Kaun Banega Crorepati 8 24th September 2014, Shivaji Satam, Aditya Srivastava, Dayanand Shetty & Narendra Gupta – Written Snapshot


CID team on KBC 2014, Sony TV

Big B signs the cheque of 3,20,000 INR to the roll over contestant Anju from Chattisgarh and ends the KBC game with her. He then begins to introduce the CID team. He speaks that there is some problem created in his computer and soon the CID ACP Pradyuman [Actor Shivaji Satam] comes with Daya [Actor Dayanand Shetty], Abhijeet [Actor Aditya Srivastva] and Doctor Salunkhe, forensic expert [Actor Narendra Gupta] in his usual style.


The role of ACP Pradyuman is famous for this one-liner: Kuch toh gadbad hai Daya!. Big B welcomes the CID team and he speaks that the team has been solving cases on C.I.D TV Series for 17 years (the first show aired on 21 January 1998) which is an amazing feat. Shivaji Satam aka ACP Pradyuman and Inspector Daya sit on the hot seat to play the KBC and Big B informs of 4 helplines and the format of the game including experts. Big B asks ACP Pradyuman on what will he do with the prize money ? ACP replies on supporting Maharogi Seva Samithi in Varora which was started by social activist Baba Amte.

Big B starts asking questions and ACP easily answered the first few questions with Dhawan (the Cricketer’s surname) is referred to as the height of the mountain. Big B asks ACP about his team and the ACP calls his team as family. Big B asks Daya whether he breaks the door to enter his home like he does always in the CID show. Daya speaks of his business sense which suggests not to break the door but have done it once since there was some issue with the lock. An audio question comes next Aye Dil Mushkil Hain Jeena Yahan.. and the movie’s name is to be known and ACP replies CID which is right. Daya speaks of singing a song from Big B’s movie Zameer (1975). Daya sings Chalte Rahein Zindagi.. Hum Bhi Chalein Tum Bhi Chalo.. song ACP and Abhijeet also join him. The Scotland referendum question came and ACP replies correctly. Big B asks ACP and Daya whether they have applied CID in their home and Daya speaks of coming late to home at 11 PM and Big B replies that late coming can be a topic as well.

ACP speaks of an incident which happened when he was at a bank and some man lost his money and the man asked ACP (as himself not the actor) for help.  The doctor speaks of some lines which has been dedicated to Big B. He speaks on praising Big B by his words and suggests that because of his presence environment will be merrier and much pleasant. Big B becomes awe to hear those special lines from doctor and suggests that he is not suitable for that praise but thanks him. Big B speaks that the CID team is from different regions, ACP Pradyuman is from Maharashtra, Abhijeet is from Uttar Pradesh, Dr. Salunkhe is from Rajasthan and Daya is from Mangalore, Karnataka then how would they will solve a case in their mother tongue ? ACP speaks in his native Marathi language about having some problem which we found, and Abhijeet speaks in local dialect of Uttar Pradesh, and Daya speaks in Kannada and Dr Salunkhe speaks in Rajasthani. The question on where IIFA 2014 was held was another question and ACP/Abhijeet took audience helpline and also expert opinion and the answer given was Tampa. Big B suggests that CID team needed the help of audience and experts for their question. Abhijeet reminds Big B of Deewar (2004) movie where he was beaten badly by the villain. Big B speaks in that movie he was in jail and was beaten and also some strange things were said to him. Abhijeet played the character who was jail incharge and has ordered the food will be stopped for the inmates and referred inmates as dogs. Big B who played a Army major in the movie replied that how come the jailor called him a dog since he himself does the work of a watchman. Big B replies that the movie Deewar – Let’s bring our Heroes home (2004) was made by Milan Luthria.

For next question, the CID team chooses a helpline – Phone a friend and chooses Freddie and Big B calls him and Freddie thinks that Daya is playing a prank on him by speaking in the tone of Big B. ACP Pradyuman, Daya and everyone have a laugh on that note. Big B tries to convince Freddie that he is the actual Big B and Freddie asks Big B he is the one who was angry young man. Freddie couldn’t help and Abhijeet and ACP goes ahead with their answer and chooses Vidhur as the one who was not killed by another man according to Indian Epic. Big B signs off by saying Shubh Ratri (Have a good night).

CID team on KBC 2014, Sony TV

Next Episode (tomorrow): Actor and Superstars Shahid Kapoor and Shraddha Kapoor are coming on KBC 2014 for participation and also promoting their movie Haider which is releasing soon on 2nd October 2014. While, Shraddha sings melodiously and she is being challenged by Big B with his own singing on a lighter note, Shahid goes to perform on Bismil song. He grooves well and enacts the dance on KBC stage. KBC’s entertainment quotient will be up tomorrow with the team of Haider.

Image credit: Twitter page of Sony TV


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