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Rithvik Dhanjani (the host) welcomes all and speaks that lover’s world there is no word like Impossible and instead they understand it as I am possible. Today’s story is about Ved and Asmita. Ved is the son of a florist who sells flowers outside the temple and Asmita is the daughter of that same temple’s trustee. If we think from just people perspective then love cannot happen between them but if we think our heart then their story can happen.

The story is set in Rajasthan and starts with Asmita Bansal informing to her father in a car and informing that the competition is getting tough and she is competing against a boy who is a genius and excels in GK and Economics. He informs her to not take tension and even if she didn’t got any scholarship then that’s fine too. She replies its not the matter of scholarship but the opportunity to represent Rajasthan at the national level and she wants to come first and vows to win this time. They reach a temple and Asmita’s father finds a boy Ved in the middle of the road and he speaks rudely with him. He wants Ved to move from there and boasts of himself as the trustee of the temple. Ved replies of working and cleaning there because of his passion and is not a worker. Sooner then, Ved’s father who is a florist comes and greets Asmita’s father – Vishnu Mohan and introduces Ved as his son. He apologizes to Vishnu Mohan on behalf of his son while holding his ears. Ved asks his father why he is doing such thing ? Ved leaves after becoming upset and Asmita’s father wants Ved’s father to control his son and in limits.

Asmita goes to attend Quiz competition and soon Ved comes and apologizes for coming late there. Both looks at each other and Ved continues to remain standstill looking at her. The Quiz organizers speak that the winner will represent Rajasthan at the national level. They inform that the winner is the one who correctly answers 4 Quesn’s out of total 7 Q’s. Both looks at each other and Ved again goes into the loop of just looking at her. [Mann Marziya song plays]. It turns out that Asmita has already won 3 pts answering questions and Ved comes back to his full senses and he starts to answer correctly the remaining questions fastly. The final question is what is the first name of what is now known as Internet. Asmita presses the buzzer first and gives a wrong answer after some hesitation. He replies ARPANET  [Advanced Research Projects Agency Network] which is the right answer. The quiz organizer congratulates Ved. Asmita also congratulates Ved and calls him Ved G and says G for Genius. He thanks her for making him come out of his dreams otherwise he would have won the prize in dreams. He speaks on winning is important since he needs scholarship. She then wants to go on a coffee with him with sugar and where are they going ? He speaks of never going out to a coffee meeting place since he drinks tea at home. She replies that you do things for the first time like the one he won regional quiz competition for the first time. She proposes that they need to go since the day is special and they will make it more special.

Both goes to a restaurant and after reaching there she introduces herself as Asmita – B.Com Student and he introduces himself as Ved [she calls Ved G] and is doing B.A. She speaks that though he is doing B.A. but for sure he will be more intelligent than a Ph.D. studies student. She thinks because he went into dreams for the first 3 Quesns, he didn’t won 7-0 otherwise the result will be that one. He speaks on studying not for himself but for his father more and his father’s dream is that his son get a good job and his dream is to fulfill his father’s dream. Soon he looks uncomfortable and she asks him about it. He speaks of feeling nervous since he haven’t come at the cafeteria before and she wants him to make a list of things he have never done and she proposes that they will together work on achieving things in the list. He asks whether she intentionally gave the wrong answer in the quiz ? She replies on not leaving the scholarship easily. The coffee comes and she helps him in mixing the sugar. He was drinking coffee but it gets spill over his pants and she tries to help him but he feels she is trying to do more than needed. He then leaves from there citing that he would have never came there. He forgets his mobile there and Asmita takes it.

Rithvik (the host) speaks that Ved is battling something different with himself and he thought that there is no future between him and Asmita. It turns out that in the battle between heart and mind, he listened to his heart and fallen in love with the hope of finding some way.

Ved is at his home and he receives a call from Asmita and she jokingly asks him whether the coffee haven’t fallen at wrong place on his body. She informs that he has forgotten his mobile and because of it they can meet another time. She speaks of getting worried after seeing him leaving suddenly. He speaks of going blank when he was talking with her. She informs him of knowing everything and if she tries to explain him those things it will be like falling the sky on him and he will get heart attack. She then wants him to come at her home at 1 PM next day and also help her in studies. She doesn’t want any reason from him and will send her address and wants help in Economics from him so that she can become Asmita G. He agrees to come to her home. Next day, Ved comes to Asmita’s home and calmly waits for her. He sees her well dressed and becomes awe. She meets him and suggests that if he finds a girl well dressed then he should compliment her. She then offers him a gift which is a return favor as he is teaching her economics. He opens the gift to learn it is a new smart phone. He calls it beautiful and speaks that no one has given him gift before and this is the first gift. He then gives her the notes of Economics and if she read and understand them well then she doesn’t need preparation. She asks whether he is waiting to give her notes and leave ASAP ? He then leaves and asks her to call if needed any explanation on notes. Asmita’s father arrives to his home and finds a boy Ved walking back.

