Yeh Jawaani Ta Ra Ri Ri 23rd October 2014 58th Episode Channel V – Written Update


Yeh Jawaani Ta Ra Ri Ri Channel V 58th Episode 23rd October 2014

Recap: Cheeku invites Arya for the party to celebrate his SOTY 2014 win. Arya speaks to his elder brother of getting Kimaya at any cost.


Highlight of the Episode: Kimaya decides to stand in the elections of College President against Cheeku to combat his overnight ego

Cheeku speaks of becoming a role model and inspiration for the juniors at the cafeteria while Kimaya waits for Cheeku in the classroom. Gattu comes to cheeku and informs him that Kimaya is waiting for him and he is blabbering with students there. Cheeku then speaks to Kimaya who is also seen there and apologizes to her. Kimaya suggests that they can go next day and can prepare for the party today.

Cheeku’s party is underway and Arya comes there and greets him. Cheeku is being told to drink on his special day and he replies on not drinking. Kimaya comes to Cheeku and inform other boys that its not the matter of one drink but its true that Cheeku cannot handle even one drink. Cheeku then wants to drink to prove Kimaya wrong and then goes on to drunk and thinks nothing will happen for that night. Dodo and Gattu finds Cheeku drinking many shots and thinks he will do something very big. Cheeku becomes high after drinking and asks people whether they know who will become the college president  ? Cheeku suggests that he will only become president since he was the SOTY winner. He thinks that people will vote for him and informs Kimaya that her boyfriend will also be president. Kimaya asks him that he haven’t told her about it. In that high state, he asks whether he should share each and every thing to her like what to eat, to drink or not, to become a president, and soon looses his senses.

Next day, Cheeku is seen at the cafeteria with Dodo, Kimaya and others and Gattu tries to give him some medicine so that he can come out of intoxication. Cheeku doesn’t know what happened to him and Dodo reminds him how he called himself Mr. President. Cheeku doesn’t remember it and Dodo is more angry. Kimaya then speaks up and informs him that he told last night that he will run for college president. He then remembers what he said and asks what wrong he said ? Devika thinks that elections is a different ball game unlike SOTY. Gattu informs him that elections means politics and his personality is soft and sweet. He asks whether he is sweet and asks about it Kimaya ? Kimaya speaks of such thing since she cares for him. Devika speaks that his studies will suffer if he participates and prepares for elections.

Cheeku thinks that they are showing jealousy and his popularity cannot be digested by them. Kimaya thinks that he is crossing his limit and he replies on already moving ahead and doesn’t need their support and asks her to never tell him to shut up. He speaks of a special student and not a regular one and just wants to increase his status to get fame and more popularity. They can support him otherwise if they won’t then its much fine for him and wants them to get it straight. Kimaya, Dodo and Devika are shocked. Dodo calls Cheeku but he disconnects the call and then Cheeku meets some boys who greet him since he is standing in the elections and they give him the name Adi. Cheeku imagines himself as President Adi, Vote for Adi. The boys suggest that they always wanted a leader like him and shows their trust on him. Cheeku goes to get the application form for student elections and learns that it is too big and a boy speaks to fill it on his behalf. Cheeku is getting all admiration and support and soon he learns that even Subramanyam is also standing in the elections and he calls his opponents as losers and the more the better since he will get more fun in defeating them. Cheeku chooses the sunrise symbol as his official election sign. Gattu finds Cheeku’s vote appeal with his voting symbol and Kimaya informs her that Cheeku has stopped taking her calls and doesn’t know what’s going on in his mind.

Kimaya is playing billiards/Snooker and Dodo comes there and informs that Cheeku has taken his bike and left on his own. Just then, Devika comes there and asks Dodo whether he knows driving, Dodo in his usual style asks whether they can go on long drive and she then asks him to park her car. Devika speaks that Cheeku has embarrased her and Sid is not attending his calls which is making her more annoyed.  Devika reminds what Cheeku has done earlier and the scene goes flashback and Cheeku in the parking place asks her to move the car since he cannot park his bike because of her mistake. Gattu asks how come Cheeku has changed so much overnight ? Devika is also puzzled and she thinks there is a serious issue now and Cheeku is behaving absurdly after winning SOTY 2014. Dodo asks what is the relation between Cheeku’s behavior and winning SOTY ? Devika replies that Cheeku haven’t got such popularity earlier and overnight he got so much success and he is unable to handle it. Kimaya thinks that Devika is right and they need to make him understand that he doesn’t need to change after becoming SOTY winner. Gattu thinks that after winning SOTY his mind got changed so much so if he looses the elections only then he will come back to normal state. Kimaya thinks its not a great idea and calls it an extreme step. She thinks that Cheeku is an underdog who have risen after winning SOTY and now he has become inspiration for other students and they will vote for him since they feel their victory on his victory.

Devika asks what-if Cheeku wins the election then how would he become much more than now. A girl comes and informs that Subramanyam and other boy have backed off from the elections and now the competition is between Piyush and Cheeku. Kimaya thinks that there is no strong competitor and Devika thinks on the need to find a solution by hook or crook. Dodo and Gattu are playing carrom and she asks that the discussions are on regarding Cheeku and he is playing the game. Dodo replies that he is thinking while playing and she asks whether he found some solution. He speaks that in winning a strong team is important who backs their leader and if your competitor is much stronger then supporters get confused. Dodo informs that if someone has a strong player like Queen of the carrom then he would become the winner. Gattu and Devika learns about Dodo’s idea. Kimaya goes to Cheeku and wishes him all the best. Cheeku thinks that he doesn’t need support from her and thinks that all other losers will understand that he will win. Kimaya speaks of the weird thing which makes her believe on not knowing him and thinks that he has changed. Cheeku doesn’t want to be called Cheeku in front of others. He calls himself as Aditya Khosla and an icon now. Dodo and Gattu wants Kimaya to run against Cheeku in the elections. They motivate her to run in elections.

Next Episode: Cheeku learns that Kimaya is standing against him in the elections and this has been told by her directly.

Episode Video: YJTRRR, Episode 58, 23rd October 2014

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