Monday Fun Shockers on Life OK


life ok

Gustakh Dil:

Barkha thinks about everyone’s words. Inder comes there and asks about the pic frame broken. She says it won’t be fine now. He looks at her. She thinks till when will you like like this Inder. Nikhil meets his new friends and the guy is afraid of seniors. Nikhil asks him to chill as there won’t be any ragging. Jasmine comes there and says surprise. She says she studies in this college and so she asked him to take admission in this college. Lajjo says she has to be at home and Nikhil sees her with Sagar on lunch, where she refused to come on lunch with him. He is shocked.

Laut Aao Trisha:

Lavanya says Meghan is very sensitive and who is she to give advice to her. Pratik also backs Lavanya and says let Lavanya live her life she likes and asks her not to interfere in her matters. Amrita says if he just announces his decision without knowing her answer, it is her insult. Amrita scolds Lavanya for brainwashing Trisha.

Tumhari Pakhi:

Riya’s phone gets the message and Pakhi thinks to check whether its from the one she is going to meet, but its not good to see her phone, butt maybe its good for her. She takes the phone in her hand. Anuja comes and stops her asking what is she doing with her phone. Pakhi is stunned. Riya tells Veer that Pakhi is spying on me. Pakhi says she did not wish to say this matter, but tells Veer that Riya loves a married man who has kids. Veer is shocked. Riya gets tensed.


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