Raman angrily thrashes Romi knowing about Sarika’s pregnancy in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


yeh hai mohabbatein

Romi has smartly fooled Ishita by bribing the hospital staff man and saying the pregnancy report named S Bhalla does not belong to their house and its someone else’. She could not figure it out that how can the address be of their house. Anyways, she believed him and Romi was happy that things did not crop up. He calls up Sarika to inform her the positive results. Meanwhile, Shagun also go for the tests and is upset that she is not pregnant. Ashok comes to know about S Bhalla named report and finds out the matter to the core, coming to know that someone in Raman’s house is pregnant and its linked to Romi. He plans to use this news to bash out Raman and his brother in the media for doing wrong activities.

Raman and Ishita are shocked to know about Sarika’s pregnancy. Ishita slaps Romi in anger, while Raman beats him a lot like he has beaten the goons. Romi is held responsible for Sarika’s pregnancy, but its not known if Romi is taking someone else’s blame or is it any drama to make their marriage possible. Mrs. Bhalla is back from London and defends Romi despite knowing his mistake. She speaks ill about Sarika’s character, and says she can never be my bahu and not enter this house. She dislikes Sarika from Day 1 as she was associated with Parmeet. Romi defends Sarika and is tensed as any mistake made in love can affect the families first. Ishita is worried for Sarika, as she is the one who will go through a lot and bear non acceptance from Bhalla family. Raman is unable to think being in anger and asks Mrs. Bhalla to stop her disliking for Sarika, as Romi has to marry Sarika now. Mrs. Bhalla warns everyone that they will see her dead face if Sarika enters this house as the bahu. Raman asks her to stop it and his decision is final.

Romi denies to marry Sarika saying he does not love her. Raman also meets Sarika asking her to abort the child, as Romi stated he does not love her and is not ready to marry her and take the responsibility of the child. He asks her to understand that Romi is good for nothing and did not love her truly to support her in this situation. Even Romi tells the same to Sarika, thus breaking her heart. Sarika is left alone as she does not get any support by Bhallas. Raman and Romi give a blank cheque to Sarika, making her further angry on them and calling them same for using money to divert her helplessness. She decides to keep the baby and this brings tension in the Bhalla Family. Mrs. Bhalla supports Romi and Ishita supports Sarika, so the Saas – Bahu are against each other. Maybe Romi is trapped by Ashok and Raman needs to find out the whole truth first. Poor Raman is never fed up of dealing with problems!! Keep going Raman, this is what entertains your fans. Keep reading.



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