Gumrah Season 4 28th September 2014 Episode 5 – The Blackmailing Case with Abhay Deol on Channel [V] – Written Update


Gumraah Season 4 Episode 4 Sarika's story

The story starts with a boy Varun speaking with a girl on 17th May 2012 at 4:50 PM, Top Star resort that he wants to spend all his life with her and she asks whether he is serious about her. There is a hidden camera there and they are seen becoming intimate and coming close physically.


Abhay Deol (the host) starts the show and speaks that the couple shown earlier may or may not know that there was a hidden camera there. Today’s story will remove this doubt and it is about Varun and Anaita. Their story begin on a telemarketing phone call which we avoid almost 10 times in a day. The story’s theme is the Blackmailing case.

After providing backdrop earlier, the story starts with Varun speaking to his friend on jumping to another girl. He gets a call from his uncle – Mama ji who wants him to reach some nearby street with his friend Pankaj. He meets a person who gives some thing to deliver and gives him the address where to deliver and informs that he needs to be honest in this business. Varun reads the address and burns the note as told. He goes in a train and in his compartment he finds a girl and he starts to look at her. One of the lady there gets a telemarketing call and she asks the person to call after few days. Soon, Varun gets a telemarketing call and he puts the phone on the speaker so others can hear him. The telemarketing executive is a girl speaks of calling from a bank and asks whether he needs a bank loan. She informs him according to their database he doesn’t have home and also four-wheeler. He asks how come she is willing to give him loan in that situation ? She informs that her boss informed her to complete the target thus she is calling more customers.

Varun reaches his home and the day is 22nd April 2012, 11:30 PM and his mother why he came late ? He speaks of working and thus late and goes to meet his father who is bed ridden and couldn’t speak much. He wants his father to take care and goes to eat his dinner. He gets a call from the tele-marketing girl and speaks about personal loans. She informs about meeting her target otherwise her boss will be unhappy and moreover it is her first week at work. He asks her to not worry and suggests that even if she meets 70 % of the targets she will be fine and cites example of his friends. Later, Varun receives thank you SMS message and he then learns that it is the same girl whom he has helped in dealing with target stress. He asks about her name and company. She introduces herself as Anaita and also provides company name. Varun is excited to chat with her.

Abhay (the host) speaks that we forget the bigger picture in life when excited about one moment, he says that Anaita was impressed with Varun like a stranger has helped her. But, whether it was a smart move to become personal with a stranger on a professional matter. She doesn’t know about Varun and on other hand he was already making plans to trap her.

Varun is seen with another girl at a hotel room and sharing some intimate moments. He gets a call from Anaita and he suggests that they are speaking/chatting since one week but they don’t know how they look? She asks what if she is fat and doesn’t look good. He replies that if her voice is good then she will be fine as well and urges her to send photo. She agrees to send him her photos and begins to send few photos using her smartphone. On another occasion, Varun meets his uncle and he is taken away in the car. A big businessman who works in transporting illegal things meets him in the car and informs on a big assignment which will be given to him and suggests that there should not be any mistake. Varun goes with his friend in the train and he speaks that the boss is worried because the things they are transporting is worth more than 50 Lakh INR and people can change their minds because of greed. Thus, he is sending two people to deliver it. Varun is with Pankaj in the train. Varun gets a call from Anaita and he informs her on meeting next day by evening. Pankaj is impressed with him. Next day, 28th April 2012 at 4:10 pm, Polsat beach, Varun meets Anaita and flirts with her by saying she is more beautiful than he saw her in his dreams. He then speaks that they could have met in a cafe.

