TGI Friday’s Top 12 Spoilers


top 12 spoilers for friday

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir:


Niranjan has got exposed in Shlok’s eyes. Shlok could not take the shock and went to end his life at the cliff. Astha reaches there in time and stops him, making him understand what he means to her, Anjali and rest of the family. She asks him to confront Niranjan for his wrong deeds. Shlok is in no mood to see Niranjan’s face and feels he lost in life. He says he don’t have any reason left to live now. Astha asks him to share Anjali’s pain and support her, as she is longing for a son. Shlok agrees and goes home with Astha. Niranjan is worried as he is unable to track Shlok. He gets angry on Anjali, who spoke to Astha and does not tell him about Shlok. He hurts Anjali in his anger, shocking Shlok once again. Niranjan pushes Anjali by showering his rude words on her. Shlok holds Anjali and calls her Aai, stunning Niranjan by his acceptance for Anjali. Shlok hugs Anjali and wipes her tears. Shlok then tackles Niranjan saying that he hates him and he knew the one he preached as his Lord will be a devil. Shlok disowns his father, shocking him. Niranjan can’t bear this and fumes on Anjali and Astha for taking away his son. Astha asks Shlok to bring a change in Niranjan, as only he is the one who can influence Niranjan. Will Shlok take up this task to change his father’s evil into good?

Gustakh Dil:

Nikhil has spotted Lajjo in Sagar’s arms in the Agra hotel, where Jasmine took him to surprise Lajjo, by having a plan. Nikhil gets angered seeing her. He taunts her on her character and states having an affair with Sagar. Sagar tried hard to explain the situation, how Lajjo fell after having food and she has just held her. Nikhil does not listen to him and confronts Sagar about molesting Jasmine at the restaurant. Sagar is shocked and says he did do anything with her. Nikhil does not believe her. Lajjo has slapped Nikhil by his bad blame on her character and does not want to forgive him. Lajjo’s dad passes away and Nikhil goes to support Lajjo in this hard phase. He meets Lajjo and they argue not wanting to apologize to each other, but end the fight as its tough time for Lajjo to accept her dad’s loss. Nikhil’s anger goes as he knows Lajjo needs only him. Jasmine gets angry knowing Nikhil is with Lajjo. Sagar tries to find out Jasmine’s motives in separating Lajjo and Nikhil and comes to know about her being obsessed with Nikhil. Will Sagar unite Nikhil and Lajjo?


Rehaan’s character is growing grey, as he wanted Surayya to be punished for his wife Rida’s death, as Surayya has hit her by her car and did not take her to the hospital. Aaliya and Zain know the one side of the story and does not believe Surayya is the culprit. They feel Zarina is hiding something, and why did she not allow Surayya to rush Rida to hospital. Aaliya wants to know about Rida’s past with Rehaan, and is unsure to get clear details as Rida died four years ago. She then tries seeing her facebook account, and sees her depressed status message that she wants to go far and she hates someone. Aaliya tries to figure out did Rida had any problem with Rehaan. She starts doubting Rehaan. Rehaan gives the second divorce to Aaliya, and is in form on his promise to Aaliya. But seeing her support Surayya, he asks her to go to Surayya’s home or to her parents. Aaliya does not listen to him, and stays at his home to find the missing links in Rehaan’s pasts. Habib sees Aaliya’s doubt and clears about Rehaan being a very honest man, and never having any problems with Rida. Aaliya then gets a clue about a major fight between Rida and Rehaan, which made Rida drag him to police station. Aaliya and Zain dig up Rehaan’s past, which is not as good as looks to them. What the truth of Rehaan and Rida’s marriage?

Qubool Hai:

Seher is not willing to take Sanam’s place in Aahil’s house, but Razia forces her and also makes her agree by bribing her Rs 1 crore. Seher is worried as anyone can figure her out. Tanveer gets hurt by Seher, who thinks she is Sanam and tries to force her to sign the property papers. Razia has kidnapped Seher and asks her goons not to hurt her. She just wants Seher to take away all the property and give her the share. Tanveer is angry knowing Sanam did not sign papers and tries to hurt her. Seher twists her hand and hurts her further, as she is not Sanam whom Tanveer thinks. Tanveer has got a good dose of action from Seher. Sanam is taken away and tries to reach Aahil, but fails as Razia makes her unconscious. Will Aahil find out the difference in Seher and Sanam? Razia wants Seher to do her work soon and come back. Rehaan who is there to take care of Tanveer sees Seher and will he realize its Sunehri?

