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Airlines new show - Ananya and Akash, Star Plus

The episode starts with Akash and Ananya are seen in the cockpit and flying the plane to Delhi and then they get informed about the altitude for landing and sooner develops difficulty in landing. The story goes to flashback one hour earlier. Natasha speaks with another hostess Sunaina who speaks about her ex and Natasha doesn’t want her to fool herself since that boy doesn’t deserve her.


Both of them speaks about a new air hostess and calls her taggy and Natasha tries to tease her. Sunaina informs the new hostess that Natasha only goes in the cockpit and serves coffee there when captain Akash Saluja is flying the plane. Akash drinks the coffee and is much impressed – Kya Baat Hai and Ananya gets smile while Natasha thinks that Akash is disgusting and leaves. Akash speaks of being disgusting on a lighter note and Ananya smiles. Ananya speaks of knowing about what mahima wanted to share with her. She speaks that her sister Shefali (Shafu) and mahima’s sister Megha are classmates and Shafu was speaking that Mahima was disturbed because of Megha. Megha was seeing a guy and her grades were suffering and also the boy is not nice. Shefali and Megha are aged around 16 years and Ananya thinks that some kids doesn’t have crush at this age and Akash asks whether she is talking about her life. Ananya replies no and then Akash suggests that she meant to say that you can have a boyfriend at the age of 16 yrs and wants to know her first boyfriend and at what age. She speaks of having boys as friends and he gets another smile. One of the passenger makes a joke and everyone gets laugh. Sunaina asks Natasha to get hold of Akash Saluja in the first go, and the same passenger makes another joke and other old man is not impressed with him. He informs of being a stand up comedian and calls fire there just to make fun. He calls the airhostess Natasha and calls the rate of sandwich and she replies 350 INR. He suggests on not asking the price of the plane to make another joke. Natasha tries to calm them down and Akash makes an announcement of preparing to land at Delhi Airport and informs the passengers of the fog there and there can be delay of 10 minutes.

The ATC informs flight IDF 415 which is Akash’s flight about heavy fog at Delhi’s airport and Akash speaks of using category 2 landing systems and he thinks the problem is serious and speaks that technology will help. Ananya speaks of using RVR (Runway visual range (RVR) ) for landing and he speaks that their situation is like playing ice pie. Akash suggests that you cannot cheat since even if you open eyes you will not see anything. The ATC connects again and speaks that fog is more stronger now and RVR have gone down further 400 metres. Akash and Ananya checks different systems on board and releases the hydraulics and is about to do the ice pie game. He reduces the altitude by 1000 metres and going for the final approach. And then Ananya learns the altitude to be 300 metres and she needs some instruction from him and there is no time and there are approaching 100 metres and he informs ATC of having 0 visibility on approach lights. He tries to contact ATC about finding hard to see the approach light and they tell him to take his call and he begins to redirect the city to Jaipur city. He makes the announcement informing the same about redirecting to Jaipur and the passengers inside the plane becomes anxious and the stand-up comedian starts to speak about tourist places in Jaipur and he thinks of getting help and also can travel and visit Jaipur in the same amount. Ananya informs that the plane is cruising well and in clear sky and they are going towards Jaipur. Natasha informs that some passengers like comedian is very funny and she wants Mr Sen (Airport manager of INDE Air) to have such passengers on board. The old man blames the comedian for new plan and redirection of plane. The plane lands successfully in Jaipur and Natasha goes in her car and then Akash speaks of inviting Ananya for a ride to the hotel and takes her with him in his car. Akash speaks with her in the car and suggests that she eats from room service and not at the restaurant of the hotel. He proposes her for a dinner together and then asks whether she used to eat with her boyfriend. She replies on not having a boyfriend and he replies – I am single is stamped on her face. She blushes and carries a smile on her face on that note.

Natasha is seen at the hotel with other passengers from Delhi bound flight and learns that Akash is in the lounge with her co-pilot. Ananya looks at some sculpture and he asks whether she likes art. Ananya replies of not dying to have a boyfriend and he asks her from when she is single. She thinks that he is becoming personal with her and Natasha is seen looking at them from a distance. He thinks it is unbelievable that Ananya didn’t have a boyfriend until now. Natasha comes to him and suggests of getting break after long time thanks to fog and informs of being in room 506 and wants to meet him at the dinner time. Akash learns that all the rooms are full and the manager has booked another hotel for him and Ananya. Akash and Ananya proceeds to different hotel in a car. Natasha comes at the reception and the person informs that Akash is not at the hotel since all the rooms were occupied and both pilots were transferred to the resort. Akash and Ananya reaches the resort hotel and he learns that there is only 1 room there for them to share and he asks her to check herself. Natasha becomes anxious at her hotel and Akash remembers on forgetting to inform Natasha. Ananya wants to check another hotel and Akash suggests that its festive time and requests her to sleep in the same hotel’s room for the night. She asks whether he will also sleep in the same hotel room and feels uncomfortable. He speaks that she is uncomfortable and that is fine and he will sleep on the couch in the lounge and speaks that it is his order which she has to follow. Ananya begins to contemplate and Akash goes to sit and is seen lying down on the couch and feels comfortable. Ananya stops of going and informs that he doesn’t look comfortable there and informs her that she will do all the things tomorrow since she will fly the plane.

Ananya after thinking more wants Akash to come into her room and can sleep at some place there. Akash agrees and informs on using the washroom first and leaves from there. Natasha’s anxiousness grows much more and she feels to cry and tries to call Akash again. Akash and Ananya does the check-in the room and he finds the room to be nice. Sunaina comes into Natasha’s room and tries to speak with her. Natasha shows annoyance since she is not in a good mood and Sunaina speaks to her (Nats for Natasha) that she always run for boys and speaks of what to do and what not to do which is a taunt and now her own boyfriend has ditched her. Natasha becomes more annoyed and leaves from there. Ananya uses the washroom and her hairs are now loosened and open and Akash looks at her and he speaks on just saying that she doesn’t thank him when she gets herself ready and then suggests that his world is thankless and doesn’t show gratitude. Akash finds Ananya’s hairs open and thinks that she will go in that way for dinner. She speaks of ordering the food by room service and he thinks it as good idea and orders the food for dinner – Butter Chicken, Malai Kofta, 3 Butter garlic Naan and 1 glass lassi (chill) and makes sure that it should be thick and not thin. He asks about her order and she replies a glass of milk and bowl of muesli. He suggests her to eat Paratas instead of just milk since she flies plane. Natasha is seen crying in the washroom of her hotel; since Akash is unreachable and she is heart broken. She looks at the mirror and cries more. The room service brings dinner and suggests it to be romantic candle light dinner and suggests that everyone who stays in the room orders dinner by room service and then offers them italian wine which is made in Jaipur.

The waiter gives the taxi number if they want to visit Jaipur and informs that the taxi driver is his brother-in law. Akash wants Ananya to drink the wine but she prefers to take milk. He wants to try wine and they toasts with wine and milk and he calls her the bravest, fiercest first officer with whom he had fly the plane. He wishes on having more miles together and laughs on the thought of Italian Rosay from Jaipur. Natasha breaks her phone after much dejection. Akash wants her to eat some carbs (carbohydrates) since she flies plane. Natasha’s dejection grows more and she calls the resort where Akash Saluja is staying. He asks her why she didn’t let her open while flying and she replies on not having the rule to fly with open hair. He speaks of gentleman’s perspective that she needs to let her hairs open since it suits her and she carries smile. Sooner then, Ananya gets a call from Natasha there but Natasha didn’t speak and begins to cry silently and then Akash gets a call from Mr. Sen and he informs of checking his mail for roster management. Natasha ends the call and learns that Ananya and Akash are together and she speaks to herself that after the entry of Ananya he has started to forget her and cries. She wipes off her tears and Sunaina comes to her room inviting to go outside for drinks and she agrees for it. Akash finishes the dinner and asks Ananya that he doesn’t need to tell her bedroom stories. He asks her to sleep on bed and he will sleep on the couch being a gentleman. As he was closing the light, she requests him to not close it. He asks whether she is afraid of darkness (not having light) when she flies the plane which is such a big task. He closes the light and soon she becomes uncomfortable. He asks her to open the light since he is wearing an eye patch and she opens it. Natasha after going out is drunk and is not in her full senses and Sunaina tries to help her.

Natasha starts to break things there and asks Sunaina to call Akash. She agrees to call Akash and then calls him and asks him to come there at the earliest. Akash starts to leave to Natasha’s hotel and informs Ananya that Natasha is heavily drunk and creating nuisance. He has to go there since she is one of his best friend. Akash reaches Natasha’s hotel and provides support to her. Natasha hugs him and asks why is he doing such things ? She speaks of him lying to her and he takes her to the room. Natasha wants Akash to not leave from her and he agrees while Ananya at her hotel waits for him. Akash informs that Ananya is just a co-pilot and she suggests that there is more to it. He suggests that she is getting it wrong and she wants him to not leave her since she doesn’t know on what to do without him. Ananya at her end speaks that when he goes far then he tries to pull her towards him and when she comes close then the distance is being created. In this mix-up of heart and mind, the heart is telling to wait and the mind is telling that there is no end to this waiting.

Next Episode: There are some armed and masked men at the airport who begins shooting and Ananya is being caught there. Ananya was speaking with her younger sister Shefali but her mobile drops down so she couldn’t hear Shefali. The masked and armed men approaches Ananya with the gun. Shefali is worried since Ananya is not responding to the ongoing call.

Additional Note:  There will be no telecast of Airlines on 19th October 2014 (tonight) because of Star Box India Office Awards 2014 telecast. Airlines will be back next weekend – 26th October.

Episode Video: Airlines Episode 8, 12th October 2014

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