Gumrah Season 4 Episode 5, 28th September 2014

She asks whether she took a day off from office. She replies yes and also she lives in PG accommodation and doesn’t inform them of the holiday. He speaks of living and growing up in Mumbai and also stays with family. He wants to go to a restaurant but she informs on bring a food tiffin box. Though he tries to convince her but she speaks about her tiffin and originating from a small town and thinks that he is laughing to see her tiffin. He agrees to not go to the restaurant and eat there itself. They hang out at the beach and later on meets more often in the parks. He speaks of not able to control his emotions and wants to go where people don’t see them. He then informs of his friend’s flat and she replies of not liking to go where people recognize them because she will feel shy. Anaita speaks about a resort which is giving 25 % discount and she learnt about it in her office and thinks to find details about it. He thinks its a good idea and later on 17th May 2012, 4:50 PM they are seen at Top Star resort. Varun speaks at the reception that he is married and introduces them as Mr and Mrs. Sharma and suggests that they have married after their college. He wants a room and gets one. Varun is seen with Anaita in a room and she is seen wearing black dress. She informs of feeling weird there and wants to go to some other place. He informs her that now he is liking her more.

She informs of getting deceit earlier and he replies on understanding her. She speaks of being confused and doesn’t know what to do and asks what if he leaves her. He replies on not leaving her and then speaks about his work and shows her diamonds which he transports from one place to another. He informs that his Uncle (mama ji) is a diamond trader and speaks that he is serious with her thus he showed the diamonds and opened up about his work. He states about his wish to spend his entire life with her and touches her hair. He asks whether she wants to call people in her telemarketing work throughout her life or be the wife of a diamond trader. He then goes on to become intimate with her and is physical with her in dark. She informs on not feeling well in dark and he opens the light. There is a hidden camera that records them. Some day later, Varun is seen waiting for Anaita’s message on his mobile and his friend Pankaj reminds that he told of not seeing Anaita after Sunday when he shared intimate moments with her and asks why is he calling her ? Varun feels lost and speaks to Pankaj that he is not love with her. He then calls Anaita’s office and is being informed that personal calls are not allowed and ends the call.

Abhay (the host) speaks that sometimes tables turn. Varun was incessantly calling Anaita but she was seen unreachable. Anaita didn’t call him or accepted her call. Because of such developments, Varun’s ego was broken and he was not understanding that a girl was avoiding him. Finally, this playboy might be in love.

Varun reaches Anaita’s office place and he is informed by the security that people can meet for official purposes. He tries to convince the security staff but in vain and waits outside the building and even asks the employees but doesn’t get any info about her. He reaches Anaita’s PG accommodation and learnt that she has left his room. He becomes surprised and the lady there doesn’t know any details. Abhay speaks that for many days Varun was searching for Anaita and he realized that for the first time he was in love. Gradually, he was losing interest in other things – friends, family, work, other girlfriends and suggests that something was not right.

Varun is seen with his ailing father and he gets a call and then reaches the beach spot. [Main Doodhne Zamane ko Wafa Nikla song plays]. He is at the beach and remembers Anaita and their moments together and also remembers her at other places. He is seen sitting at the park on 5th July, 2012, 2:15 pm at M.K. Park and soon a girl calls his name and slaps him. He asks her how does she know his name ? She introduces herself as Aarohi – Anaita’s sister and knows all the things about him. She is angry with him and suggests that he has trapped his sister and has raped her. He replies on loving Anaita but she is not listening to him and informs him that Anaita was under age and was a trainee at work. He argues that she was working and he loves her. She speaks about having proofs and wants to go to the police to file a complaint against him. He speaks that his work needs trust and if police arrests him then he will be facing problems in his work. In a bold tone, She asks what she can do ? He speaks of giving compensation and she asks how come she can think of compensation vs. sister’s respect ? She then speaks more emotionally on how they managed her sister to the city. He then wants her to take all his money. She asks how much money he can give her ? Moreover, she speaks of the need for money in her family. He replies on giving her 50,000 INR at the same moment via ATM. He goes to the ATM and withdraws 48,000 INR and also gives ring which is worth 3,000 INR to Aarohi. After giving the money and ring, he asks her about Anaita. She informs him in heavy voice to forget Anaita.

