Pyaar Ka The End 19th September 2014 Episode 6 on Bindass, Shivani and Shaunak’s Story – Written Update


Pyaar Ka The End on Bindass 6th Episode - 19th September 2014, Shivani and Shaunak's story

The voiceover speaks that in life the desperation to win something can lead to a different place and the desperation for your love can lead you to do anything. But if you forget the right and wrong when you are desperate then what ?


Shivani is speaking with her friend Minny at her home in Mumbai and she is waiting for the food so that she can eat while talking with her boyfriend Shaunak who resides in USA. Shivani suggests to her friend Minny that she will understand only she also falls in love. The voiceover introduces her as Shivani Shankar who is from a middle class family in Bhopal and she is very innocent at heart. She thinks life as a fairy tale and her stuggling boyfriend in USA as Prince Charming. She is very desperate to the extent that she wishes to see herself in USA the next morning.  Shivani’s friend Minny actual name is Divya Parmar. She is intelligent, focussed, confident and working girl. If Shivani is beauty then she is brains, and for her winning is a habit and not just a passion. Shivani’s love is Shaunak Patel who resides in USA and they eat together once while they are doing Video chat. The voiceover speaks that such boyfriend becomes husband but right now they even cannot meet.

Shivani informs Shaunak of getting an internship offer from a company of a marketing job and she will earn 30K INR and wants to save half from that earning so that she can see him in New York within six months. She is excited and then also speaks of her fear because she got internship offers alongwith Divya and she expects her to get the job since she is much more intelligent. Shivani reminds Shaunak of eating together and soon as they are about to have a virtual kiss she receives a call from her father. Shivani and Divya attends the company regarding their internship selection and are meeting the marketing manager Rohan Seth along with other candidates. He informs them of his weakness which is not ask again the same thing. He speaks that there is only one candidate who will be chosen and wishes them the best. The voiceover introduces Rohan and suggests that he is not like the one as he looks and if the interns are boats then he is the coast.  Divya does the work first and shows to Rohan and he becomes impressed with her and calls it professional work. Divya is unhappy at that development.

At her home, Shivani is chatting with Shaunak and is shouting at him since he didn’t accept her call as he was busy.  She is seen in teary voice and face and suggests to him of not able to take more and he speaks of his own issues like fees increase and also unable to save money. She speaks of her wish to come there at his end. She then again receives a call from her father and ends the conversation. Next day at the company, Divya is again ready with her presentation and Rohan is impressed with her. He informs them that their company will hire 2 employees and not only one. The 2nd employee will go to New York to work at their head office. On that note, Shivani becomes excited and dreams to go and meet Shaunak in New York and Rohan informs that the best will go to US. The voiceover speaks that it was not a job for her anymore but a ticket to her love – business class or economy and to get it means going to USA and to lose it means to lose everything. Sometimes, when human fears of losing, he/she commit some wrong. Shivani was leaving from her office and Rohan asks her whether he can drop her and soon Divya comes and she informs him on living and sharing the appt with Divya. He sees Divya and excuses himself and leaves. At home, Shivani does the video chat with Shaunak and learns that his roommate is a girl. He suggests that there nobody is affected if you share the room with a girl. She remembers that words again.

Next morning, Divya wishes Shivani happy birthday and she informs her of not receiving Shaunak’s message until now. Shivani comes to the office and Rohan wishes on her birthday. He informs that her presentation is fine and he can suggests on how to improve if she can stay late in the office after office hours. Shivani speaks to Divya on staying late since her boss Rohan will improve her presentation and has shown interest for the first time. Divya agrees and leaves. Shivani attends the meeting with Rohan and she is seen engrossed to receive Shaunak’s message and he sees her curiousity. He then asks why she is upset ? She speaks of her boyfriend. He holds her and she informs that her boyfriend lives in New York and because of time differences they face problems. She opens up and speaks of difficulty in not finding time to chat with him. Rohan speaks that US placement is important for her and she speaks of working hard to get the opportunity. He asks her to not hesitate if she needs some help and praises her. He looks at her with some intentions and smiles.

Shivani is about to leave the office and Rohan suggests that he will drop her and then drops to her home. He speaks of giving travel allowance to her as birthday gift. She comes home and chats with Shaunak. He wishes her happy birthday and she becomes annoyed since he haven’t complimented her earlier. He speaks of having fever in the morning but has worked since otherwise his pay will be cut and is seen covering a blanket. She asks when did he got fever ? Soon, a US girl brings soup for him which she prepared and after seeing her Shivani disconnects the call and closes the laptop after becoming angry. Shivani begins to cry after getting jealous along with desperation. The voice over speaks that in life to move ahead you need to have inspiration rather than desperation because inspiration will lead to your success and desperation will lead to your end.

