Dare 2 Dance with Akshay Kumar 21st September 2014 6th Episode on Life Ok – Written Snapshot


Dare 2 Dance Life Ok

Akshay Kumar (Host, Mentor) comes driving a Honda bike and gets applauds by the daring 10 contestants. He speaks of 5 champions which have performed yesterday and it has to be seen how the remaining 5 contestants will perform to get the AK is Ok compliment.



* Kunwar Amar comes first and he speaks about learning from Akshay by seeing the stunts in his movies. He speaks on doing parkour dance in his dancing style. Karan does the Sikh prayers for all and then Amar runs to start his act. Amar speaks of difficulty in doing parkour on a moving truck and also the narrowness of the truck. He wishes to not repeat the last time mistake. Amar starts the parkour act with a jump on the truck top and then another jump. He does the parkour jumps on a table and performs on the Dhoom again song. He climbs on the top pole bar and does reverse spin with his hands. He climbs the steel bar at the edge and ends his performance with another jump. Akshay speaks on camera that Amar did good in dare and should get green card. Francois gives a red card because Amar has slipped a bit using the beam while doing his parkour activity. Sanjay gives a green card to Amar since he has danced all over the moving truck and has done Parkour there. Amar speaks of committing a mistake during the beam and he has rehearsed 100 times and is not content with Parkour. Akshay learns that Amar got 1 red and 1 green card. Other contestants – Karan and Sanam speaks that one mistake in Dare 2 Dance will cost a red card. Akshay speaks of seeing Amar to be sad since one week and he replies of working under pressure.
Result: 1 Green and 1 Red [Dare]

* Scarlett Wilson comes next and she informs on Mumbai for a modeling contract and it was just luck. She refers to her mother as luck and informs that her mother is attending chemotherapy sessions. Akshay prays for faster recovery of Scarlett’s mother and wants her to speak to her mother more often. Alisha speaks in a recorded session that Scarlett have never told to them about her mother passing through cancer. She wishes fast recovery of her mother. Scarlett informs Akshay on performing on Jazz and Hip Hop and there is no lyrics. Scarlett speaks in recorded sessions because of having knee problems right from her teenage years and speaks that her mother got cancer for the second time and she has trying to concentrate solely on the show. Regarding her performance, it is about balance. Scarlett starts to perform with Jazz, Ballet and Hip Hop mix with Akshay also on the truck carrying cam and also need to give her a hand fan prop. She moves over the floor of the trick and uses her legs and dances many times and turns. She ends her performance and Akshay even tries his hand in dance with the bar for a moment. Sanjay gives her a green card and is impressed with her performance and turns. Francois gives her a green card as well. Akshay compliments Scarlett with AK is ok message. He asks to whom she wants to dedicate this performance. She replies mother and informs that she has let go this performance and didn’t stress much and tried to do for herself and danced like no one is watching her.
Result: 2 Green cards

Akshay speaks that Gold card has been stolen from his van which he has earlier introduced last week. He speaks that is priceless card and one mean person has stolen it and he has checked and haven’t found in the unit. He has the detector and will know who has stolen it. He roams around everyone and calls Alisha and gets a gold card from her which turns out to be a prank.

* Alisha Singh performs next. She speaks of losing balance many times and sometimes get motion sickness and headache as well. She then goes to perform and dances with jumps and moving her hands in freestyle form and performs on Ambar Sariyan Mundeyan.. Galiyan song. She dances at the edge and does stretching of her legs fully and uses bag and box as the props. Akshay speaks on camera the dance was marvellous and she has pick every beat and also showed much emotions on her face. Francois gives her a green card because of flips and dance at the edge. Sanjay asks why has she done a hip-hop and used props like bags and boxes and then speaks why has she done so good and gives a green card. Akshay speaks that deserves 2 green cards and compliments her with AK is Ok message. She suggests on keeping stone on heart while performing to signify the difficulty. Akshay speaks of feeling content this week since consecutive green cards are been obtained and he speaks of increasing the dare quotient in the next weeks.
Result: 2 Green Cards