Abhay (the host) speaks that Varun thought that he is safe after giving the money to Aarohi. But the destiny is strange and does wonders and gives us big excuses. He speaks that when something good happens to us, we thank our stars and calls our good destiny but when something bad happens to us like in the case of Varun, then we conveniently we termed it as bad destiny and rests that event as an excuse. Varun also thought the same and he thought on paying for his sins.

Varun is seen at Kafka Street, Surat on 19th July, 2012, 3:25 pm with his friend Pankaj. He gets a call from his mother and he speaks on reaching safe to Surat. She informs that his friend – Aarohi came to their home. Aarohi takes the phone and speaks to Varun that she came there to inform his parents that they are becoming grandparents (Dada- Dadi). He asks her to be quiet and she informs his father is paralyzed. She speaks that Anaita is pregnant and he replies on using protection when he was intimate with Anaita. She blackmails him more by saying that she will go to the police. She wants to tell his parents and then he informs her of meeting the same afternoon and will meet her and requests her to not go to police. She tells him to meet her at Hotel Top star at 7 pm. Varun is seen at Hotel Top star and anxiously waiting for Aarohi. As she comes there, he informs on using the protection that night. She calms him down and suggests that protection is not 100 % reliable and cites that big problem falls on Anaita. He informs on loving Anaita and also believes that she loves him too and wants to speak with her. Aarohi shows some medical reports to Varun and suggests that Anaita is pregnant and the doctors have informed that if abortion is to be done then 1 Lakh INR is needed. Varun becomes shocked.

Abhay (the host) speaks that Varun was trapped badly and the blackmailing scene was hard for him. Abhay speaks that the other person will try to exploit your weakness as much as they can. He suggests that if Varun have not agreed to Aarohi’s demands at the start then the situation will not come to this point. Varun has sold his bike, took loan from friends and uncle by thinking that from now on the matter will be closed and thought that if she again blackmails him then he will record her conversation and put a blackmailing charge on her. But whether his plan is strong enough ?

Varun gets a call from Aarohi’s mobile and he finds Anaita speaking to him. She tells him to come to the mall and has to say something important to him. He speaks about his sister Aarohi and she tells him to come at the mall just then and she will tell him all the things. Varun is at the cafeteria at the mall and comes Anaita. He asks Aarohi will not come right ? Anaita speaks that Aarohi is on another assignment and he replies on not understanding. She speaks of wanting 50 Lakh INR from him. He replies how come he will have that amount of money. He then realizes that because of his diamond transporting work she trapped him. She also reiterates the same and informs of choosing him because of his diamond work and his uncle being a diamond trader. He speaks of not agreeing to her demands and is about to leave. She shows him a video of their intimate moments at the last resort. She informs him of telling the police that he has recorded her video and also tried to rape her (not an adult by age). She scares him more by saying that he will go to jail for 15 years and also asks how his uncle will feel after looking at the video ? She shows her real passport with name and age and informs that earlier Ultrasound reports were fake but the passport is real since she has to show the real ones in court. She suggests that next time he should meet her by 50 Lakh INR and reminds that he used mind to woo and flirt with girls and now has to used it again for this issue of payment. He asks her why she is doing with him ? She asks what he wanted to do with her ? He replies on loving her but she doesn’t listen and leave from there.

Abhay (the host) speaks that its unbelievable to see to what extent people can go for money. He suggests that how Varun can bring such amount of money ? Abhay suggests that the things doesn’t remain with varun but now his family’s reputation is at stake as well. In order to escape from jail, he made a big plan.