Asmita calls Ved and informs him of not understanding many things and thinks that it happen for good since if she understood all then there was no need to call. She doesn’t want to become Asmita F (Fail) and then asks him to give her tuition from next day at her home until exams. She requests him dearly and he agrees for it. After ending the call, both gets a nice thought. Next morning, Asmita meets her father on the dining table and he asks her about Ved who visited their home. She calls Ved as the genius and the topper of the class with top marks in economics. She thought that if he helps her in studies then she will also get good marks and reminds her father of hating economics. He asks her to start and stop at studies only and not think of other things. He goes on to say that you don’t know today’s boys and thus you need to be careful and never do anything which can bring shame to her father. He speaks to meet the boy (Ved) and asks her to tell the boy to meet him first before meeting her. Later, Ved comes to Asmita’s home and teaches Economics and defines Economics as a study of science which studies human behavior as a function of scarce needs and ends which have alternative uses. She replies on not knowing economics but getting knowledge on relationships and smiles. He teaches her for more sessions [Jaage Jaage Soye Soye..Zara Zara Khoye Love… Love song plays] . She is able to solve problems and becomes excited. She drinks the coffee from his cup and feels happy and he didn’t notices it. After the study session, he asks her to take rest otherwise she will feel sleep at her exams next day. She replies suavely on not knowing that she will become Asmita G but wants to become Asmita V. He asks what is V ? She asks how come he is a genius since he doesn’t understand anything. He asks her to take rest and leaves from her home. [I am in Love song plays]

Next day, Ved comes to Asmita’s home and she comes and hugs him and informs on becoming Asmita T and he asks T for Topper and she replies yes. She speaks of coming first in the class for the first time and then wants to become best friend with him and he gladly accepts it. She then becomes serious and asks what if she asks much more than friendship, and what does he feel for her ? Ved takes back his hand and turns away from her and speaks on not knowing what he feels for her but he knows on being a son of a poor florist and  there is a big difference between their families. He suggests that her father’s earnings per month might be the total earnings of his father for the entire year. He goes on to say that their living, class have big difference and thus they cannot become more than friend even if they want to. She asks where does the social status came here since she just asked him what does he feel for her ? She opens up and reveals on knowing everything about him when they met for the first time and she didn’t have any effect and calls social status as small thing. He leaves from there. Sometime later, Asmita comes at the temple and meets Ved. She asks whether he feels shame to work and sweep outside the temple. He informs her on doing that work because of his passion and there is no embarrasment and suggests that no work is big or small.

Asmita then suggests on getting peace with him and doesn’t worry about what others thing about them. He asks her to leave for the moment and cites that tomorrow is Diwali and he has lot of work. Next moment, she showers a kiss on his cheek and calls it as Diwali gift and then goes on to confess her love for him with I love you Ved. She speaks of waiting for him until the time he accepts her and her feelings. She suggests of being sure that he will definitely come since she has utmost trust on him as well as God. A temple’s priest looks at Ved and Asmita. She speaks of being mad in love with him and calls herself stubborn (ziddi) and he asks her to not be stubborn. She suggests that if she weren’t stubborn then they would have never been friends and no love would have blossomed. She doesn’t want to know more things and only wants to stay with him and now she took the decision and its upto him to think and do the needful. The priest who has seen Ved and Asmita together informs Asmita’s father – Vishnu Mohan via phone. At Ved’s end, his parents also comes to know about Asmita and how she confessed her love to him. Ved’s father asks him to forget everything otherwise their life will be destroyed. Soon, Ved gets a call and his father wants him to return the phone to her and also inform that he will not meet her again. Ved replies to his father on not doing any such thing which would bring disgrace to him and leaves.

Rithvik (the host) speaks that Ved was in a big tussle because at one end, violins were playing in Ved and Asmita’s heart and on the other end there were drums playing indicating the climax. Both Ved and Asmita were not knowing how and when they take the decision either to fight against the society norms or take their own decisions.

Ved comes to meet Asmita and return the phone to her. The priest is seen there and informs her father that Ved is the one with whom Asmita is in love. Asmita’s father Vishnu Mohan goes to confront Ved and asks what is he doing there ? Ved starts to speak and stopped and then gets a slap from Asmita’s father. He asks how could he looked at his daughter and touched her ? He thinks that Ved planned to trap her and extract expensive gifts from her. She speaks on buying and giving him the phone as gift and suggests that nothing have happened between them. Asmita’s father doesn’t listen and keeps her quiet. Ved is being told to leave and Asmita’s father rudely speaks with him and wants him to remain in his limits and also reminds him of being a florist’s son. Asmita becomes sad and her father how come she liked a florist ? He asks her to keep him informed about all the things she does and whenever she goes out has to provide all details. Asmita replies on not being a child anymore and can take her own decisions. He calls himself as her “father” and she then speaks that herself and Ved love each other a lot. On hearing it, he slaps her and wants her to forget Ved and calls Ved as 2 paise boy. He speaks that everything now is ended and leaves.

