Gumrah Season 4 5th October 2014 Episode 6 – The Ragging Case with Abhay Deol on Channel [V] – Written Update


Gumraah Season 4 Episode 6 - The Ragging Case, Rohan's story

Abhay Deol (the host) speaks that the story is about Rohan, a young boy who was been sent to a boarding school as a punishment. The story starts with Rohan, a 14 year old boy walking with his bags on 7th November 2010, 7:30 am at a boarding school in Shimla.


Rohan remembers how he fought with boys in his school earlier and was beaten by them and his teacher came to his rescue and also scolds him. He also remembers his father scolding for thrashing 2 boys which resulted them in going to hospital. Rohan’s father speaks that he needs some discipline and will get admitted him in the boarding school. He is seen remembering how his father dropped him at the boarding school just a while back the same day some 15 mins ago at S.R.H. Boys Hostel.  He walks towards the hostel and looks at his mother, sister Pari and father and remembers again moments he shared with his mother and sister. Pari gave him teddy so he can keep it for memories. After reaching the hostel, he gets a thought and runs to his family who were leaving and hugs his mother. He wants to go back with them since he cannot stay there alone and his father replies that Rohan has grown-up and wants him to behave well and there should not be any complaints. His mother suggests him to stay there for one semester at least then she speaks of convincing her husband and promises to take him if he carries on there as a good boy with no complaints. He agrees to it and believe his mother’s words. Rohan is seen at the hostel canteen and remembers his mother’s homemade food and soon some boys come to him and pours water in his food plate and begins to laugh. Rohan gets angry and stands up and a boy Happy who was teasing slaps him and he controls his anger. Venkat Swami, a boy of 14 yrs asks Rohan why was he engaging in a fight with Happy and does he know him ? Venkat wants Rohan to forgive him and offers his plate to him. Venkat later informs Rohan that those boys are seniors and he doesn’t know them since he came in midterm and suggests him to not fight with them.

Sooner then, the warden of the hostel comes there and asks why lights are on and asks them to sleep in 10 minutes. Venkat speaks about the warden who is being called Tommy and from 7 am to 10 pm only his rules work in the hostel and Rohan asks what after 10 pm ? Venkat replies rules of Happy are run after 10 pm. He suggests of being stuck between warden and Happy. Venkat informs that Happy doesn’t roam alone and there are 2 assistants with him always – Monty and Butto. Monty likes english movies and gets torture ideas from there and experiments on them while Butto gets fun in giving pain to others, both doesn’t give abuses but are very mean. Venkat advises Rohan to just nod his head in front of Happy and saying yes sir. He informs him to not take any step since it is very dangerous.  Happy and his boys come to the hostel room where Rohan was sleeping and they take Rohan and other boys outside (10:40 pm, School’s ground) and all of them are told to sit down on his knees and also being forced to remove their shirts. Happy plays the football and wants them to play the football with their knees while sitting and soon confronts Rohan when he was not involving in it. Rohan stands up to Happy and then remembers his mother’s words which suggested him to control his anger.

Next morning, Rohan informs his mother that seniors are doing excessive ragging there and wants to go back from there. She informs her husband about the need to go there since her son is being ragged and then his father takes the phone and suggests how come in 1 day you started speaking about ragging and giving excuses. Rohan suggests on being serious and informs that late night after warden’s ends his work, all the students are ragged and he came to know after joining though the ragging is going on since 2 months for other students. His father suggests that everyone faces ragging and he himself got ragged. He wants his son to be a sport and suggests that seniors ragged juniors to know them better and suggests him to focus on his studies and do not complain about small things and also stop doing it.

Abhay (the host) asks how come ragging is small, and suggests that Ragging is a punishable offence and this Chalta Hai attitude gives scope to bad things. There are many ways to break the ice and Ragging is clearly not one of them and Rohan’s father was giving him wrong advice and if you are senior by 1 year then it doesn’t give you the license to torture new admissions. How you can asks the child to focus on studies and deal with traumatic situations when he had no one to turned to ? Rohan was seeing everyone as enemies there but he remembered his mother’s words and also his promise which he gave to his mother. Abhay speaks that how much the situation is bad, there will be always silver lining and a girl was coming in his life like that of silver living.