Next day, Shivani at her company finds the travel allowance receipt and have also came late to the office. Divya meet Shivani and she asks when did she came last night ? Shivani replies 12 or 12:30 after midnight. Divya then looks at the travel allowance receipts on Shivani’s table and starts to think and looks at her and Rohan. The voiceover suggests that a friend who is standing at the shore will see how his/her friend is combating water and in how much depth at the sea. He asks whether Divya saw something amiss with Shivani which Shivani herself was not seeing ? Later, Rohan meets Shivani and suggests that they can discuss about her presentation over a drink. She informs him of not sure because she will be late to reach home and then suggests on not drinking as well. He then tries to influence her decision by saying that they will also discuss US placement during that meeting with drinks. She then agrees with some hesitation and agree for one drink. After the office hours, Rohan takes Shivani for a drink in his car and informs her that the bar is full and suggests that they go to his home for a drink. She at first asks him whether his wife and family will be ok if they have drink and he replies that his wife will be fine and she agrees. The voiceover speaks that this is the first wrong turn of the story and you can think of Shivani’s innocence because she thought that her boss was impressed with work thus the drink and was thinking that the drink was her ticket to America but actually it was fire where it was evident that her hands will burn for sure.

Shivani comes to her boss Rohan’s home and she asks about his wife. He informs her boldly that he uses the home to chill with friends and she speaks of feeling late and wants to go. He speaks of dropping her and wants her to relax. He offers a drink and speaks that she looks comfortable. He then goes on to speak of coming from a middle class family and even doesn’t know the path and suggests that sometimes you have to make your own paths. He asks her whether she has the passion for example to go to US. She speaks of going to US as very important to her. He puts his hand on her shoulder and speaks of going to US next month for meeting and will also take her with him. Moreover, he will also make sure that she will get the US placement job. He begins  to touch her hairs and she becomes uncomfortable and leaves from there. On her way as she was climbing down the stairs, she gets a call from her boss Rohan who was enticing her earlier. She begins to contemplate and remembers how Shaunak spoke about his fever, her desperation to meet him, and also how Rohan tried to influence her to come close to him physically in return for US placement ? and also she remembers Shaunak telling that within six months she will see him in New York.

She accepts Rohan call and comes to his flat again. He carries a shrewd and enticing smile on his face after seeing Shivani. Shivani comes inside in his flat and takes her inside his bedroom to sleep with her. The voiceover speaks that this is the second wrong turn of the story and suggests that in that situation there will be a confusion to hear the mind or the heart but Shivani didn’t thought about both of them and she was very desperate to meet Shaunak. She might have just thought that nobody will know the truth but how could she able to hide that truth with herself is the question ? For meeting Shaunak. she followed on the offer of Rohan and whether this truth will allow her to lead her life or will it lead to her Pyaar ka The End ? Shivani takes the shower and feels very uncomfortable and shivers. Next day in office, she sends a message to Rohan asking him that they need to meet to discuss about her US trip but he doesn’t answer and she then gets tears. After the office hours, she waits for him and soon she sees him and he comes to her. She asks him when she will go to US and about the visa ? He informs her that only the best intern will go to US and the decision has yet to be made. She suggests that he has promised her to take to US yesterday and he replies that he just told maybe and also he is involved in the decision making regarding the selection.

He speaks that what she did yesterday because she was feeling lonely there. She then gets hold of his car and asks him what does he think ? Soon, she gets a call from Shaunak and pushes him on the ground and he tumbles over the stairs. He becomes annoyed and suggests on knowing her type of girls who want shortcut and warns that he will tell her reality to everyone in office tomorrow. She remembers Rohan’s enticing words to trap her, recent warning to shame her and also Shaunak and goes on to the terrace and speaks to herself on what she did. She apologizes to Shaunak while looking at the sky and cries. She then stands at the edge of the building and receives the call from Shaunak and she speaks of loving him and with apologizing him she jumps from the terrace and commits suicide. On the phone call, Shaunak speaks of giving her a surprise quite oblivious to the fact she committed suicide. His surprise is that he is coming back to India.

The voiceover speaks that one wrong step in haste can lead to the end of your story/life. He speaks on where and who were shaken in their beliefs and goes back in the story. On that night, if Shivani would have taken a decision with sound nature and in control then this story would not have the Pyaar Ka The End and might have a happy ending. Shaunak informing her on the phone rightaway that he is coming to Mumbai and she then steps back from committing suicide and goes on to apologize him. The voiceover speaks that in desperation you take shortcuts but the right way is do hardwork to gets rewards in life. Even, she has that opportunity to do hardwork and fulfill her dream to go to US to meet Shaunak. But, because of her desperation she saw only shortcut which has cut short her lifeline. He suggests that in love keep an open eye and use your mind and heart together so that at the end you don’t repent because one wrong step taken by anyone in love can lead to your Pyaar Ka The End.

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