Asmita becomes more dejected and cries and Ved at his end is also sad and is quiet. Both remembers their past good moments and feel empty.  [Jo Bheji Ti Dua Woh Jaake Aagaya Aasmaan.. song plays]. Next morning, Ved is seen sweeping outside the temple and Asmita comes and meets him. He speaks that there is no joke and many things have happened and now nothing can happen. She suggests on not knowing what he feels for her ? He asks in bold voice that until now she didn’t knew how such things affect him ? He asks why he is quiet  on getting slapped from anyone and informs her on getting affected and much more. She asks whether it is true ? He replies true and then confesses his love for her – I love you Asmita. She then speaks of not wanting anything and now she can face the world. He speaks that such thing is easy to say but difficult in practice. He suggests that in order to remain with her he might need to leave his parents which he cannot do in any situation. Just then, Ved’s parents come and asks why Asmita is there ? Ved’s father speaks that many big people don’t get their love but still continue to live and suggests that love is of no use. He speaks about his decision which is to keep trying to win love and also speaks of living with it. Sooner then, Asmita’s father comes there in his car and wants Asmita to come with him and threaten her and himself. She speaks of now going with Ved and has advanced much more. She speaks to her father that he is only concerned about his reputation and not seeing love.

Asmita’s father makes a taunt at Ved’s parents and calls them 2 paise people. He wants them to leave from there and should not be seen next day and does some more threatening and leaves. In the night, Ved is quiet amid Diwali celebrations going in background with temple is illuminated well. She speaks of her thinking that her father would have eventually agreed to her but it turned out to be opposite. He speaks on thinking whether they are doing the right or wrong ? She replies that they are doing love and there is nothing right and wrong in love. She suggests that they go to Delhi and they can even get a job there and live well. She asks whether their entire life they will spend in deciding about right vs. wrong. He speaks of talking to her father and has to convince him that he truly loves her. Ved reminds her on how she has shown that even big differences doesn’t matter with love and suggests that love will overpower and will be able to convince her father. He wants her to relax. Next morning, Asmita’s father comes at the temple and does the prayers and asks the priest about money in the donation box.

The priest informs that Ved and his family haven’t left the place and suggests that his daughter is already dead for him. He wants the priest to come with him to the bank so as to deposit the money from donation box. He begins to walk towards his car and finds Ved and Asmita but gives them cold shoulder and leaves in his car with the priest. After reaching some distance from the temple, some local goons stops his car and wants the priest to give all the money. They start to fight with Asmita’s father and carries guns. Ved comes to his rescue and thrashes the goons and saves his life. Ved asks him whether he is fine ? Asmita’s father speaks of feeling shameful that day since the one on whom he has trust they ran in his distress time and the one whom he hates came to his rescue and save his life. He speaks that his daughter has taught lot of things today and then wants to apologize to Ved by folding hands. He then wants Ved to keep protecting his daughter always and also love her always. Ved replies on loving and protecting her in his entire life. On that note, Asmita’s father swings into happiness and approves Ved and Asmita’s relationship with full heart and also gives the approval for their marriage. He wants to speak with Ved’s parents to finalize the marriage. [Yeh Hai Aashiqui title song plays].

Rithvik (the host) speaks that rich and poor divide has been set-up by people. Heart and love doesn’t see the distances or the divide. The heart beats the same in everyone, and we all have the same blood color and it doesn’t teach us to have rich and poor divide and do differentiation. Instead, the blood teaches us that we need to love and listen to our heart like Ved and Asmita. Rithvik’s signs off by saying if there is love then anything is possible. Keep falling in love guys!!

Yeh Hai Aashiqui Episode 69 - Rithvik signing off with a message on love

Additional Note:
* We (TellyReviews) believe that today’s episode story of Yeh Hai Aashiqui (YHA) was a sweet and emotional Love tale. Actors have given an amazing performance to a layered love story. Kudos to Actors, YHA Team and Bindass TV.

Yeh Hai Aashiqui Episode 72

Info on Cast:
* Ved is portrayed by actor Mudit Nayar.
– Mudit Nayar was born on 3rd May, 1987 in Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh, India.
– He studied in Delhi Public School (DPS) and also had keen interest in Sports.
– Training for Acting under renowned theatre and acting coach/director – Barry John in Delhi.
– Portrayed the role of Tanmay in Sony TV’s show Palampur Express (2009)
– Played the role of Keshav in Star Plus’s show Teri Meri Love Stories (2012)
– Worked in the role of Jeet Saluja in Sony TV’s Anamika (2012-2013) [Horror show]

* Asmita is played by actress Shruti Kanwar
– Shruti was born in the year 1991 in Jamshedpur.
– Shruti Kanwar played the role of Ovi Deshmukh/Ovi Kirloskar in Zee TV’s show Pavitra Rishta.
– Played the role of Aarti in Sony TV’s Crime Patrol episode (2014).
– Facebook page of Shruti.

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