Sandhya and Zakir get close to Rajkumar’s network in Diya Aur Baati Hum


sandhya and sooraj in diya aur baati hum

Meenakshi does not listen to Bhabho and goes to meet Vikram in the Karwachauth party. Bhabho and Babasa also wanted this and intentionally provoked Meenakshi to go there.. Sandhya, Emily and Meenakshi fast for their husbands and want to break their fast in the party. Vikram sees Meenakshi and remembers their old moments. Emily breaks fast with Mohit and Vikram is annoyed with Meenakshi. Meenakshi swears that she will break her fast only by Vikram’s hand. While Prema has come there to transfer the arms according to Maya’s instructions. Sandhya doubts on a constable there and shares her qualms with Zakir. Meenkashi scolds Prema asking her to stay away from Vikram. Prema acts to keep the fast for Vikram. Meenakshi fumes and Sandhya calms her down.

Vikram gifts a new saree to Prema and Meenakshi gets very angry. Prema asks Meenakshi to break her fast with Vikram, and gets high in Vikram’s eyes. Sandhya wants to break her fast with Sooraj, but she is asked to come for her duty. Sooraj asks her to go, and they can break the fast at home too. Sandhya goes to Zakir as he doubts on the Karwa pots. Prema and Maya talk about taking out the arms from the Karwa pots and keep it with Sooraj’s sweet shop utensils so that no one doubts on them, and they can get the arms for Operation Grahan. Zakir and Sandhya check the Karwa pots and get stunned seeing the inside. Will they be able to catch Maya, Disha and Prema? Keep reading.


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