Ishwar warns Bhaiya ji to keep Chakor safe; Manohar orders to get Chakor killed in Udaan


chakor in udaan

Many twists in the show lined up in Udaan. Chakor has seen Vivaan in the Durga Maa Pandaal and could not talk to him. She makes the event manager call up Vivaan and talks to him. She talks to him and he responds that he does not know any Chakor. She is stunned and heart broken. Vivaan can’t forgive Chakor as she has cheated him, and he has his dad because of her. Pasha gets Chakor showing he knows her and will drop her home. He kidnaps Chakor again. On the other hand, Aditya is worried for Chakor. Ishwar is tensed as if Bhaiya ji gets Chakor, he will not spare her. Prabhakar asks Ishwar to back off this matter as it can lead them to death, as Bhaiya ji has already threatened them.

Ishwar tells him that he is not afraid of Bhaiya ji and will free Chakor at any cost. Pasha is still finding Chakor and Bhaiya ji is waiting for her. Chakor finally gets Chakor and informs Manohar about keeping her in godown. He asks Manohar to take a final call and tell him soon what to do about Chakor, as police has seen them, and they can’t delay anything. Manohar calls Bhaiya ji to give him the good news, but Bhaiya ji is in no mood to hear him. Manohar does not have aption and tells Pasha to kill Chakor and end the problem for once and all. Chakor frees herself and runs to get freed, but is caught by Pasha again, Pasha takes out the knife and proceeds towards her.

Chakor’s pic comes in the newspaper with Rawat family, of the book inauguration event. The Samithi event manager sees it and identifies her. He felt those people who took Chakor were not right, and calls up Ishwar to tell him everything, how Chakor is taken by two men. Ishwar is shocked and understands the goons were sent by Bhaiya ji. He calls up Bhaiya ji and asks him to keep Chakor safe, else he will not leave him and expose him to the core. Bhaiya ji has no idea about Manohar passing orders to get Chakor killed and is worried by Ishwar’s warning. Will Ishwar be able to reach and safe Chakor in time? Keep reading.


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