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Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya:
Avni shocks everyone by her changed attire, and her decision to go to Umatgaon. As she takes the route, two hooligans offer to take her to Umatgaon when she confesses that she has forgotten the way to Umatgaon. they decide to help her, while having evil intentions. As she passes by a milestone indicating that Umatgaon is in the other direction, 6kms from there, the goons ask her to leave this village and go far away, is she wants her safety. Later, she is shown to be running away from the village, through the forests with villagers after her to beat her with sticks.

Mahesh and Darpan sit in the car and leave for the school. Darpan is in tears. Ganesh is following them, Mahesh stops the car. Darpan says I will talk to him Baba. She goes out and says why are you not going back? Darpan makes a circle around Ganesh and says you won’t come out of it. Darpan is alone in school. She is thinking about Ganesh all the time. Kids are everywhere around her. She goes out and Bhao comes to her.

Doli Armaanon Ki:
Yash tries to convince Sushma’s husband that this is the right thing to do, and that Ravi is extremely apologetic about his behaviour and that they should sign the paper, to let their son help him and take care of them. Meanwhile, Granny tells Saroj to shut up, as she thinks that she only cares for Urmi, whereas the truth is that she is most concerned for Shaurya as he rightfully belongs to Samrat’s house and family.

Jamai Raja:
Simran is busy making arrangements for the puja. Her friend praise her for calling the baba. They ask where is your son and daughter in law. Raj comes and informs them that Sid and Roshini went somewhere. They praise them. Raj says, we are lucky to have Roshini as our bahu. Simran is sad. Raj asks her not to be sad and says we will pray that Roshini come to our house. Roshini come to the house with Resham and sees the house. Resham is taking the prasad while Roshini stops her. Raj and Simran are passing from there. Roshini don’t see them.

Jodha Akbar:
Jalal says to its decided that till you don’t get fine, Hussain will be with Jodha, Jalal takes Hussain and leaves from there. Moti says to Jodha that I think you should be with Jalal right now, he has got injured on his head, Jodha leaves Hussain and says I want to go to Jalal right now, Zeenat eyes Hussain.

Kumkum Bhagya:
Sarla asks Pragya to take an oath on her and tell if there any rift between Abhi and her or not. Pragya stands still. Sarla says if she does not tell, she will ask Abhi’s Dadi why did she marry her grandson to her daughter. Pragya stops her and says she should not go there. Sarla asks to speak to speak up then. Pragya reminisces Abhi throwing her out of house and tries to speak up when Dadi comes and Sarla from there saying marriage hall needs them first. Sarla’s family form a human wall and says corporator that he has to pass over them to break marriage hall.

Pavitra Rishta:
Pari says soon Ankita will unite back with Naren. Pari says she will not let this happen and will not divorce Naren. Ankita dries Ashi’s hair after bath. She then goes to Naren’s room and sees Sunanda there. Sunanda says she wants to give her something and asks Ashi to tell what she taught her. Ashi calls her Aayi. Ankita gets happy.

Qubool Hai:
As Dilshad turns around finally, she is shocked to find Seher, the girl that she had thought that she lost forever, and gets emotionally overwhelmed and boggled too, as past memories of both the girls playing together flash before her. Razia too sees that its Sanam in the car and is shocked, that the girls shall confront each other now. Meanwhile at the party, Sanam is determined that she would tell Aahil about her mother’s actual reality, oblivious that Tanveer has her death planned, as she holds out a dagger to stab her from behind.

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke:
Gunjan drops her books, he asks her to pick them up herself. He goes for auditions. Everyone laughs at the auditioners. Some guys make Mayank afraid, that this director doesn’t like someone who speaks the learn lines. Mayank’s turn comes. He comes to the centre, and looks at Gunjan above. She looks at him. Gunjan asks why shall she trust him. He says that she must keep hand on his chest, as he is the reason he lives. He goes upstairs, and asks her hand to dance.


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