Rohan is seen walking with a bruised leg on 16th November, 2010 at 2:20 pm in his school’s campus and a girl Navya asks Rohan whether he is copying her by walking differently like that in much pain. She informs him of walking herself in pain because of new shoes and asks whether she should complain about him ? He shows her the bruise on his legs and suggests of not walking properly and she advices him to complain to the warden about the nuisance. He doesn’t want to get into it and his roommates have told that such things happen only at the start. She thinks he should not be quiet and must complain and asks why some of the boys who are there since 3 months haven’t been ragged yet. She suggests that those boys will be quiet after warden’s intimidation. Happy and his group again walks late-night in the hostel and asks Venkat about his room mate and they learn that he went to the bathroom. They harass Venkat when didn’t find Rohan and asks him to eat biscuits which are kept on the ground using his mouth. Soon, the warden comes there along with Rohan and finds Happy and other two boys. He asks what they are doing there at that time? Happy replies on coming to help Venkat in algebra and Rohan informs that they are lying and came to ragging which they did even yesterday. The warden asks Venkat and other boys to open up and not be afraid if they were ragged but nobody is willing to speak and are quiet. The warden takes Happy and his 2 boys with him to the office and Rohan asks his roomates were they mad to not speak and they got one opportunity to end the ragging. He wants Venkat to inform the warden about ragging and takes with him.

The warden is seen warning Happy and others that if he receives another complaint then he will take strict action against them and wants them to leave. At the same time, Rohan comes with Venkat and other boys. Venkat opens up and informs the warden that ragging is done by Happy & Co. Happy tries to confront Venkat angrily in physical manner and the warden stops him and learns about his manners. The warden gives them the punishment to run 20 rounds at 5 am, breakfast, lunch and dinner will be prepared by them and will also wash the plates and doesn’t want any excuses and pulls their ears and leaves. Happy and his group looks at Rohan and the junior boys and leaves. Next day,  at the canteen, Happy and other boys are seen serving the food to Rohan and others and Venkat is seen to be quiet. Rohan asks Venkat why is he quiet and suggests that Happy got punishment because of them and there is no thanks. Venkat thanks Rohan and speaks that you don’t know what Happy can do and leaves with Rohan to their hostel room. They enter their hostel room and the date is 29th November 2010 at 10:00 pm and learn that Rohan’s belongings are scattered and soon Happy and his boys come from behind and get hold of Rohan. Happy breaks Rohan family’s photo frame and also burns the teddy given by his sister Pari. Happy wants all juniors to come and speaks of showing them the trailer in how they get hold of Rohan and asks them if they didn’t want to be ragged in the next 2 months then they all have to apply black polish on Rohan’s face. The junior students agrees and starts to put the black polish on Rohan’s face and even removes his T-shirt and trousers and Rohan is left in underwear with polish scattered over his face and looks to be in shock.

Abhay (the host) speaks why such things were happening with Rohan because he complained and protest and Happy thought that after torturing Rohan, he will see that Rohan is listening to him. But Happy didn’t knew that Rohan’s problem is Rohan himself i.e. his temper which will not remain quiet.

Happy is seen looking around the boys restroom and soon Rohan comes from behind with a sack and covers his face and asks how did he burnt the teddy ? After a while, Rohan finds that Happy is unconscious after getting choked. Soon, he runs outside the boarding school and reaches some high altitude place and begins to cry. He leaves to his home and arrives at his home in Bilaspur on 9th December 2010 at 8:50 am and prepares himself to give what reason to his family at the doorstep. Pari opens the door and his mother asks how come he is there ? Rohan informs of having study holidays and is fine to come alone. Rohan’s mother wants her husband to make a complain at the boarding school since they send their son without any info. Rohan asks her what’s the need for that ? Soon, his father gets a call and learns that Rohan ran from the school after committing a crime and slaps him hard. Rohan falls down on the table.

