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Dare 2 Dance Life Ok

The Dare 2 Dance Episode precap is shown and contestants will perform and dance on unusual props and moreover the one who have obtained the maximum number of red cards will be eliminated this week.


Akshay Kumar (Mentor, Host) is speaking about the harbour area of Cape town while is seen in a small boat. He informs that the viewers in 2 days (Sat-Sun) will know who has progressed in the show and the one who is eliminated. Akshay asks the contestants who have not seen his movie Welcome. Emilie speaks of not seeing his movie Welcome. Akshay shows a  performer who uses a circular revolving ring and revolves with it and also enacts some sommersault jumps without that prop. Akshay informs that last week Karan got 2 red cards and thus he is not with them. Akshay invites Karan because he has to speak something important and wants to take their exams. He informs about the elimination as well. He asks whether they are ready to use their props which have been informed to them last week.

Akshay calls the contestants who have atleast 1 red card and learns that Prince got only 1 red card. He informs the contestants, the ones having more than 1 red card that now the competition is between 2 green cards and if they get 1 red card then they need to go and sit in the mirror room. Akshay first calls Emilie by speaking french language. Emilie comes and speaks that Akshay told – C’est ta vu de danse (Its your turn to dance). Akshay informs that its your turn to Dare 2 Dance. She speaks on performing on the Tum Hi Ho song and dedicating performance to her boyfriend. Akshay speaks that language of love is beautiful and wishes that she lives with her boyfriend forever.

* Emilie Caillon in seen in the rehearsals with Aerial silk and using 3 piece cloth and Amar speaks that the prop has to be hold always and she needs to entangle during her dance routine. She is performing her act above 30 to 35 feet from water level and she will be doing without harness and if she falls down then will directly fall on water – Atlantic ocean which has deadly aquatic creatures. Akshay speaks that she will not fall according to his believe. Emilie starts to perform using the Aerial silk robe and turns backward and forth. She does a free fall using the entaglement she did before and stretches both her legs using the two robes of the silk. She climbs the robe and crawls over the robe while entangling. She uses her hands for some dance sequence. Her final dance sequence is the free fall which she does amazingly well and gets applaud from contestants. Sanjay speaks that her dance has the flow and how she was moving from the top cloth piece to silk and calls her performance as flawless. Francois speaks that she showed great strength and stamina and gives her a green card. Akshay compliments her with AK is Ok message and calls her performance as amazing.
Result: Emilie got 8 Green cards until now and 0 red cards upto now.

Akshay reminds the viewers to not repeat the acts and dance performed on the show since it is very dangerous to health and all the acts on the show are performed under expert guidance.

* Rithvik Dhanjani comes next and he speaks that his prop is a mixture of hand stabs and cube on ground. He dedicates the act to his mother because her mother was scared when she learnt about his daring act. He convinced her to not to be afraid. Akshay speaks to Ritvhik’s mother to shower her prayers for his son since the competition is tough. Rithvik speaks of his prop in a recorded conversation which is aerial cube thin made up of aluminium and it doesn’t have much grip and hold. He speaks on difficulties with his prop since his body was getting locked in it as well. Rithvik starts his act while standing in air downwards with head facing ground and holding the aerial cube in his hand. He performs on the Mahi Ve song and comes down on the floor and dances with it. He then goes in the air using the cable and hand and leg stabs. He ends his performance with another aerial move with the cube in hand. Akshay speaks that Rithvik learnt all in 2 days and have shown free fall as well. Francois gives a green card to Rithvik and Sanjay gives him a green card. Akshay speaks that Rithvik has won Nach Baliye before and now he wins him. Akshay then speaks that boys usually prefer their wife or girlfriends like their Mummy and asks Sanam why is that so ? Sanam replies on not looking for a girl until now and then speaks of being shy. Rithvik speaks that his girlfriend Asha is like small girl and is very cute. He informs that he is in love since 1 year 1 month until then and promises to marry her. Akshay compliments Rithvik with AK is Ok message.
Result: Rithvik has 6 green cards and 2 red cards until now.

