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Satyamev Jayate

Aamir welcomes all to the 1st Episode of Satyamev Jayate Season 3 and informs all that the new element introduced is that the viewers can speak with him LIVE just after the end of the main episode. That special session with viewers is referred as Mumkin Hai and for the 1st episode it was based in Chandigarh and Yuvraj Singh and Kapil Dev were guests with Aamir.

Akhilesh and the Positive Change in his life by Sports:
The main episode starts with Aamir speaking that we read dreadful stories in newspapers about different crimes – rapes, murder and we get more sadness when we learn that the person who committed the crime is a young boy between 12 to 15 yrs. He speaks of meeting a person recently whose life was filled with crime but his life has got a big difference. The change in boy happened with different kind of solution but has infused positive change in him. The first Mumkin Hai story is about Akhilesh Paul from Nagpur who used to live in small neighborhood (slum, Basti). Akhilesh got involved in many crimes – drugs, alcohol at a younger age and there were police complaints registered against him when situation worsened. Moreover, they were gang fights and other gang group members were after him. His life came to a point that if he tried to escape from other gang then police would have made him their target, and if he escapes police, then other gang members will kill him. He was not getting an idea how to save his life.

Akhilesh comes on stage and Aamir asks him that his life was about to end since he was facing police and also other gang members. Akhilesh speaks of his dream that he wanted to become a Bhai and fight and threaten somebody. He starts to speak how his life changed by reminding that a professor Vijay in a college nearby his former gang centre used to see him often. The professor sent a peon to him and asks the young boys of the gang whether they want to play ball (Gaend). Akhilesh and his group were confused and the peon (the representative of Prof) informs them of giving 5 INR which is the amount given by the prof. Akhilesh speaks of playing football and they were aged 14-15 years and speaks the professor used to gave them 5 INR and didn’t speak further. They played for 15 days and used to get money daily. One fine day, the professor told them that he didn’t have money to pay them but Akhilesh’s friends were interested to play football and they make an agreement to play the football without money and just asked the Prof to give them just the football. They play football for 2-3 days and when they went to ask for the football, the professor declined to give them. Akhilesh speaks about having addictions for gambling, drinking, cigarette, threatening others and now they got addicted to football. His life started moving forward and he speaks of being in a fix once when some gang members were attacking him at some property dealing spot. To avoid clash with police and gang , he took shelter and hidden himself in a graveyard and stayed for few days. Soon, he felt hungry and used to eat leftovers from beggars. He begins to cry after becoming much emotional.and remembers how he ate those leftovers on the 31st December – New year’s eve from the poor and regards them as the one who have helped him in that distressing time and no big influential person have helped him.

Satyamev Jayate Episode 1, 5th October -  Significance of Sports - Akhilesh with Aamir

He speaks of celebrating with the poor on the new year’s eve every year now as well. Akhilesh then speaks of going to a lawyer and surrendered to police and soon got a bail from the court. Aamir asks him how did he got the change ? He speaks of seeing some boys playing football and remembered his days playing it and then found same professor Vijay Barse there who asks him about his situation and then suggested him to play football with those boys. Akhilesh speaks of his word from the professor who said that he (Akhilesh- the young boy) didn’t do any criminal activity while playing football. The professor wanted to highlight the same thing to him. He started playing there often and went on to play at the District, State and National level after improving on his performances. Akhilesh speaks that the boys from under-privileged backgrounds and from poor neighborhoods constitute those teams for tournaments at the district level and national level. And some of those boys go on to play in the national team. Aamir informs that Akhilesh has been selected to play in the Indian national team and also he served as the captain to go to Brazil to play in the Slum Soccer world cup and gets applaud by audience.

