Sarika to file sexual abuse case against Romi; Raman and Ishita at logger heads in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


yeh hai mohabbatein

Ashok Khanna is making spicy Khichdi these days, as he is getting his hands on Mihika, and also trying to harm Raman by using Sarika and Romi’s affair and pregnancy matter. Looks like, its the tension moments which will be grabbing up the romance screen time between Raman and Ishita. Raman is angry on Romi and meets Sarika to end the problem. He offers her money, just like Romi, but with a different motive, to support her financially and made her capable to guide her life.

Sarika misunderstands Raman and informs Ishita about Raman trying to buy her, asking her to decide whether to keep the baby or abort it. Raman knows Romi is totally useless and not serious about Sarika, he has just used her on the context of marriage and now turning his face away. He feels if Romi is forced to marry her, he will not keep Sarika happy. Raman does not want to rely on Romi and want Sarika to take care of herself. Sarika rejects his offer and thinks about Ashok’s words against the Bhalla brothers.She recalls Romi cheated her by marrying her in the temple and then going ahead to take their relation to another level, and now putting all the blame on her alone. Ishita knows its Romi’s mistake and has an argument with Mrs. Bhalla to support Sarika.


Sarika feels the Bhallas have exploited her and feels she should join hands with Ashok. Ashok suggests Sarika to file a sexual harassment case against Romi, and Raman informs Romi about the same, asking him to deal with Sarika his way, as she will not spare him now. Romi is worried knowing Sarika really filed the case and Raman does not offer any help. Mrs. Bhalla is worried for Romi and wants to support him. Raman calls up Pathak asking him to help his mum and Romi, not telling them that he asked him to take this case. Ishita is angry in Raman knowing this, and is with Sarika. Will Ishita know Raman’s real intention behind this? Keep reading.


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