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Dare 2 Dance Life Ok

Dare 2 Dance is now in the 6th week/Quarterfinal stage and the contestants are now 2 weeks away from the grand final.


Akshay Kumar (Host, Mentor) informs that one contestant will be eliminated this week and the location of the performance is Blue Rock Quarry , Cape Town, South Africa. Akshay speaks of a twist which is that he will want to disclose the results of 5 contestants that will perform today and only judges will given them cards.Thus, Akshay’s result will be revealed later and thus suspense will be there till the end.


* Scarlett Wilson comes first and she informs of performing on flamenco dance style and the song is Niyat Kharaab.. She speaks of feeling scared from him and Akshay pulls the leg of Sayantanti and Sanam. Flamenco’s core strength is footwork and it needs lot of strength and she was getting some injuries during the rehearsals. Scarlett starts her performance on the rapelling wall and performs on Teri Niyat Kharab song and does the flamenco movements using her footwork and toes. Akshay is standing below the rapelling wall and shooting the video. Scarlett makes few jumps and crawls to the top and follows lyrics. She makes some back flips and an elegant pose in the finishing dance move. Scarlett thinks of doing good performance. Francois gives her a green card and appreciates her. Sanjay creates suspense first and then gives her a green card.  Akshay speaks that Rithvik got many red cards until now and we have to see who will get eliminated instead of Rithvik if they get more red cards than him.

* Mayuresh comes next and he informs the viewers to not try such dare acts at home. Akshay asks him about the advantage of wearing lungi and dance. Mayuresh is from Maharashtra, India. Mayuresh informs of getting good air with lungi. Akshay then pulls the leg of Rithvik on his thoughts. Akshay thinks that you can make lungi as blanket and sleep and can be multi purpose. Mayuresh’s dance form is Tolly Hop and he had already some injuries. In last performance, he got 1 green and 1 red card. Mayuresh starts his performance and performs on the Lungi dance song (remix). In his initial moves, he falls on the wall awkardly but manages to get back soon and then follows the lyrics of the song. He perfoms head stands and stretches his legs well. He walks down in discrete steps on the wall and moves his hands and abdomen part of his body well and does free fall. He shows energy and many fast moves to finish his performance. Rithvik thinks that Mayuresh will get red for dare and green card for dance when Akshay asks him. Sanjay gives a red card to Mayuresh since he slipped and haven’t given a clean performance. He gets another red card from Francois. Mayuresh goes to the mirror room and now he has 3 red cards and 1 green card and Akshay’s result is awaited.

* Prince comes next and will do freestyle dancing.  Rithvik speaks that Prince’s forte is to catch beats but with harness there are some difficulties. Akshay is seen with the camera shooting prince’s performance. Prince performs on the Jumma Ki Raat song and in freestyle dance form and makes some back flips as well. He uses his hands well and follow the lyrics. He does backward walks and then climbs fast on the wall and makes some sommersaults and does freefall. He follows the beat and climbs to the top in finishing move. Sanjay gives him a red card since it was not so fine and Francois gives him a green card and liked his performance.

* Sayantani Ghosh comes next and she speaks in Bengali and wants to dedicate her performance to Bengali people when Akshay insisted her to do the same. Sayantani starts her performance on the Titli song. She is dressed as a butterfly and shows some dance moves with her hands. She flaps her wings and crawls and does free fall. She finishes by showing the dance move of that a butterfly flying. Sanjay speaks that her energy was down and asks her perspective on it. Sanjay then gives her a green card. Francois gives her a green card. Akshay wants her to wait for his decision.

* Sanam Johar comes next and Akshay thinks that Sanam’s face looks like a question mark. Sanam speaks to the principal of his former college Hindu and apologizes for showing his exam notes during the exams. Sanam is giving a performance facing down. Sanam starts the performance on the rappeling wall on the chaar bottal vodka song. He starts the performance with facing down and makes few back flips and uses his legs well.  His performance continues to be facing down and makes some back flips and stretches his legs well. He does hand stand and then crawls and does freefall with his head facing ground. He finishes with another fine move. Everyone applauds Sanam’s performance. Francois calls Sanam’s performance as the best one and also the best one of the day and gives him green card. Sanjay gives him a green card. Sanam speaks of deserving 2 green cards and he has danced with heart.

Akshay calls Mayuresh back and calls Scarlett first. He gives her 2 green cards and gives her AK is Ok compliment. Sanam is called next. Akshay gives him 2 green cards and suggests that he deserves 2 green cards. He informs about the Extreme dance of the week is – Sanam Johar. Sanam speaks of selfie like last time and takes one with Akshay. Sayantani comes next and he gives her green card for dance and red card for dare. Sayantani tally’s is 5 green card and 1 red card. Prince, Mayuresh, Rithvik and Alisha are being called and they have more red cards than others. Akshay gives Prince one green and red card and he is save. Alisha and Prince are saved. Rithvik’s tally is 4 red and 2 green card , and Mayuresh’s tally is 3 red and 1 green card. Akshay asks Rithvik if he gets eliminated then what would he feel ? Rithvik speaks of learning from the show if he leaves. Akshay gives Mayuresh a red card for his dare/stunt and gives him a red card for dance. Rithvik gets saved and becomes emotional since Mayuresh is going to be eliminated. Akshay compliments Mayuresh and calls him a good dancer and also compliments his students. Mayuresh speaks of Dare 2 Dance as dream project and he has learnt a lot and have grown a lot in dance. He speaks of being blessed to get an opportunity to participate on the show.

Result-Final Tally Scores:
– Green (G) and Red (R) cards
* Kunwar Amar:   6 [G] & 0 [R]
* Alisha Singh:  4 [G] & 2 [R]
* Sanam Johar:   8 [G] & 0 [R]
* Prince:        4 [G] & 2 [R]
* Emilie:        6 [G] & 0 [R]
* Scarlett:      5 [G] & 1 [R]
* Rithvik:       2 [R] & 4 [R]
* Sayantani:     5 [G] & 1 [R]
* Mayuri:        5 [G] & 1 [R]

Akshay speaks of next week dare and speaks that when you turned back after feeling scared which is called To develop cold feet. The next week is ice dance floor and he ends with his quote Jiski life mein dare nahi, uski life ki khair nahi.

Episode Video: Dare 2 Dance, 12th October 2014, Quarter-final week

Sneak Peek:
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Xtreme Reality Promo:
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Journey VT of Amar, Rithvik, Prince and Sanam’s performance:
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