Akhilesh speaks of teaching sports to children of the inhabitants of the red light area now and before when he was a Bhai, they used to please him but now when he goes there they call him SIR with respect and feels proud about it since he got that respect even when he is not educated. Aamir speaks that Akhilesh’s life has changed and came out of crime because of Sports and then welcomes professor Vijay Barse there who has changed Akhilesh’s life. Akhilesh gets surprise and greets the Prof by touching his feet and with a hug and also hugs Aamir and shows gratitude.

Aamir speaks to Prof Vijay that he has made an indelible impression on Akhilesh and everyone’s mind with his encouraging work. Aamir asks him how he got that idea ? Vijay Barse speaks of giving a football to some boys who were seen hitting plastic bottles, and soon they were involved in it. The boys were happy and he also informs of being a sports teacher in a school. The boys agree to play football at the ground and came much in advance by 2 hrs at 12:00 noon since the practice was supposed to start at 2 pm. He speaks that the boys didn’t do any bad thing like drinking alcohol, cigarette smoking, troubling others and were just focused on playing. He informs that they were not doing bad to others and a teacher only wants to convey that message and see such thing from their students. The prof speaks of organizing a tournament with 32 teams but has to choose 128 teams in the end in Nagpur city. Aamir asks Prof Vijay on how many teams are coming from such poor neighborhoods (slums) in Maharashtra state ? Prof. Vijay informs on having 2 to 2,500 thousand such teams and then Aamir asks on the national level ? Prof. Vijay informs that 15 states are directly connected with them. Aamir applauds him and suggests that thousands of youngsters have got better and positive things in their life and applauds him for showing us how lives can be changed and improved with just a football. Aamir thanks him and Akhilesh for coming on the show and informs to audience that it was indeed a unique and wonderful solution of Prof. Barse and Akhilesh.

Satyamev Jayate Episode 1, 5th October - Significance of Sports - Akhilesh with Vijay Barse

Geeta and Babita’s Commonwealth  Games Success Story:
Aamir now speaks of going to some different direction and speaks that let’s assume about a small town in North India has a family with 4 daughters, and asks what is the biggest worry of their father ? The audience replies marriage and then Aamir highlights that the biggest worries are dowry, marriage of daughters and asks whether everyone agrees and people nods their heads. Aamir speaks that its unfortunate to hear they think that those are the worries and then speaks that a father’s dream was not about his daughter’s marriage but his dream was to see his daughter becoming a world champion and earn a gold medal for India. Aamir speaks that the game is Wrestling and then welcomes commonwealth gold medallists Geeta Phogat Kumari and Babita Phogat Kumari. He welcomes both of them and speaks that they are from a small town in Haryana and asks them whether any of their female family member have participated in wresting before and they reply no and then he asks whether any of the female residents of their town have participated and they again reply no. Babita speaks that her grandfather and father were wrestlers and thus they came to wrestling as well. They cite about 2000 olympic medallist winner Karnam Maheshwari as their motivation who won in wrestling and their father took that Karnam’s victory as inspiration and thought that he has four daughters and they could achieve it as well. Their fathers used to train them by running in fields and their training was tough and even used to train against boys.

 Their father used to beat them if they put less strength against boys just to motivate them. They speak if there was a similar coach like their father have trained them then they would have come back home. Their father used to speak about training matters even at home during dinners as well. They speak that their practice was in comparison to boys and Aamir thinks that their father’s thinking that they are not lesser than boys is good but he should not have beaten them. Geeta speaks of defeating some boys in their town’s wrestling bouts and the boys used to think and have fears in agreeing to fight with them since if they loose then people will make comments/taunts at them. The people applauds the sisters-duo and Aamir shows the winning bouts of Geeta (2010) and Babita (2014) at the commonwealth games where they won Gold medals in wrestling. Aamir asks them how they feel about their personality/character after coming into sports ? Geeta replies on becoming strong and feeling independent and they have self-confidence and speaks openly and are not afraid. Aamir asks them about the village/town’s reaction when they started doing wrestling ? Geeta replies that for her parents it was difficult since they were from a small town in Haryana. She speaks of wearing shorts, their ears get broken and people used to make comments that their body have become like boys and who will marry them ? Their father used to speak one thing that if he and his daughters work hard then the people will stop passing those comments.

