Monday Refreshing Stance on Sony Pal


sony pal

Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi:

Soniya and Raghav walk on the road and talk like dumb people in sign language. Ek rishta…. plays in the background. Soniya and Raghav reach temple. Soniya applies sindhoor on herself.

Hamari Sister Didi:

Karan overhears Mrs. Kapoor saying to Amrita why she makes Sooraj convey her messages to her. She must not tell Sooraj that she is angry at Amrita, but must have told him that she considers her nothing.

Khushiyon Ki Gullakh Aashi:

Sahil says Vishesh didn’t do anything with Neetu, he is innocent, Sahil and Aashi smiles. Aashi shouts in her room, Vishesh comes there and concernedly ask Aashi, is she fine? Aashi looks at him, she ask him to go out of her room, Vishesh is confused.

Piya Basanti Re:

Piya accepts his challenge and asks him to study well now. She then gets busy wiping floor, he gets happy thinking his idea of getting Piya’s confidence back is working and thinks if Piya wins challenge, he will feel happy. Geeta comes to meet Shah family and is shocked to hear Piya’s voice there.

Singhasan Battisi:

Chandal tells that now its his duty to see that the bodies that come to cremation ground for burning he is the one who will serve them with the wood and all other required material to do the rituals.

Tum Saath Ho Jab Apne:

A guy asks Younis about who is Mariam bhabhi talking to. Younis tells him to focus on what he is saying. The guy apologizes. I was asking just because I have seen this guy here for the first time. Younis looks up and finds Mariam talking to Imran.


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