Varun and Pankaj are going in the train. Pankaj speaks of delivering a big expensive assignment and  Varun speaks of his need for money again. Pankaj informs of giving him 25K INR last month which he has not returned until now. Varun speaks that the issue is very big and then speaks of his plan to Pankaj that they rob their boss’s diamonds worth many lakhs INR and inform him that both were attacked and diamonds were stolen from them. Pankaj thinks that varun is speaking too crazy and varun laughs for a while and leaves to go to train’s restroom. He remembers how Aarohi informed him of Anaita’s being pregnant and the past blackmails and the recent blackmail from Anaita herself. After contemplating a bit, he goes to Pankaj who was standing at the edge of the train’s door. Varun wishes to see the 50 Lakhs INR diamonds which Pankaj is carrying and convinces him finally with his sweet and friendly words. Pankaj shows him the diamonds and Varun takes it in his hands and then pushes Pankaj from the train. Varun has the diamonds and he then goes to sit inside the compartment. Next day, Varun goes to meet Anaita and Aarohi at the resort and gives them the 50 lakhs INR diamonds and wants them to not blackmail him further. Anaita makes a taunt that what has remained with him now. Aarohi speaks that now there will be no contact with him. Anaita and Aarohi are seen with some men who validates the diamonds and leaves. As Varun was walking in the market, he sees Pankaj badly injured and walking with hand supports and some men helping him.

Abhay (the host) speaks that Varun doesn’t have an escape route and he can neither go to his home or his uncle’s place. After Pankaj’s statement, nobody will believe him and now police is after him. In order to escape, he chose one option.

Varun comes to his home on 29th July 2012 at 12:55 pm and seems in hurry. He arranges his bag fast and as he was about to leave his home, his father speaks that he has pushed a man from a running train and also stolen diamonds. Soon, varun was arrested by the police outside his home and taken away. At the police station, Varun is beaten and he opens up and provides details about Anaita’s call and the schemes of events until the last one when he pushed Pankaj from the train. Anaita and Aarohi are seen to trap some wealthy people as their next step.
Abhay speaks that Anaita and Aarohi phones were traced after Varun’s confessions but it turned out that those phones and mobile cards were purchased with fake IDs. Abhay speaks that police almost reached a dead end but they have one recorded message from Anaita and they took that lead for their organized plan. Anaita is seen hanging out with a young man and trying to come close so as to trap him. She is then seen in a hotel with him and soon the police comes there and arrests her. She starts speaking that the man has trapped her and brought her there and was trying to rape her. The police finds the hidden camera at the lamp and she then realizes that the man with whom she was seen was from Mumbai Police.

Abhay (the host) speaks that after getting caught, Anaita spelled out all the details and also provided the details of the gang as well. She was a minor and Aarohi was not her sister and they were just part of the gang. Varun couldn’t control his emotions and by the time he realized it was too late since he was already astrayed (Gumrah) by then. On another hand, Anaita was a teenager who followed the suit to get quick money and was astrayed (Gumrah) in her life. He suggests that one phone call has damaged two lives. Abhay suggests the people to be careful since we live in the information age and everything is online and you are always being watched. He concludes by saying that No One is Born a Criminal but one wrong step and thinking can lead any innocent Gumrah. Varun was charged with robbery and the attempted murder of Pankaj. He still feels guilty that his parents had to face abject humiliation because of his actions and slowly he was going into depression. Varun’s parents can barely make ends meet and his mother started working as a housemaid in a neighbouring colony to pay for her husband’s treatment. Aarohi and the other gang members eventually got arrested for their scam and are in jail. The list of potential targets of the gang are found with them which included a lot of guys like Varun. Anaita was sent to a remand home as she was a minor and didn’t reach 18 years. Anaita was tried in a juvenile court and she got 5 years of punishment and she plans to start a tailoring business when she is released from the remand home.

Next Episode: 5th October 2014 – The story is about a young boy Rohan whose biggest problem is his temper. His father warns him to control his temper but couldn’t able to pass on that message to him. Rohan involves in fights in his school. When his father learnt about his behaviour and fights in school, he decides to send him to a boarding school. He went to the boarding school as a means of punishment. In the boarding school, other boys start to tease and bully Rohan a lot and their harassment reaches a level where they try to remove his clothes and also put his head in the water so as to choke him.

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