Abhay (the host) speaks everyone does mistakes and after doing it we try to run away from it like Rohan. He asks what-if Rohan would have complained to warden another time, or spoke with his mother, accepts his mistake and ask for an apology, there will always be a way instead of escaping. Rohan’s lie was caught by one phone call of the principal and his father instead of resolving the problem thought Rohan as the problem and send him again to that hell for better grades and discipline. Abhay speaks that doesn’t know about improvement in grades but Rohan’s situation will deteriorate much further.

Rohan is seen at the hostel om 11th December 2010 at 7:30 am and the warden gets hold of him and asks what was he thinking to run away from the hostel and nobody will know about ut ? The warden suggests that Rohan is rowdy and not Happy and other boys because he left Happy in a bad health situation and ran. He suggests that believing him was his biggest mistake and wants Rohan to shut his mouth. The warden speaks of giving more punishment to him and informs that he will clean the boy’s hostel laundry from now on, and suggests that his punishment has just begun. Happy makes a taunt at Rohan by saying that his punishment has just begun – the same words of the warden. Abhay speaks that Rohan was trapped though he tried to seek help from others – warden, parents in his own way. They have reacted to his outbursts but didn’t look into the reasons of that outburst. Abhay speaks that the kids are naughty but not criminals and everyone has regarded him as a criminal. Moreover, Happy and his gang were punishing him as well. Navya comes to him and provides support and she learned about his condition from Venkat. She suggests that everything will be fine and asks him to not take tension. At the girls hostel, a group of girls find a boy lying on the ground outside their hostel and shouts with nervousness.

It turns out to be venkat there and the warden finds him drunk and semi-conscious. Venkat lies of agreeing to a bet by himself to go to the girls’ hostel after getting drunk. [Flashback: Venkat is being forcibly intoxicated by Happy and his gang members when they couldn’t find Rohan]. The warden speaks that in his hostel bet, alcohol such things are not allowed and takes Venkat with him. Happy informs Rohan that Venkat is being already  targeted and now he should prepare for his turn. Next day, Rohan asks Venkat why didn’t he tell the truth ? Venkat replies that its not because of Happy but because of him. He reminds that because of Rohan’s complaint against seniors even he is also being caught and suggests that if he would have not complained then such things have not happen. Venkat speaks of getting tortured by Happy and his members repeatedly and suggests that they will not leave Navya who has supported him. He calls Rohan mad and Venkat returns the same and then Venkat tries to convince Rohan that they are seniors and will not leave anybody. He also informs that the seniors Happy and others are so mad that they can kill anyone and calls them as monsters. Rohan contemplates on that thought and shows worry on his face. Rohan is seen lying on the top of the hostel building cover and the warden meets Venkat and asks about him. Venkat replies that Rohan is in restroom because of stomach upset and the warden leaves by saying that he is keeping an eye on both of them. Happy and his gang gets hold of Rohan when he was hiding at some place and takes him with them and put Rohan inside a water barrel and Happy warns to come next day and torture him more just to take revenge.

Rohan informs Venkat about how he was tortured by Happy and his gang and Venkat asks him to inform the warden and Rohan replies that the warden will not listen to him. Venkat then speaks that he will tortured that day since Rohan was being taken to task earlier. He suggests to Rohan that Happy & Co will stop when someone dies. Rohan speaks him to not worry and speaks of a plan which will protect them. Next day, 14th December 2010 at 7:05 am at boy’s hostel, the warden meets Rohan and asks him where is Venkat since he is missing ? Rohan replies on not having an idea about Venkat’s whereabouts and suggests that he was ill and thus sleeping. The warden asks him whether he is playing some bet and then Rohan speaks of water tank on the terrace and informs that Happy & Co has locked him inside that water tank. Venkat has heard about him locked there and he thought it can happen to him. The warden asks him why didn’t he inform earlier ? Rohan replies that he wouldn’t have listen to him and if he complains against Happy & Co then they will start torturing him. The warden takes Happy & Co to the terrace water tank and they inform on not leaving yesterday and were preparing for internals. The security staff checks the tank and finds the body of Venkat and he takes it out and Venkat’s foot bottom is seen having polish marks. The police comes and arrests Happy & Co and they inform of not doing any wrong. The police also questions Rohan about when he has seen Happy & Co taking away Venkat and whether he has heard any noise. Rohan speaks of having high fever and didn’t hear anything and the police man informs that there will be no ragging in the school and leaves while looking at Rohan’s shoes.