Ek Hasina Thi:

Rajnath and Raima’s affair was brought in Sakshi’s eyes by Durga, to weaken Sakshi and divert her focus from Durga. But Sakshi does not react as expected, and acts cool, not giving the hint to Rajnath and Raima that she knows about their affair. Raima comes in the Karwachauth party and Sakshi welcomes her by the unusual taunts, making Raima angry. Raima speaks about helping the Goenkas in Payal’s rape case and Dev catches her words to extract more from her. Sakshi is shocked and worried for Shaurya. She decides to end Raima’s chapter for once and all. Rajnath takes Raima home and asks her to give two weeks time, to kick out Sakshi from his life. Sakshi has other plan and mixes a table in Rajnath’s drink, to make him sleepy. She then heads to Raima’s house and enters her bedroom in darkness. She slaps her to wake her up, and wear gloves to execute her murder. Sakshi aims the gun at Raima, shocking her. Sakshi and Raima have an argument, and Sakshi finally bids her bye, ready to shoot her. Will Sakshi really kill Raima?

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai:

Avantika has finally tracked down Mrs. Verma, who has been following Avantika and Ayush, and trying to remind Avantika what happened 30 years before. Avantika was getting connecting messaged and the news paper ad about Amit Sharma dying in the car accident. So is Avantika linked to Amit? The answers are finally out, as Ayush is Avantika’s son and elder to Adi. Harish is unknown to this, and he has been planning a wedding anniversary for Avantika, by taking help from Adi. Avantika has abandoned her son before at the orphanage, where Mrs. Verma took care of Ayush and grew him up. Ayush then left to find his mum and has been wandering everywhere. He knows about Diwaan Family, as told to him by Mrs. Verma. Avantika gets shocked to know about Ayush’s identity and starts caring for him, as she wanted to keep him away by disliking him. Pankhudi has heard Avantika and Mrs Verma’s conversation and is shocked to see about Ayush’s family, that he belongs to them. She confronts Avantika and asks her not to run, as no one will be refusing to accept Ayush. Pankhudi becomes Avantika’s strength and makes her bond with Ayush, thus convincing the family to accept Ayush happily. What will be Adi and Harish’s reaction on this?

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Raman is angry on Romi and meets Sarika to end the problem. He offers her money, just like Romi, but with a different motive, to support her financially and made her capable to guide her life. Sarika misunderstands Raman and informs Ishita about Raman trying to buy her, asking her to decide whether to keep the baby or abort it. Raman knows Romi is totally useless and not serious about Sarika, he has just used her on the context of marriage and now turning his face away. He feels if Romi is forced to marry her, he will not keep Sarika happy. Raman does not want to rely on Romi and want Sarika to take care of herself. Sarika rejects his offer and thinks about Ashok’s words against the Bhalla brothers. She feels the Bhallas have exploited her and feels she should join hands with Ashok. Ashok suggests Sarika to file a sexual harassment case against Romi, and Raman informs Romi about the same, asking him to deal with Sarika his way, as she will not spare him now. Romi is worried knowing Sarika really filed the case and Raman does not offer any help. Mrs. Bhalla is worried for Romi and wants to support him. Raman calls up Pathak asking him to help his mum and Romi, not telling them that he asked him to take this case. Ishita is angry in Raman knowing this, and is with Sarika. Will Ishita know Raman’s real intention behind this?

Balika Vadhu:

The painter Palash is obsessed with Anandi, and regards her his dream girl Venus. He decides to knock off Shiv from his way and make Anandi his wife. He keeps calling Anandi to scare her, about separating from Shiv. Anandi thinks she can tackle him by her strength. Palash troubles her further and Anandi tells Shiv about Palash’s threatening calls. Shiv pacifies her saying no one can separate us and everything will be fine, Palash can’t harm them. Anandi goes to NGO for her work. Palash meets her there and scares her saying he will take her to Paris with him on the Diwali Day. She gets scared. The Diwali day comes and Anandi is seen celebrating with her family. Palash comes there shocking her and everyone. Will Palash really take Anandi with him?

