Yeh Jawaani Ta Ra Ri Ri 24th October 2014 59th Episode Channel V – Written Update


Yeh Jawaani Ta Ra Ri Ri Channel V 59th Episode 23rd October 2014

Recap: Kimaya decides to stand in the elections of College President against Cheeku to combat his overnight ego.


Highlight of the Episode: Kimaya wins President’s post after elections and then gives up. Cheeku reconciles with Kimaya, Dodo, and Gattu and happier times are back.

Cheeku prepares for his speech for the President elections and learns that there is a new candidate who is standing against him. The students chant Cheeku aka Adi’s name. Cheeku goes to the podium and  Kimaya also comes there and informs that she is standing against him in the elections. Cheeku is shocked to hear Kimaya’s words.

The elections organizer informs that there will be a debate for elections. Kimaya and Cheeku now needs to participate in a debate on the topic – What they will be doing if they become president and why students should vote for them ? Kimaya speaks to herself and apologizes to Cheeku and cites that she is doing this for his own good. Cheeku starts the debate first and speaks that college president’s elections were very timid and selections were based on class and standard. He speaks of solving the issues and wants one opportunity and will bring change and foremost one will be increasing the parking space in the college so that students get time to park their scooters/mopeds and will be able to attend classes with less wastage of time. The organizer then welcomes Kimaya as Kimaya Sen and suggests that they are fighting for the issues and she will work for women safety and vows to develop a women cell where girls can come and direct their issues – admin, involving top positions. The students chant Vote for Kimaya. Cheeku speaks of bringing WIFI to classes and Kimaya in her next issue speaks about strict control in kitchen for food quality improvements. The students chant for Kimaya.

Kimaya and Cheeku speaks more in their debate and compete well. The time is up and the organizer wants the students to decide about their vote after listening to election nominees. A large number of students favor Kimaya and chant her name and Cheeku becomes upset and leaves from that place. Kimaya comes to speak with Cheeku and he thinks that she wanted to hurt him and also wants to lower his value. She asks why would she do such a thing ? Cheeku thinks that Kimaya wants to make him a slave and suggests that she has also shown the same way to Arya and her former boyfriend – Armaan (who was sitting on his knees when he proposed to her on the road). Kimaya replies why he is thinking in that way ? He replies on feeling betrayed when he was standing on the stage during the debate and even cannot think that she will do such thing. She suggests that after winning SOTY, he thinks that the entire world is his enemy and asks him to look at his arrogance. Cheeku laughs on that note and speaks how come he can be arrogant and suggests that instead she is arrogant. He thinks that she cannot see his growing popularity and then offers to get separated. There will be friends, girlfriends, and suggests that they can be strangers and asks those things as the last favor.

Kimaya remembers how Cheeku’s confession of love for her, 2nd time when he spoke of being proud to be her boyfriend, and the current developments where he started showing ego and attitude. The college elections are on with supporters of Cheeku (Adi) and Kimaya preparing in full swing by going into classes as well. Later, Kimaya speaks to Gattu on not wanting to fight elections and Gattu in turn suggests that Cheeku is not Cheeku anymore but like an impostor of him. Gattu wants to convince Cheeku. Kimaya looks at her election poster and Cheeku comes to her and asks whether she is also set to loose. Gattu comes and informs Cheeku that the winner will be decided after the elections. Cheeku replies the matter is by how much votes Kimaya will loose the elections ? Gattu then informs on knowing him since he was a loser and was nobody but still she became his friend and doesn’t want him to show attitude to her. She thinks that only after losing he will correct himself. Cheeku replies on understanding her well and suggests to Gattu that she is unable to handle his winner Adi status. He wants her to admit that she is jealous and goes from there while calling them losers.

In the night at Cheeku’s home, he is seen lying on the bed and his mother brings a juice for him. She wants to give him since he is working hard for the elections. After some thought, he calls and learns that by mistake he has called Kimaya. He disconnects the call and then Dodo comes to him and takes away his pillow and informs Cheeku on not sharing the bed. Cheeku contemplates whether he is doing any wrong and why his friends are not supporting him and instead they are jealous of him. He asks why Kimaya has changed so much ? Next morning, Cheeku prepares for his college and learns that Dodo has already gone to his school and has left the scooter for Cheeku.  Cheeku aka Adi comes to the college and is informed that according to survey he is going to win the elections. The college president’s elections are going on and Cheeku meets Gattu, Dodo and asks whether they (best friends) will not wish him. Gattu replies that he is so much confident on winning so why he needs their wishes. The organizer informs that counting is over and the winner is Kimaya Sen. Kimaya is getting lot of accolades and other girls greet her. Cheeku at his end is dejected and becomes quiet and walks away from there. Kimaya also feels for him and dejected as well. Cheeku ponders quietly and then Gattu and Dodo speak whether Cheeku has got some change. Cheeku comes there and admits that he has lost and they have lost. He speaks that after winning SOTY 2014, he got overconfidence and has ignored his best friends. He thinks that Kimaya deserves the win.

Cheeku is then called to Prof Shukla’s office and he goes there to find that he won elections and asks the organizer how come he has won since just a while back he lost the elections. The organizer replies that Kimaya has came there and spoke to Prof. Shukla on not willing to work as the president. Thus the default automatic choice is Cheeku. Kimaya informs Dodo and Gattu that she has given up her president title and has informed the same to Prof. Shukla. She doesn’t want the title and president’s name and suggests that they have done such things so that Cheeku corrects himself. Cheeku also comes there and speaks that he didn’t understood the values even having best friends. He speaks that they were helping them and he thought they were jealous. He admits to be insecure and then asks Kimaya to forgive him. She asks Kimaya how come she can give up the president’s post ? She has won the elections by fair means and then promises to help her in all things. He wants her to be the president and Gattu takes a selfie.


Sneak Peek: YJTRRR, 59th Episode, 24th October 2014
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