them. This makes Devyaani cry and it starts a mum-son issue. Akshara and Naitik discuss how to sort this problem.

Jamai Raja

Sid and Roshni’s romantic moments starts, as he cooks noodles for her and makes her eat by his hands. They have some eyelock and get closer as Roshni is bowled over by Sid’s love. They start their romantic journey while DD is planning against Sid.

Balika Vadhu

Anandi watches a horror movie in her room. Shiv sees her and thinks to scare her further. He dresses like a ghost and scares her. He gets caught by Anandi and she starts beating him for his mischief. Shiv runs and she catches him yet again. They hug and the scene gets converted from horror to romance. Dadisaa is taking a big decision that would change Gehna’s life, but wants Nandu to give his nod too.

Gustakh Dil

Lajjo and Nikhil are finally caught by Ranawat and his family. Both of them are at gun points, and have to think something to escape from Ranawat’s clutches. Lajjo steals the blue diary from Ranawat’s safe and is caught red handed by Shalini and Harry. Shalini helps Lajjo and takes her out by shooting Harry. Harry quickly calls up Ranawat to inform him. Harry tries to stop Lajjo and Shalini makes Lajjo run. She comes in between and gets shot by Harry. Will Lajjo and Nikhil fool Ranawat another big time or fall in danger? What will Ayesha do when she comes to know about Adhiraj’s dad to be the diamond smuggler Ranawat?

Nadaan Parindey

Iqbal comes home drunk, and aims to hurt Meher. He loses his senses and ends up consummating his marriage with Meher. Meher holds these love moments memories with her and does not let Bebe know it. Iqbal forgets in morning about the last night and still acts rude to Meher. Meher is puzzled by his dual behavior. Iqbal gets the file secrets from the army cell and heads to meet Sameer, to free him and send him back to Pind. Bebe waits for Sameer to come back. Mehtaab and Iqbal meet Sameer and tell him their plan. Sameer is glad seeing his brother Iqbal. What will be Meher’s decision when Sameer comes back?

Tumhari Pakhi

Riya is becoming the bigger challenge for Pakhi and Veer. Anuja thinks to hurt Ayaan to put the blame on Riya, so that Pakhi can’t bear her at home and kick her out, thus hurting Veer too and losing the case of Ayaan’s custody. Anuja decides to use the divide and rule policy and wants to make sure Pakhi begs to her to get Ayaan, and in turn free her son Aryaman. Will Veer and Pakhi change Riya into a well mannered and family girl.

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