KumKum Bhagya:

Abhi has got the bail out as Pragya has got the lawyer from him, taking Purab’s help. Aaliya comes to know about this and asks Tanu to come along to jail to turn the tables in their favor. Abhi is glad that he is free, not knowing about the corporator trying to harm him once he gets out of the police station. Pragya gets this news and wants to keep Abhi safe, and inside the lockup till the problem gets solved. She reaches the police station and shockingly gives the statement against Abhi, to get him back in the lockup. Aaliya and Tanu are surprised as their drama plan got flat. Abhi gets angry as he has beaten the corporator to keep Pragya’s family respect and gets this in return. He starts hating her even more and Pragya does not tell him the reason for her decision. Pragya comes home and sees his pic, feeling love for him for the first time. She has seen him worrying for her and her family, and has now felt love for Abhi. She thinks she is very jealous of Tanu, like a wife stays angry on Sautan. She feels its love that’s growing in her heart. Tanu hears her talking and says keep dreaming Pragya, as Abhi will be just mine. Will Pragya be able to confess her feelings to Abhi?

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Tumhari Pakhi:

Anuja has changed for the good and has apologized to everyone before going for the Chaar Dhaam Yatra. Even Riya and Girish’s matter got solved as Pakhi and Veer handles it well. Riya and Ayaan are happy with their parents, and Anuja leaves home. Veer’s sisters come to visit him. They meet Pakhi and like her, but want her to be like Veer’s wife, not Anshuman’s wife. Pakhi respects their sentiments and dresses in a red bridal dress. Veer is stunned seeing her look so pretty and compliments her. Lavanya did not expect Pakhti to wear such bridal dress. Veer’s elder sister asks Pakhi to give all rights to Veer what a husband has, and also become a wife from her heart, this accepting him and giving him a heir to complete his family. Veer has developed feelings for Pakhi and does not tell her. Pakhi is stunned as she can’t give anyone Anshuman’s place in her heart. What will Pakhi do now? Will love knock her heart door once again?


Chakor has got to know Vivaan’s number and is keen to call him. She fails to talk to him and takes Aditya’s help who teaches her how to make phone calls. Aditya is glad to learn many things from Chakor, and asks her why does she not want to stay with her parents. Chakor does not tell him. Aditya asks again and she tells him the bitter truth that her parents kept her mortgaged to haveli people. Aditya is shocked and asks her is she any gold or silver ornament to be kept mortgaged and feels sorry for her. She asks him not to tell anyone as this would not go well with her parents. Aditya is worried for Chakor’s future. He sees her upset and tells her that he will take her to school tomorrow and make her meet Vivaan. She gets glad. Tejaswini meets Chakor’s parents and fools them in her trap, by saying about Chakor being in unsafe hands, and those people will sell her off. Kasturi and Bhuvan are shocked and ask her to find some way. Tejaswini complains them to file a FIR against Ishwar Rawat to free Chakor from them. She informs Abha about Chakor’s parents filing FiR which will harm Ishwar’s career. She threatens Abha to drop Chakor back, else she will face a big problem. Manohar is angry on Chakor, as he has lost his son because of her. He packs his bag to go to Lucknow and meet Vivaan at his school, the same day when Chakor is finding Vivaan. Will Manohar and Chakor come face to face?

Diya Aur Baati Hum:

Maya cunningly traps Zakir in her plan, and tries winning his trust asking him to believe her and get back his ASP post with respect. Zakir agrees as Maya passes him the location of Prabhu. Zakir forwards the info to Sandhya and SP, who become glad and promise to help him in freeing him form enquiry and giving him back his ASP post. Sandhyag goes to catch Prabhu at the address. Maya tells her plan to Prabhu to fool Sandhya, by giving her wrong info about the code 2310, which is actually Sooraj’s flight number. Sandhya gets hold of Prabhu and asks him about the meaning of 2310. Prabhu gives her the wrong info and she believes it, as Zakir has make her catch Prabhu. Maya succeeds in covering up Sooraj’s flight hijack. Sooraj and Sandhya have sweet moments before his departure and once he goes with Bhabho, Sandhya gets informed about the plane hijack the flight number 2310. She is stunned as she got fooled by RK once again. What will Sandhya do now?


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