She then informs that after the commonwealth wins, the people stopped passing those comments and instead started praising them for making the village proud. She speaks that people’s attitude towards girls have change and her grandmother who wanted to have sons earlier since they were already 4 daughters were born in their family but now she wishes that if they have 100 daughters that would also be less for them. Aamir then speaks with their father Mahavir Phogat via 3G link and asks him what was the reaction of the people in his neighbors when he started his daughter’s training. Their father speaks that people used to call shameless for making her daughters train and he thought that if a girl can become the prime minister then why not a wrestler ? Aamir and everyone applauds on his thought. Aamir asks him who wins now if there is a bout between daughters and father ? He replies on loosing now against his daughters since he is old and they are young but when they were young, he used to defeat them. Aamir speaks of the upcoming 2016 Rio Olympics and wishes them the best and hopes they will bring the gold medal for India.

Satyamev Jayate Episode 1, 5th October - Significance of Sports - Babita and Geeta, Commonwealth winners

Shubham, 9 year old boy’s Inspiring story of playing Golf and World Champion :
Aamir asks why India is not leading ahead in sports and its sad that we lag behind at international events like Olympics and win only few medals. The question arises whether we don’t have talent ?  No, its not like that, we have enormous talent and facilities and opportunities are not there. He then wants to show that if a talent is let to groom well then what results can be achieved. He shows an AV and the voiceover speaking that golf is one of the expensive sports in the world and the golf sport needs lot of open green spaces in acres, equipments are worth in Lakhs of INR, and thus it is called rich man’s sport and ordinary persons even cannot dream to play such game. But, then that believe was countered and the voiceover speaks about Israna village in Haryana where a golf academy was started and a young child Shubham of the same village got interested in golf. He belongs to the family who sells milk and for a child of that family to play golf and reach zenith in the game were thought only in dreams. But,  if you have passion and also able support who recognizes your talent, then dreams themselves are forced to be fulfilled. The AV ends.

Shubham comes and sits with Aamir on stage and Aamir learns Subham is 9 years old. Aamir then informs the audience that Shubham currently is the youngest golf champion of the world in his age group and gets applaud. Aamir asks how does he know about golf ? Shubham shares his story and speaks that when he was 5 years old, a NRI – Kapoor Singh has opened an academy in his village and his grandfather had sent him there since he doesn’t want Shubham to pursue wrestling like others in the family. Shubham started going there and after some days the academy got closed down. He informs that academy owner Kapoor singh has appreciated his golf play and has given him some clubs and equipments. He then started practicising golf in the  fields since the academy was shut down. Aamir asks how ? He replies on using a small pot and employs putting for the hole and his mother used to become annoyed to see him doing practice even at home because of noise. Shubham informs of learning 60 % of the golf from Youtube and everyone is amazed there. Aamir asks how his career progressed ? Shubham speaks of winning few tournaments and then he met Amit Luthra who advised him to come to Delhi and join his golf foundation.  Amit Luthra is former Indian No 1 golf player and Shubham informs of winning 110 tournaments until now. He also informs of playing with Garry player who is an international golf player and a big name and also played twice with him. He speaks on liking Gary’s fitness and also of Aamir. Aamir speaks that his fitness is not good now but slowly he will be reaching full fitness. Aamir asks Subham about his dream ? Subham’s dream is to become the best golf player in the world and also to win medals for India and gets applaud.

