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Balika Vadhu:
Dadisaa takes out the money. Jagya is surprised. Niranjan comes. Dadisaa asks him to handover the money to Gehna as she is in godown. Jagya makes an excuse. Niranjan agrees to go. Dadisaa thanks him. Niranjan and Gehna sing a song while coming home. She comes home and sings it. Dadisaa looks on.

Aaliya says she cannot be in peace as all her relationships are at stake. Rahman asks her to think about her relationship with god and says he knows she is a true Muslim and has followed religion rigorously, asks her to think if god will be happy with her decision or not. Aaliya gets engrossed in to thinking. Surayya says Rehaan that she wants his help and want him to marry Aaliya. Aaliya informs Zain that she is ready to perform halala Nikaah.

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi:
RV then shouts at her blaming it must be her fault. He says if she doesn’t know technology, then she should have told someone else. He tries to look plug himself and in that Ishaani and him get close. They realise it and Ishaani slowly moves back. She drops building model by mistake. All employees come back inside. RV stares at Ishaani with anger. RV again shouts at Ishaani and tells Rishi to add another 15,000 rupees amount in what she owes to the company for breaking the building model.

Sasural Simar Ka:
Simar says Prem ji and hugs him. He embraces her. This was all Simar’s dream. Prem is standing far away from her and leaves after a while. Roli says tell me Sunaina won’t you capture Simar’s body. Sunaina says Simar help me I don’t want to live here. I want to go back.

Shastri Sisters:
Astha says she will call Shastri ji and tell everything. Anushka stops her and says I will tell him. Hari asks Anushka to take Alka and leave. Alka and Anushka cry. Alka meets Rajeev and talks to him. The sisters bring Rohan there to expose Rajeev. Rajeev sees Rohan hiding and understands Alka’s plan.

Imli gets up and goes out. She comes to the haveli. She says no one can kill my sister, she will be inside the haveli, I will find her else mum will die. Imli gets inside the haveli to find Cahkor. Pasha goes to kidnap Chakor. Suraj asks who is it and Imli runs. The dogs bark at Imli and she gets tensed.

Nani is at Mukta’s house. She asks Rani not to stare at her like this. Look down. Rani instead calls her an oldie asking her to be quiet. If you will hit me then I too won’t leave you. Nani is irked with her bold reply. She raises her hand to slap Rani but Meethi comes there just in time. Meethi asks Vishnu’s permission to take Rani with her to her home. She offers her hand to Rani and asks – Will you come with me?


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