Lajjo being confident about her true love challenges Jasmine in Gustakh Dil


jasmine in gustakh dil


Nikhil has always been an eye candy for women, be it Ishaana, then Ratri and now its Jasmine. Lajjo had much competition in her love life. Lajjo has seen Jasmine trying to get closer to Nikhil and hugging him saying its her friendly side. She recalls Rancho’s words that Jasmine might be the reason for her fight with Nikhil. She asks Nikhil how did he come suddenly to Agra without informing her that day, was it his plan or someone else instigates him. Nikhil gets angry and asks what does it matter who told him to go there. She asks him again and he says it was Jasmine’s plan, as she had some research work on celebrities and wanted an interview from her. Lajjo is shocked and understands Jasmine to be the reason behind their fight. She goes to meet Jasmine and confronts her about her obsession for Nikhil.

Jasmine accepts what all she did and how she has framed Sagar in molestation blame to make him fall in Nikhil’s eyes and how she has manipulated the hotel staff to spike her drink and create that situation. Lajjo is shocked and glad to know that Nikhil’s love did not deter by all this, as he has been with her on tough time when her dad died and got her family to city to support them. Lajjo challenges Jasmine to take away Nikhil if she can, and she will show her the true power of her and Nikhil’s love. Jasmine says she will separate them easily and accepts the challenge. Will Lajjo be able to expose Jasmine to Nikhil? Keep reading.


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