The policeman informs the warden about his role in that incident with Venkat and asks him when the tank was painted with black color ? The warden replies yesterday evening and then the policeman goes back to Rohan  and asks how come his shoes have paint marks if he didn’t went out last night ? He thrashes Rohan and wants to know the truth and he then informs of killing Venkat because that was the only option for him. He suggests that if he didn’t kill him then Happy & Co would have killed him and there was no second option. He informs that the torture would have ended after passing away of one life and also he wanted to live and wants to go back home thus he took Venkat’s life. He informs the police about the torture meted out at him during his stay in the school. The warden asks him why he didn’t inform him ? Rohan replies on not taking any chances in the last moment since he will be only caught and informs how he went with Venkat on the night of his killing, 13th December 2010 at 10:30 pm on the hostel’s terrace. After reaching there, Rohan convinced Venkat to stay in the water tank for 5 to 10 mins so that he can bring the warden and the strongest reason to convince was that the warden will listen to him and if he goes inside there will be no use. Venkat agreed to go inside the water tank as per Rohan’s plan and then Rohan closes the top cover which makes him nervous inside. Venkat asks him to open the cover but he informs of informing the warden and coming back in few minutes. Rohan at the time thought that Venkat gets afraid soon and will inform the warden and Happy & Co gang about his plan and then Happy & Co gang will kill him. For that reason, Rohan opened the water supply to the water tank which made sure that Venkat dies there.

Rohan is arrested by police and taken away and he looks back at students and also Navya. Abhay speaks that crime is a crime and punishment is inevitable. Rohan thought that he didn’t have any escape from the torture and after his statement, Happy & Co were rounded up the police and because they were not directly connected with the murder thus they got restigated from the school while Rohan got 5 years of imprisonment in remand home for the murder. This incident took one life and changed many lives and neither of them – Rohan, Happy & Co got admission in a good school. Whose fault it is ? Happy – because he tortured Rohan in the name of ragging, warden – didn’t solve problems and instead gave punishment or parents – didn’t understand their son actions and only reacted. He speaks that all of them are responsible in different steps and suggests that No One is Born a Criminal but one wrong thinking and step can make any innocent astray (Gumrah). Rohan is serving his punishment in the remand home for the murder of Venkat as he was a minor and he has befriended other charged criminals of his age and has to attend counselling sessions with a criminal psychiatrist but his anger issues are getting worse. Rohan’s family and sister Pari comes to see him once in a month and he doesn’t want to see his father. Rohan’s father is changed now and is remaining quiet and anxiously waiting for his son to come back again and also takes his own responsibility in Rohan’s situation. Happy & Co have been unable to secure admissions in any school in the state of Himachal Pradesh after their restigation. The media have highlighted them  and their careers have been destroyed. The show ends with the message – Ragging is a punishable crime as per law.

Next Episode – 12th October 2014: Anuraddha is seen with a boy who confronts her and he suggests that she went to some place because another boy was present there. She speaks of not talking to him and vents out her anger on him and leaves. Anurradha’s concerned mother calls her friend who informs that she has not reached her place and she thought that Anurradha plan’s might have changed and thus she didn’t came. Anuraddha’s mother informs that there was no change in her daughter’s plan. Anurradha is missing and then the police after some leads identifies Kailash to be the last person seen with her and arrests him. Anurradha’s friend discloses to the police that though she was told to not speak up but she doesn’t want to remain quiet. She informs that Anurradha was planning to live with her ex-boyfriend Rajeev. The police goes to Rajeev’s place with her brother and they find some blood marks on the bathroom’s wall. Anurradha’s brother begins to cry believing that they lost her.

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