Akshay calls Emilie and speaks that he has heard that she wants to give an audition for acting in Bollywood movie. She agrees to do the audition and Akshay informs that she will act for 1 min and chooses Sanam as the director. Akshay acts as the husband and he has to slap her. He does the acting of slap and she speaks in second attempt – Tappad se Dar Nahi Lagta Hain Saab Dil Se lagta Hain.. She then speaks the famous dialogue from Om Shanti Om with some change – Ek Chutki Sindoor Ki Kimat Tum Kya Jaano Akshay babu.. Akshay looks amused while she is ecstatic. She doesn’t stop there and speaks Akshay dialogue effortlessly – Jo Mein Bolti Hoon Woh Mein Karti Hoon.. Jo Mein Nahi Bolti Woh Mein definitely Karti Hoon.. Akshay speaks the same dialogue in his intense style and informs her that she did while smiling. Akshay speaks to Bollywood producers/directors to consider Emilie and cast her in their movies.

* Sayantani Ghosh comes next and she informs on performing in a cage and her dance is cabaret. Akshay reminds all that if you get 1 red card then you need to go to the mirror room. Amar speaks in recorded conversation that she needs to put lot of efforts to remain in the show. Sayantani speaks that the cage acts are done before and she was thinking how to put dare element in her act. Sayantani starts her act inside the cage and  uses the pole inside the cage and performs on the Hungama Ho gaya song. She climbs the cage and stands and dance there and goes to the top of the cage and shakes her head and stands there and dance. She finishes with that dance move. Akshay speaks on cam that she needed to put more strength in this act and she did it and this act is better than her previous ones. Sanjay speaks that she put that extra effort in this act and is impressed with her. He gives her a green card and calls it well deserved. Francois speaks that she didn’t do clean flips and also her sommersault was not well and gives her a red card. Sayantani goes to the mirror room. Akshay learns about Sayantani’s result and informs the contestants that she got 1 red card and thus she is in the mirror room.
Result: Sayantani has 4 Green and 4 red cards until now.

* Karan Singh Pangali comes next and Akshay informs that Karan will go and perform using his prop. Karan’s prop has side bars and some sheets. He performs using that side bars and sheets and also walks and lies with his head downwards and performs on the Catch me if You can.. Tann…Tann song.. He climbs on the top of his prop and does flips to come down using side bars and also climbs as well. Akshay speaks that Karan did an unique act and he has just one mistake. Francois speaks that he was out of sync couple of times and also on one occasion has some problem with his footwork and gives him a red card. Sanjay speaks to Karan that he has execution problems and have reached to the end fast and gives him a red card. Karan goes back to his room with 2 red cards. Akshay goes to speak with Karan in the mirror and asks them to fight in their next act if given opportunity and tries to motivate them.
Result: Karan has obtained 4 Green and 4 red cards until now.

* Kunwar Amar comes next and he informs on using a saturn ring and in the end of the act will hang using one of his hands. He dedicates the act to his father and speaks that he will dance from his heart as he used to do at the start of his career. He will not think of image and people thinking and showers love for his father. Akshay asks whether he will do extra and then informs the contestants that he has told Amar to fall in the water after the end of his act. Akshay wants Amar to do that extra dare part and he agrees to do it quietly.  Amar speaks of difficulty using the prop and felt nervous because of the pressure and wants to do the best in all. He is at the height of 40 feet above the sea level. Amar starts his act and performs on the ha Raat Bhar Jaye Na Ghar song. The saturn ring is revolving with him and he hangs over it using one hands and on another occasion with two feets. He also does hand stand facing downwards. He caresses his body in the saturn ring and ends his performance with one hand and Akshay wants Amar to jump in the cold Atlantic water. Amar jumps in the water and completes the challenge. Amar speaks of getting rid of his fear and overcoming water phobia. Sanjay gives Amar a green card and calls his performance mind blowing. Francois gives him a green card as well. Akshay is happy to see Amar getting 2 green cards.
Result: Amar has received 7 green cards and 1 red cards until now.

Akshay speaks that 5 daring champions have performed out of 10 and tomorrow the remaining 5 will perform. He signs off by saying Jiski life mein dare nahi, uski life ki khair nahi.

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Full Episode Video: Dare 2 Dance, 27th September 2014

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