Satyamev Jayate Episode 1, 5th October 2014 - Significance of Sports - Shubham with Aamir

Aamir speaks to his father Jagpal Jaglan on what are the challenges he faced when learnt that his son is fond of Golf. Jagpal speaks that the first challenge was not knowing what is golf and also knew that the game is expensive and worth lakhs of INR and another challenge is his son was adamant and interested to play. He informs that at the ground, you will not see Maruti car and instead see Audi, Mercedez, BMW cars and also the ground fees is 3,000 INR for one-time play. water bottles were expensive 100 INR there as well.  He speaks that they used to eat at home before going to the golf field and then informs about language problems because people used to speak in english there. Shubham informs of learning English with help from his school. Aamir invites Amit Luthra who runs The Golf foundation on stage. Aamir asks Amit on how did he got the idea to start golf academy and train budding players and youngsters ? Amit replies that it started with a 50 INR theft and he informs that a young boy of 9-10 years who used to work with him as caddie (Aagewala) came to him and informed that someone has accused him of stealing 50 INR. Amit informs on practising golf for few hours and caddie’s rate was 5 INR/hour so for five hours it would be 25 INR. The same young caddie challenged him for golf and has put the bet amount of 25 INR which he earned and had confidence. Amit speaks that when the young boy caddie was fired from his work because of the charge of theft, then he took him to Delhi Golf club knowing well his passion and talent and enrolled him in training. He purchased new golf clubs worth 1.5 lakh INR for him so that he will be at par with rich kids. That young kid surpassed the top sub-junior rounds, junior , top under-18 and became professional and in next 2 years turned 21. The young lad of 21 yrs then bought 2 DLF flats, and mercedez car. He then discloses that young golfer’s name  – Ashok Kumar. Amit thought that there will be many more young lads like Ashok and he then set-up the academy with other golfers to groom youngsters and provide them the platform. He speaks of being much happy whenever the young boys wins and speaks of not creating them. He gives an analogy of diamonds in soil and they just remove the soil and polish them a bit and they themselves shines on their own. Aamir speaks that this work of removing soil is done by very few people in the country and applauds him.

Satyamev Jayate Episode 1, 5th October 2014 - Significance of Sports - Shubham with Amit Luthra

Sports as a subject with curriculum in School and Life values we learn from it:
Aamir speaks that its an emotional moment when India wins the medal and also at times when our flag is flying high and when our national anthem plays and we get much pride and also get tears in our eyes. But there is a bigger thing than it which we get from Sports. The voiceover asks what is that thing which is more than medals, trophy, and appreciation for your country and the answer is the bright future of India’s young children which we get from Sports. The qualities of Hardwork, Focus, Dedication, Patience, Discipline, Team work and not to feel low with defeat and doesn’t become much proud after winning. These qualities are the ones which are not found and learnt from Chemistry, Biology, Geography classes but we learn them in the play field where all these qualities get imbibed in children. Prakash Padukone is seen in the AV and speaking that you lose and win in games and then tries to find the reasons for both, work on your self-improvements and you will deal with life differently. Another lady Ashiwni Nachappa – Asian Games Silver Medallist informs that every child should participate in sports and its not very important that every child becomes the international champion. There are many parts of how to lead a life can only be learnt at the playing field and these qualities and virtues will be with you all your life.

Doctor Ashsish Contractor – Preventive cardiologist speaks that regular cycling will increase your mental and physical stamina and will have positive influence in your life and work and you will get positivity and he also feels much happier in his work with such exercises. Another man – Navin Gada, an industrialist speaks of how he does horse driving every day before work and suggests that business starts with risk and you develop the attitude with sports. But, unfortunately in Sports vs. Education fight, the sports looses the battle  [Footage is shown from Isha foundation and Magic Bus India foundation]. Abhinav Bindra – Olympic Gold Medalist speaks that when kids are small, sports are not encouraged and doesn’t take paramount importance. Saumil Majumdar from EduSports speaks that in schools, the efforts are being made to build sports champions and they want to find next Dhoni. He speaks that the focus today is to make champions which is for top 1% and because of this the remaining 99 % of students doesn’t do anything. Thus, its important Sports should get the equal importance like other subjects and every student should be encouraged to participate in sports and given opportunity. He speaks of a curriculum in Sports like that we have in nursery, kindergarten, and other higher classes. All the students should get fit and they play all sports and with sports they find love and play all their life. He cites that sports is a teaching itself and not a part of teaching. The AV ends.