* Sanam Johar comes next and Akshay speaks in Punjabi with him and he replies on acting as a tiger who will break the cage and comes out to be free. He speaks on dancing form to be Hip Hop and Tiger dance. Akshay wishes him the best and wants him to take care of safety. Sanam speaks that motion is scary and not afraid of height. He felt like moving in the air. Sanam starts his act in the role of tiger and comes out of the cage and roams free on the floor of the truck. He shakes his head that of a tiger and according to his dance style and moves his body and legs while emoting like that of tiger and does reverse flip and carries the character on his face. He performs on the Tod De Dilli song.. In the end dance act, he walks on the road like that of a tiger to end. Sanam speaks of getting tired because of his performance and also air was directly flowing into his mouth. Francois gives him a green card with good dare. Sanjay speaks that his act that of a tiger and how he stopped the truck was amazing and gives him a green card. Akshay speaks that Sanam didn’t left the expression of Tiger even for a second and compliments him with AK is Ok message. Akshay then learns that Sanam got 2 green cards. Sanam speaks of a quote for Akshay to please and Akshay also returns one small and fun quote. Everyone applauds Akshay.
Result: 2 Green cards

* Karan Singh comes next and he speaks of Tolly Hop – mix of Tollywood and Hip Hop fusion and he speaks of not doing Tollywood dance. He speaks of having Tamil friends during his high school. Akshay enacts a Tollywood and Tamil dialogue which Karan has to be repeat but he couldn’t speakĀ it properly. Karan wants Akshay to come on stage but he declines with being emotional for this time. Karan speaks that his dance there is difficult. He speaks of needing super energy for his dance act – Tolly Hop. Akshay goes on to shoot Karan in a helicoper heeding to his earlier request and informs the contestants about it. Karan performs on the Chennai Express Ichak Maa Aagaye Khai.. 1 2 3 4 Get on the Dance floor. He uses a handkerchief as prop and follows the steps in that song and does some flips and the dance is fast. Karan sees Akshay in the helicopter with the camera and thanks him. He speaks to Sanjay and Francois on being honored to get shoot from Akshay. Akshay with the contestants speaks that AmRit is being referred to Amar and Rithvik pair. Rithvik, Amar and Sanam is being called and they perform slow dance form. Akshay pulls the leg of Amar since he has got one red card as well. Francois gives Karan a red card because he lost balance at one or two times, and Sanjay speaks of not impressed with his Tollywood and Hip Hop dance and gives him a red card. Karan becomes shocked and sad as well. Akshay learns that karan has got 2 red cards and thus he didn’t came at his place. He reminds of Dare 2 Dance rule which is the one who gets 2 red cards doesn’t come see them for some time, and Karan is seen sitting in the mirror room. He admits on slipping and he motivates himself and vows to come back with a bang.
Result: 2 Red cards

* Akshay speaks of Dare 2 Dance Extreme Dance Hero which is a girl and then Scarlett is being declared as the winner. She takes a selfie with Akshay. Akshay speaks of twists but in the end there was some unsatisfaction. Akshay speaks that in next episode the dance floor is a prop and after seeing it they all should be afraid. The props are aerial silk robes, circular saturn like ring, skating drum, ring with chinese pole, Trampolin and Akshay signs off with his dialogue Jiski life mein dare nahi, uski life ki khair nahi.

Scarlett in the recorded conversaton speaks of being petrified on seeing her prop. Akshay speaks that the one who gets the maximum red cards will be eliminated and have to go home.

Additional Notes:
– Parkour – obstacle passing, originated in France. Read more at its Wikipedia page.
– Tollywood and Hip Hop Fusion
– Emilie will be performing on Aerial Silk dance style/prop next week as shown in promo.
– Last Week: Amar had used German Wheel as dance prop.

Image credit: Twitter page of Life OK TV

Sneak Peek: 21st September 2014
[youtube id=http://youtu.be/pSW3D5Vzsug]

Sneak Peek: Xtreme Reality – Contestants speak
[youtube id=http://youtu.be/I86lYhNjfk8]


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