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KumKum Bhagya:

Tanu and Abhi go ahead to launch the baby products, and Pragya joins them. Abhi wanted to do the ramp walk with his girlfriend Tanu. He looked rocking and drove his fans crazy. Abhi was expecting Tanu to come on the stage, but was shocked when the announcement was made for his wife Pragya. Tanu and Pragya looked stunning too. Pragya’s ramp walk was simple, yet shocking for Abhi. Pragya held his hand and they both walked together looking perfect. Tanu got jealous seeing Pragya with Abhi. Pargya sidelined the show stopper Tanu. An angry Tanu makes her fall and Pragya slips. Abhi holds Pragya and they have a romantic eyelock. Tanu fumes further as her plan flops. Tanu kept giving angry expressions seeing Abhi and Pragya in love. Her plans bring Abhi and Pragya more closer. Tanu will then plan to fake the pregnancy drama to make Pragya leave from Abhi’s life by her master stroke. Abhi comes to know about Sarla’s marriage hall problems and will solve it for Pragya’s sake. Pragya comes to know about Abhi’s help and thinks to end his troubles. She decides to walk out his life feeling Abhi deserves Tanu. Will Pragya really sacrifice her marriage for Abhi’s happiness?

Ek Hasina Thi:

Sakshi has been always after Durga and Durga has been after Shaurya. Their revenge triangle has given us many good mystery moments. Sakshi has finally let Shaurya know the link between Durga and Nitya. She is sure that Durga is hiding Nitya and Nitya is alive. Dev stays away from Durga, and is angry knowing Durga and Dayal have kept Nitya away from him, knowing how much he is willing to meet Nitya. Dev blames Durga for keeping Nitya hidden. Shaurya wants to punish Dayal and plans to hurt him. Sakshi tells Shaurya that she will support him and will not let anything harm him. Sakshi and Shaurya plan to trouble Durga. Shaurya is jealous seeing Dev and Durga together and he decides to spoil her marital life. Shaurya pops up in her bedroom, while Dev is asleep. Shaurya gets romantic and holds her. Durga gets tensed and keeps Shaurya away asking him to leave. Dev tackles Agnihotri to get a clue for Payal’s justice. Akash gets into Sakshi’s doubt as she has seen him outside Durga’s house once. Sakshi plans to test Akash and his loyalty for the Goenkas. Will Akash fool Sakshi this time or get caught?

Jamai Raja:

Sid and Roshni go for their honeymoon, but face many problems posed by Durga Devi. They get stuck on the lonely road and Sid gets some snacks for her. Roshni’s attempt to live the middle class life led her into problems. They missed their bus and Roshni feels hot sitting on the road. Honeymoon side effects will be shown. Sid gets tea and pakodas for her, which she refuses to have. Sid is worried as he has lied to her about his real identity. She deleted all the proofs of him being Siddharth Khurana whom Roshni dislikes. Sid is finding hard time to hide his identity. Durga has sent her men to keep an eye on them. Sid and Roshni take the lift later on.

Diya Aur Baati Hum:

There is an emotional scene when Sooraj comes to meet Sandhya at the hospital. He is shocked knowing Sandhya was shot, and it was hard for her to accept this, as it’s the first time Sooraj and Sandhya have faced this. Sandhya tells him that she is strong. RK comes to meet Sandhya and tells about EK’s planning and they have to stop it. Sandhya joins the duty once she gets well. Maya does the smuggling and tries to fool Sandhya and Zakir. Sandhya wants to reach all members of RK’s network and want to know his exact plan. Sandhya and Zakir keep security tight at the check posts, but Maya fools Zakir and transfers the arms needed for the Operation. Maya informs her helpers that she will succeed. Maya has changed her look once again. Maya have made the arms go out of Pushkar and she now has the level to cross to get the arms out of the truck when it goes out of Pushkar. Will Sandhya stop Maya from her mission?

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai:

Adi has taken Pankhudi to the kidnappers, as Pankhudi is keen to save Ayesha at any cost. Sahil acts oversmart and kidnaps Adi and Pankhudi too. Adi meets Ayesha. Pankhudi is shocked seeing her look alike Ayesha for the first time. Ayesha gives her much respect. The three some act on their plan to outdo the kidnapper. Adi frees both of them from the kidnappers. Adi, Ayesha and Pankhudi come home. Everything gets well Adi. Sahil, Anshul and Sangeeta get caught by the police. Adi ihas a big task ahead, as Pankhudi is unaware of the truth that Ayesha is Adi’s second wife. How will Pankhudi react? Will she accept Ayesha in Adi’s life?