Magic Bus India Foundation: Supporting under-privileged kids and supporting them in higher studies and Sports.
Aamir speaks of studying until 12th class and he himself doesn’t have a degree and not a graduate. Whatever he learnt in life is from Sports and speaks of attributes like team effort which is how to take other’s support to reach and achieve something. How to strategize and to think about next step and all the day to day chores we learn from sports. He wants the school principals to give equal importance to sports like that of other subjects and parents should insist for it. He speaks of his believe that if children’s upbringing and foundation is so strong then they are ready to deal with life. Some Kids are on stage and they show an AV (courtesy Magic Bus India foundation) and the voiceover speaks that sports have that magic which pulls everyone towards it and this magic fills colors in our life and also can be used for some learning. The Magic Bus India foundation works with the same thought and with fun children’s also learn the important lessons of life. One of the students speak about learning about cleanliness, teamwork, unity have been taught from sports. The Magic bus have instilled self-confidence and passion in children and by playing together qualities of team work and discipline are imbibed in them automatically which gives them the right direction in life. The Magic bus are supporting the under-privileged kids who do not get support from the society to move ahead and there are 10 states with 5 Lakhs children in India who are being supported by Magic Bus foundation which is striving to improve their life.

Aamir wants the kids to introduce themselves. Parvati Pujari from Mumbai introduces herself and informs that her father works at the construction site and her mother is a maid. Vijay Gupta whose father works in the transport industry and then Ritu Pawa from Delhi speaks that her father is driver and her mother is maid. Gulafsha Khan from Delhi speaks that her father has a hotel like Dhaba and her mother is housewife. Parvati speaks that she joined magic bus in 1999 and she was 9 years old then and at the time her parents used to work at the construction site. She informs of playing at the construction site with small some stones and also take care of her younger siblings and informs on not going to school. She informs of living at the construction site and a NGO organized a camp and magic bus took them there. She cites that the trip to that camp was magical and she felt of not going back home. Vijay speaks of playing football first with his Bhais brothers [Aamir suggests not like a Bhai like Akhilesh on a lighter note] and he got promoted and plays football with magic bus. Ritu speaks that girls were not allowed to participate in sports and even not allowed to go outside and Magic bus have made sure they get admitted in schools and now they play as well. She speaks of getting bored in home earlier and asks her mother whether she can go and play outside but her mother didn’t agree and even slapped her. Then her father came to her rescue and told that he will manage his wife. Gulafsha speaks of not talking during the first day of training since she never went out of her home before and she was shy and nervous to speak with boys but soon she got introduced to others via games and soon came to know about others and became friendly. Parvati speaks of getting her own identity and people recognize her as Parvati Pujari and not as Babban Pujari. Aamir thanks the kids and they leave from stage.

Satyamev Jayate Episode 1, 5th October 2014 - Significance of Sports - Magic Bus role models kids

Aamir welcomes Matthew Spacey who started Magic bus campaign. He asks him whether he can speak in Hindi. Matthew starts to speak in Hindi in his own accent and informs that his hindi is not good though his wife is Indian and she has taught him one thing in Hindi which is – Meri Biwi Sab Se Sundar Hai  [My Wife is the most beautiful] and she didn’t tell him what it means. Aamir then looks at his wife and compliments her and suggests that his wife is indeed beautiful. Aamir asks him how did he got the idea of magic bus ? Matthew speaks of coming to Mumbai 20 years ago and found that there are 2 classes of people – Rich and Poor and felt a lot. He used to play Rugby in Bombay Gymkhana (posh complex) at that time. Just adjacent to that Gymkhana there is a lane called fashion street where many boys used to work and live in the shops. The rugby players used to give the keys of their cars to them and they in turn used to take care of the cars. He thought one day on teaching them rugby and until now he feels the memorable day to be the one when those boys entered the Bombay Gymkhana from their street in their shorts all set to play rugby. They played against the Gymkhana team and it was important moment for him because for that 1 hour everyone were equal – there were not Muslims, Hindu, Rich, Poor and were just players (Khiladi). He thought to make them employed and it turned out that they were either fired from the job or they left the job by themselves within 2 months. He speaks that they used to get more fun on roads where nobody questions them and in offices they have wear suits and follow procedures. They didn’t got the habit to work and he then got the first lead to start magic bus. He suggests that you cannot start with a 18 year old kid and push him to work and it is essential that you need to start with him right from his childhood at a younger age. He regards the magic bus as the journey which starts from childhood to adulthood and suggests that whether they are successful or not can only by informed by one test.

Satyamev Jayate Episode 1, 5th October 2014 - Significance of Sports - Matthew Spacey with Aamir

The test is whether those kids who are grown up are studying further or working in jobs. Today, 5 Lakhs children are associated with magic bus and 90% of them are continuing their higher studies. Moreover, in those 90 % of the kids’ families,  no one has went to school before the kids. Aamir becomes much surprised and calls it amazing. Matthew informs that there are 10,000 role models country-wide like those Kids who spoke earlier with Aamir. Now, these young leaders will lead progress in their village and towns and this program is owned by them and they are the owners. Aamir speaks that if people want to help magic bus then they can give a missed call on this toll free no: 1800 200 6858. Aamir asks him who designs the program for the kids. Matthew informs on having 20 member team at their Mumbai office and sooner then Aamir welcomes those 20 members of magic bus on stage. Aamir speaks that people can donate to magic bus by going on their website or at Axis bank, Airtel money and informs that Reliance foundation – Philanthropy partner of Satyamev Jayate will provide 1 Crore INR to magic bus. The magic bus and team gets the standing ovation from the audience.


Satyamev Jayate Episode 1, 5th October 2014 - Significance of Sports - Magic Bus India foundation

Sports Infrastructure and Sportspersons running Sport bodies:
In 1995, the Chinese government have started and adopted a Physical Health Law of the People’s Republic of China. The purpose of this law is to make sports an important part of Chinese people (AV courtesy: Footage factory). For sports, facilities and gymnasiums were being set-up and provided and more than 6 Lakh stadiums were built and the people were motivated to use them. In city areas, outdoor public parks, fitness centres were built and this program was designed to improve the health of the common people and another benefit was that many talented sportspersons started coming to the fore. They were given special training and its result was seen in Beijing 2008 Olympics where they won 50 gold medals which is more than 3 times their gold medal tally of Summer Olympics 1996 where they won 16 gold medals. China took the first position in 2008 Olympics. Aamir speaks that 6 Lakh stadiums were built in China and in India we might not have even 6,000 stadiums then how can we compete against other countries. Why we don’t have them and what our sports bodies are doing in that regard ? He informs that Rahul Mehra – supreme court Advocate will inform us more since he has worked on that topic a lot.

Aamir asks him why our youngsters doesn’t get opportunities ? Rahul speaks that every sport has an organization which runs it and it is given a monopolistic status by the govt. That body is being told to run and carry out sports activities and its their responsibility to develop and promote. All the tax-payers money is being given to those organizations by the govt and they are run by politicians who hold top positions there and he refers them as termites. He adds that there people from all political parties are same and cites the example of Common wealth games responsibility was given to Suresh Kalmadi who has built a stadium for 986 crores whereas BCCI builds one stadium in 120 crores. Rahul speaks that Geeta, Babita, Shubham doesn’t come by the system but because of people like Amit Luthra and also because of their own struggle and passion. Aamir asks when the system will change and asks about the solution ? Rahul replies that the sports law and Swaraj and suggests that players should govern them and they should be selected and chosen by the people and not by politicians because of conflict of interests. He suggests that people need to speak and be heard. Aamir then understands that sport players should run the sport bodies.  And then asks the viewers – Should Sporting bodies in India run only by competent sports persons themselves ? If you agree with it, then they can be part of Mumkin Hai campaign and give a missed call at 1800 833 4001.

Satyamev Jayate Episode 1, 5th October - Significance of Sports - Rahul Mehra

Veteran National Champions and One Ball can change the world message:
Aamir asks the audience how many of them have played sports in the last week ? He learns that 10 % of the audience in the studio there have played sports and suggests that adults get double fun than children. He then suggests that people also feel to become old, gets shy and asks why to run and get pain. He informs them on showing the fun which we forget. He shows an AV about Maha Utsav at a village in Tamil Nadu which is celebrated every year where old women, children and young enjoys the festival and its being supported by Isha foundation. When they started their journey there was a big challenge for them and Sadhguru from Isha foundation speaks that initially when they went to villagers with their program they face hardships because people were divided in the name of caste and Dharm. He speaks that for a good sports player nobody will ask about his caste and just knows that he/she is a village champion.  Swami Rijuda from Isha foundation speaks that a head of a village once informs them that because of their program people are coming close and asks them what magic they are doing ? They reply its not their magic but the ball’s magic. Aamir speaks that more info on this topics can be known on satyamevjayate website where people can give support and give suggestions as well. He then invites and welcomes Saina Nehwal and calls her as the sporting icon and superstar of youngsters. The audience there welcomes Saina with standing ovation. He asks Saina on what are the challenges she faced as a girl ? She replies on being strong mentally to a larger extent and informs that she never thought of being lesser in comparison to a boy and used to compete with boys and run with them and also defeat most of them in singles which she thinks that people will not believe. Saina kept those things in mind and informs that she is not a girl but a fighter on court and whoever is in front of her she has to win and she speaks that if you want to do then nobody will stop you. Aamir welcomes her father and she credits her father to be a big inspiration.

Satyamev Jayate Episode 1, 5th October - Significance of Sports - Saina Nehwal

Aamir then wants Saina to felicitate national champions of the country from the village of Maharwadi and middle aged women come on stage and he asks Saina whether she is surprised. She replies on thinking to see players and then Aamir asks the audience whether they know the game which the women on stage plays. Aamir then shows an AV of those women from maharwadi village in Maharashtra. The women cuts the wood from the forest and also manage their homes and their actual talent is seen on the ground in old people sports. The women constitute grandmothers, great grand mothers, mothers and they wear traditional maharashtrian clothes and runs barefoot and becomes the centre of attraction with their zeal and passion. Sampat Ramteke speaks that those women only know running and are very careful with rules as well. Sometimes, people after seeing their clothes doesn’t recognize their talent but they proved them wrong by winning many medals. They are national champions in veteran category. Saina felicitates them with medals from Satyamev Jayate.

Satyamev Jayate Episode 1, 5th October - Significance of Sports - Veteran National Champions

Aamir speaks of connecting with people Live after the end of main episode where they can asks him questions and give suggestions. He speaks of his believe that if people play at least 1 hour any sports then their life will be changed and will get stream of happiness and he signs off by saying that One ball can change the world. Jai Hind. Satyamev Jayate !!

The closing AV shows Aamir running with Saina and other guests on the show outside the show’s sets and the Khele Ji Chalo Khele..Ji Dil Laga ke Hum Khele… song plays.

Satyamev Jayate - Emblem of India

Additional Note:
* Satyamev Jayate Website to keep updated about the show and other promos and finer details
* Twitter page of Satyamev Jayate

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Satyamev Jayate: 5th October 2014, 1st Episode
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Satyamev Jayate: 5th October 2014, 1st Episode (Subtitled in English)
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Mumkin Hai: Live Conversation of Aamir with viewers, and Kapil Dev and Yuvraaj Singh as Guest
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