“Wish Rachana Parulkar” – Greetings from Witty Kitty


Wish Rachana - Greetings from Witty Kitty

“Close My Eyes And What do I See ?”
Are the words of a very famous song.

Mention “Rachana Parulkar” to me,I close my eyes and what do I see? Her large doe shaped eyes.

Eyes, that draws ANYONE’s attention to them. So beautiful that all one can do,is stare and get drawn in.

I got pulled into Rachana’s world following those eyes. What started off as “Let me see one episode” became the whole serial thus far,over one weekend.

Rachana played Kalpi to perfection. When Kalpi was sad, we cried along. When she was happy, hamare mann mein ladoo fhoot rahe te! The fact that no one,absolutely NO ONE could play Kalpi, was unequivocally obvious, when the powers that be, unceremoniously replaced her. Not one fan,accepted the replacement and the show very soon shut down shop. Rachana’s chemistry with co-star Ashish Chowdhry was so sizzling that,the #RagNa Jodi became one of the all time favourite jodis.

Behind the elegant and extremely pretty actress,there is a wonderful human being. When dumped without a “by-your-leave”, she didn’t turn bitter. All through out she maintained her dignity and poise. Never badmouthing nor permitting her fans to do so. She is as angelic as she looks. Good fortune shines always on the deserving and today,Rachana has been cast as a queen #Ajabde in Maharana Pratap. I have no doubts Ssharad & her pairing will sizzle on the screen.


May God always shower his blessings on you. We,your fans will be there always with you especially the @RachnanasFamily. Go forth and shine the light of your beauty and your humility to one and all!


  1. thanks Kitty for this article ..so beautifully written — echoes so much of feelings and emotions of fans towards Rachana Parulkar…

  2. Oh Kitty such a lovely piece – exactly what and how we fans feel about Rachana …. you really captured it dear.. You are awesome Kitty…

  3. Witty ! A very well written article. Fabulously and beautifully described the actress. The inner thoughts of any person who is in love with her. If not, then by reading your article will fall for the beauty ‘ Rachana Parulkar ‘.
    Amazingly adapting herself from a normal Maharashtrian girl to a Rajasthani Rajput Princess, ultimately becoming a Maharani is incredible.
    All the Best to Rachana.
    Of course my wishes always with u too !…. Love you.

  4. very well written article, still we feel Raghana is forever best jodi. Rachana we always with you , as a Ajabde you are doing excellent job, all the best maharani ajabde. keep rocking.


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