Yeh Jawaani Ta Ra Ri Ri 19th September 2014 46th Episode Channel V Written Update


Yeh Jawaani Ta Ra Ri Ri Channel V 46th Episode 19th September 2014

Precap: Kimaya goes to the auditorium and finds a new boy Arya who was doing theatre play via poetry and she does the same with him. Arya befriends Kimaya and everyone in the college is impressed with Arya and even Dodo and Gattu. Later, Arya meets Cheeku at his garden and introduces himself. Cheeku then remembers Arya’s praise from Dodo and Gattu and begins to ponder.


Highlight of the Episode: Kimaya behaves rudely with Cheeku which makes him more jealous and uncomfortable. Sid flatters the interviewer with lies to get a new job and also bursts out and teaches a good lesson to his former call centre boss.

Arya tries to pluck the flower from Cheeku’s garden and he informs him on not to pluck it and Arya informs that flowers are being used as gifts. Cheeku is not allowing Arya and reminds him if someone removes his leg, hand then how does it feel. Arya is stubborn as well and vows to pluck the flower and pushes Cheeku aka Aditya Khosla on the ground and plucks one.  Cheeku is shocked and leaves.

Sid at his end attends his interview along with Devika and the company head who is interviewing checks his portfolio and asks some questions. Sid because of his nervousness speaks of taking photographs of Katrina,  Kareena and speaks lies with some confidence. He then becomes more confident and wants the interviewer to call Shahid, John and then wants him to call Bhai – Salman Khan. The interviewer becomes impressed with Sid and thinks that the assignment is small for him but Sid suggests of wishing the assignment though is small and the deal is done. Arya meets Kimaya in the college and he begins to flirt with her and suggests that he forget to tell her that she is beautiful and then takes out a flower for her. He speaks of just feeling by his heart so giving her the flower and not trying to flirt with her. He asks Kimaya to go to the canteen since he is hungry. Gattu, Dodo and Cheeku at the cafeteria and Gattu is very angry with Arya for putting down Cheeku on ground. Dodo on other hand boasts of not leaving Arya and Cheeku suggests of falling down because he lost balance. Dodo and Cheeku finds Arya and Kimaya together and also she is holding the same flower. Cheeku goes to meet Kimaya and Arya greets him. Cheeku speaks about the flower and indirectly taunts Arya. He then asks Kimaya to discuss about their play.

Kimaya speaks of taking lunch with someone and cites to be busy. Cheeku wants only 5 minutes from her and she suggests of not coming. Cheeku becomes annoyed and leaves. Kimaya then goes to speak with Cheeku. In Cheeku’s college, St. Sebastian student of the year contest is going on. Some boys from the organizing team speaks of the student of the year (SOTY 2014) competition. Cheeku is there and also Gattu. Gattu wants Cheeku to prove all that he is the student of the year 2014 but he wants to not participate and becomes angry. Cheeku apologizes to Gattu and leaves. Sid thanks Devika on getting the assignment. The same Sid’s boss of the call centre is also seen going from the assignment meeting.

Cheeku thinks of Arya and suggests that there is something amiss with Arya and why others are not seeing it. Cheeku thinks that maybe Gattu is right about Arya. Cheeku gets a taunt from some boys who are organizing the SOTY 2014 competition and he thinks the contest to be stupid and studying while sitting on the floor near a notice board. Soon, some girls come there and read the competition is offered in different themes – Boxing, Cycling, Running, Swimming and Dancing and are excited. Cheeku informs them of studying there and they inform him of also doing work which is to get awareness of SOTY 2014. They call him a loser and strange fellow. He leaves from there.

Sid’s boss from the call centre confronts him and makes a taunt that he is looking at another job though he cannot handle one. Sid becomes nervous and Devika suggests him to tell his boss that he has found another job and not be afraid now. Sid speaks of leaving the call centre job and has got a job of assistant photographer. The boss gives lot of warning to Sid and not willing to leave him easily. Sid suggests of listening and also have patience with the call centre job and also reminds that because of the boss’s mistakes he was being insulted and humiliated and now he will not bear any such disgrace. Sid tells him that his call centre job can go to hell and also him. On that note, the boss got a hard lesson and leaves. Devika is happy with Sid as he has given the right answer to the unkind boss who has got his due and is very proud of him. Sid gives credit to Devika and tries to kiss her in public on cheeks but she avoids him.

Kimaya thinks on how she treated Cheeku and how she spoke with him while sitting on the stairs. Arya comes and meets her and also informs on contacting on her mobile. She checks that Arya has dialed her 8 times. Tara comes to Kimaya and asks her whether she has done preparation for the revised script. Kimaya speaks of not knowing it and now realizes that Cheeku has came to her earlier to inform about that revision in script and she was very rude with him. She speaks that Cheeku was upset after her outbursts and laments. Tara gives Kimaya the new script and wants her to rehearse with Cheeku at the earliest. Kimaya is not sure whether this play will happen since Cheeku was very upset. Arya speaks of not eating lunch until now since she haven’t eaten as well until then. Kimaya then eats some food from Arya and Cheeku sees her eating and speaks of moving on and getting a life since she is not thinking about him at all.

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