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Hum Hain Na:
Bunty sees Sagarika sad and asks if she is alright. She asks why did he get out of pheras. He says his Amma is very important for him. She says Amma is important and asks if he would not have married if Amma would not have come. He says he knows his Amma well and she wants only his happiness and would have come. He then asks her to smile. He sees Amma nearby and takes photo with her and Sagarika, saying one is his love and another his life. Satya thinks Amma is not happy, so she will use Amma in her favour. During bidayi, Sagarika’s dad says Sagarika will not cry as she is going from her one home to another. Satya brainwashes Amma that Sagarika should have cried. Sagarika cries vigorously in car.

Alvira asks her not to take a decision in a hurry and to think about Arzoo’s future. