Yeh Hai Aashiqui 12th October 2014 Episode 71 starring Sumona Chakravarti and Sanket Choksey – Written Update


Yeh Hai Aashiqui Episode 71 Starring Sumona Chakravarti and Sanket Choksey

The story starts with a local leader Babu Bhaiya speaks to his men of stopping the rock concert and informs that Jigar Sharma will make sure it will not work. He speaks to Jigar that the party has chosen him and the people should remember how the concert has been stopped for many years to come. Baabu Bhaiya speaks that the concert is damaging to the society earlier.


The girl Tejaswini aka Tej is seen there in a hostel and meets another girl Rachini whose elder brother has told her to stay there. Tej speaks of being from Jaipur and likes music and Rachini is also a music student and she informs that music connects hearts and doesn’t matter whether it is Indian or western.

Rithvik (the host) welcomes all and speaks that there are many theories which tells that there is no relation between east and west and he speaks that there are two things in life which can make everyone come closer and it is music and love. Tej and Jigar never had an idea that their opposing personalities will pave the way for them to meet each other. Jigar doesn’t like rock music and western culture and Tej used to love it to the same amount of hatred that Jigar have.

Tej confronts Jigar who was confronting a boy for hugging a girl. Tej learns that the boy was not forcing the girl and then Jigar speaks of not allowing the western culture there. He informs of coming there at the girls hostel to see his sister and she thinks he is lying and instead came to see girls. Jigar becomes angry while she leaves to her hostel room. Tej comes to her hostel and informs Rachnini about the boy who was creating tension outside and Rachini speaks of talking with her brother. Soon, Jigar comes there and Rachini introduces her brother Jigar to Tej. Tej and Jigar argues with each other and he speaks of having the permission to come to the hostel from warden and she asks whether he also took the permission to commit mistakes. He finds Tej’s photos in western attire with guitar in her hands on the wall and becomes annoyed and leaves. Later, Jigar meets Tej and wants her to be away from his sister. Tej speaks of deciding herself to whom she will meet and informs that Rachini is not a small girl and she will take her own decisions. Jigar warns Tej more and he speaks that his sister is rooted in the Indian culture and suggests that Tej has bad things imbibed in her. She then asks him to show the permission from the warden otherwise she will shout. He doesn’t have the permission and vows to see her. He then goes to the warden and wants Rachi to be transferred to another room. The warden informs that there is no vacant room and then she informs that according to hostel’s policy the deposit cannot be given back. He thinks that the hostel in infusing modern culture and she becomes annoyed and he then leaves.

Tej is doing guitar practice at her room and asks Rachini why she is not talking with her and suggests that life needs to be enjoyed ? Rachini comes and break the ice and informs Tej that her tune is good. Soon, Tej informs of having the audition of Rock music band and if her band wins then they will get an opportunity by a national channel. She informs of having a dream for the audition since childhood and tomorrow will be her lucky day. Tej informs of the auditorium place and Rachini suggests that it would be better for her if she didn’t go there since her brother is coming there. She informs that her brother is against rock music and there might be some troubles there. Tej asks whether his brother thinks himself as a savior or any big personality. She speaks that Pandit Ravi Shankar Prasad used to collaborate with Beatles and Jigar doesn’t know those things since he is blindfolded. She suggests that Rachini is not showing him the right direction and suggests that music brings unity and vows to go at the audition tomorrow. Next day, Tej is seen at her audition place and doing rehearsals and Jigar and his men comes there and takes control of the music systems and wants them to stop the performance. Jigar comes with the local administrator and he informs them to stop their rehearsals and he informs that sound decibels is too high. Jigar steps in and wants the people to go from there and Tej requests the organizer to keep the audition for next week again since many lives and career are there on line.

Jigar gets praise and he informs his men that they need to put Indian culture there. She comes there and asks him why is he drinking cold drink (from America), mobile phone (invented in Korea) ? She speaks that clothes, medicines are coming from different parts of the world and suggests that Indian culture has taught us confidence and patience. She informs him more and he listens to her quietly. He then gets up and calls her statements as lectures and informs that he is prepared to remove the western influence. She informs of having auditions next week since she has convinced the organizers and he speaks of seeing who will take the auditions and will make sure that rock music name will be removed from everyone. Rachini meets Jigar and Tej is also with her. He becomes annoyed on seeing Tej with his sister. Tej wants to speak something with him and asks Jigar what does he know about rock music ? He replies drugs, bad things, intoxication, poison, and obscenity. She informs that his thinking is wrong about rock music and suggests that its purpose is to celebrate life and it unites the world in one go with the help of guitar and tabla. He asks why they don’t celebrate indian music ? He suggests that according to Babu Bhaiya the western music is brought into the country to destroy our youngsters and how could they see this happening in front of our eyes. She then thinks that he is speaking some one’s ideology and he didn’t thought about it and just took it. He speaks of that thinking as believe and she then calls music as cultural exchange and suggests what’s wrong in them ? He replies that there are only bad things in western scheme of things.

She makes a bet that if she is right then he will allow the auditions and he agrees to it and then says that if she cannot prove herself right then she has to become the member of YMM organization. She accepts and the deal is made. She wants to shake hands with him but he just folds his hands to greet her and leaves. Next day, Jigar remembers Tej’s words about western music celebrates life and other good things. He helps a man who falls down and a small cut is made on his palm and few drops of blood comes out from that man. Tej comes there and he was eating a burger and she informs that burgers are western culture since in Indian culture they eak Pakodas.  He gives his burger to her and informs that he has already had a bite so she can eat from other side. She then suggests whether he has forgotten that Indian culture teaches us to eat the one which was already eaten (jhoota). He then smiles and eat Pakodas. They meet more often and she shares more anecdotes about rock music and are seen together at a swimming pool. He informs her of not interested in western people and suggests that they are astraying the people of his country. She then finds him checking social media site and suggests that we should not use social networking sites since they are also invented by foreign people and maybe they want to astray (Gumrah) us, right ? On that note, he accepts her point [Aye Khuda Bata Zara Mujhe Kya Hua song plays].

Jigar begins to take care of her as she falls down and both share eyelocks and have a smile on their face. She informs that good and bad people are there in all countries and if music can give happiness to so many people then how it could be wrong ? She speaks of having a surprise and suggests that he has to think from his heart and he will feel about it.  Later, he visits her auditorium place and sees Tej is doing rehearsals with fusion of Indian carnatic music and western. She plays guitar and another girl is playing sitar, another man Bansuri and Tabla. He becomes happy to see it and smiles. Later, he imagines himself meeting her after the rehearsals and both dances while looking at each other with a smile. Jigar speaks that today he is thinking different about the western music and suggests whether Tej is right. Rachini comes there and informs her brother that she is also going for rock music audition and will find her there as well. Next day, the auditions are going to start and babu bhaiya’s men informs him about the same and Jigar is also not seen at his home. He informs of coming there by himself and speaks of not trusting Jigar since onset. Rachini comes to the audition place and Tej becomes happy to see her.

Rachini suggests that his brother will not come there and Tej speaks that her brother is good and was just in a bad company and shows soft corner for him. Rachini asks her whether she is showing interest in her brother and Tej replies on spending time with him since few days and hopes that they would be able to give the audition that day. Babu Bhaiya and his men comes with lathi’s (wooden sticks) and reach the auditorium place and he slaps a boy there. He wants everyone to stop their audition and Tej comes to confront Babu Bhaiya. He speaks of teaching her values and traditions and she asks him whether he will show their independence and values. He begins to slap her and Jigar comes and holds his hand and informs that hiding behind a girl and protecting a girl are two different things. Babu Bhaiya wants his men to stop the audition but his men doesn’t listen to him and his plans are foiled. Rachini holds her brother’s hand and of Tej and soon everyone forms a human ring and holds their hands. Babu Bhaiya’s men erupts and starts thrashing the people there and Jigar protects Tej from lathi attacks [Yeh Hai Aashiqui title song plays]. He speaks of coming back to the righteous path and leaving the bad path and then asks her for a date for the entire life. She agrees and showers a hug to him. Rachini is seen happy to see them together. The story ends on that happy note.

Rithvik (the host) speaks that Tej and Jigar have started towards their chosen path and she has made him see the right things. Rithvik suggests that love and music have brought two different people together and this is love. He signs off by saying Keep falling in love.

Additional Note:
* We (TellyReviews) believe that Actors have given good performance to a layered love story with social message. Kudos to them !!

Info On Cast:
* The girl of the story is played by actress Sumona Chakravarti.
– Sumona was born on 24 June 1986 in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India and her family moved to Mumbai in 1997.
– Portrayed the roles of Natasha and Mrs. Sharma in Sony TV’s Bade Achhe Lagte Hain.
– Worked in Sony TV’s Kahani Comedy Circus Ki and co-winner with Kapil Sharma.
– Recently, worked in an episode of Life Ok’ Savdhaan India.
– Currently, works as Mrs. Bittu Sharma (Manju) in Colors TV’s Comedy Nights with Kapil.
– Read more at her Wikipedia page
– Twitter page of Sumona.

* The Boy is played by upcoming actor Sanket Choksey

Yeh Hai Aashiqui Episode 71, 12th October 2014, Sumona Chakravarti

Episode Video: Yeh Hai Aashiqui, 12th October 2014
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Image credit: Twitter page of Sumona.



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