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

Naman and Karishma’s affair is out and the elders decide to get them engaged. They both deny to get engaged. Naiitk and Akshara convince them. Naman and Karishma get engaged. Naksh and the kids make the Raavan and hang balloons to it. The balloons make the Raavan fly. The kids call the elders asking them to see where did the Raavan go. Naitik and Akshara see Raavan stuck in the wires in the air. They try to get it down, but fail. Naitik then uses the fire arrow and burns the Raavan. Everyone clap as the evil is burnt. Naitik is giving his full time to Akshara and Naksh. Naitik brings them along as there is no one at home, as Naitik decides for the picnic. Naksh sees a key chain maker and he got everyone’s name on the keychain. Naksh makes them write that Akshara plus Naitik is equal to Naksh. Naitik and Akshara get romantic in the picnic spot.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

The Iyers and Bhallas do the Navratri puja. Ishita and Raman do the puja of the Lord in the Navratri time. Ishita does it like she is guided by the elders. She prays for Raman and Ruhi’s happiness. Raman fooled Ishita a lot and made her become mute for Navratri days. He fools her by saying it’s a ritual and even Mrs. Bhalla used to be being mute fast (MaunVrath) for nine days of Navratri. He makes Romi agree with him and confuses Ishita. Ishita falls in his trap and she acts mute. Mr. Bhalla tells Ishita that Rama and Romi have fooled her. She breaks her Maunvrath and gets angry on Raman. The Iyers also celebrate their Tamil festival. Ishita heads there for the festival and see Ruhi and Shravan fighting for the Barbie doll. Ishita asks them not to fight. Raman spoke to Shravan to end their fight. Raman witnesses Mani’s entry in Iyer house. Mani touched Amma’s feet and gave her a bouquet. Amma and Ishita hug Mani happily. Raman was shocked knowing Abhimanyu is Ishita’s friend Mani. Raman realized he was wrong to think Murli is Mani. He gets jealous seeing Ishita hugging Mani. Raman stays quiet and looks on how Mani has his strong roots in Iyer family. Ishita welcomes Mani for the festival.


Veera and Baldev have a sweet argument. Ranvi sees Balddev twisting her arm and is annoyed. He asks them to come and talk inside. Ranvi has got bad reviews for Baldev and has rejected her. Ranvi and Baldev have a heated argument, and Veera get stuck in between. Ranvi has always been on his ethics and Baldev is keen to get the work done by any means, fair of unfair. Ranvi asks Baldev to return the land papers. Baldev refuses to do so. Ranvi says he will do everything by fair means. Baldev says he is helping Veera. Ranvi says Veera is his sister and its his dad’s dream. Baldev argues a lot. Baldev says he won’t even get a small nest by going ethical ways, leave aside the land. Ranvi is adamant of his ethics and asks Baldev not to help them and leave the polyhouse work. Baldev gets angry and leaves. Veera cries as Ranvi gives the verdict of no relation between her and Baldev. Ratan pacifies Veera and asks her to be strong and convince Ranvi.

Qubool Hai:

Rehaan has finally confessed his love to Sunehri/Seher and proposed her. Seher accepts his proposal and their moments turn out to be on a romantic date. Aahil and Sanam too have confessed their love to each other. The show recently had good romantic scenes between Aahil- Sanam and Rehaan-Sunehri. Aahil and Sanam’s love story comes to a halt, when Tanveer asks him to sign the divorce papers. Sanam gets sad by this. Aahil tells Tanveer that he loves Sanam and refuses to sign on the papers. An angry Tanveer uses her trump card and tells Aahil to think whether Sanam will accept him, if she gets to know he is a murderer. She reminds him of the murder which he did not do, and makes him feel guilty again. Sanam’s efforts to bring out Aahil of his past go in vain. Aahil mentally breaks down and feels Tanveer is right. Tanveer asks Aahil to forget Sanam, else he will have to face her hatred. Aahil thinks Tanveer is giving the right advice and suppresses his decision to love Sanam. Sunehri doubts her decision of accepting Rehaan’s proposal and changes her mind, thinking Rehaan will hate her if he knows her real intentions of robbing him. Sunehri wants to hide her background from Rehaan and finds it tough to keep him away.


Bilal brought the major twist by saying he will marry Aaliya. Zarina and Bilal plan to take Zain’s property instead of freeing Aaliya from the marriage. Aaliya and Zain agree for the Halala Nikaah by much thinking. Rehaan who refused to marry Aaliya, saying its sin if the Halala Nikaah is planned and broken. Surayya agreed for Bilal as Zarina told her that Bilal will never divorce Aaliya and she will not let Aaliya marry Zain. Rehaan comes to know about Bilal’s real intentions to do the Halala Nikaah. When Bilal gets dressed as the groom and has his evil smile on his face, he gets kidnapped by someone. Its Rehaan who kidnaps Bilal to save Aaliya from him. Rehaan then agrees to marry Aaliya to safeguard her, as there is no other option left for him. Rehaan and Aaliya do the Halala Nikaah, and Aaliya asks Zain to keep his trust on her.



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