Roshni doubts Sid and Pratima; she grips them red handed on Karwachauth function in Jamai Raja


roshni sid durga devi in jamai raja

Sid has got two rings, which Roshni questions him about. Sid lies to her that one ring belongs to his client, which he has to get altered. Durga Devi (DD) sees Sid lying and thinks Sid is gifting the expensive ring to his girlfriend and the cheaper one to his wife, he is smart enough. DD starts poisoning Roshni’s mind knowing about Sid supporting Pratima and hanging around. She tries to get advantage of this situation and separate Sid and Roshni. Roshni comes to know about Sid organizing a party, which turns out to be Pratima’s birthday party. She gets irked seeing Sid taking an extra mile for Pratima and starts having a doubt on him.

The misunderstanding will be going high on the Karwachauth day, when Roshni spots Sid with Pratima, and Pratima donning a red bridal dress and keeping the fast. Roshni gets hurt feeling something is fishy. Sid is feeling guilty to lie to Roshni, as its always Pratima who makes such situations for him to lie. Roshni comes to know the other ring was for Pratima and is angered on Sid. Will DD be able to cut off Roshni and Sid’s ties by using Pratima? Keep reading.


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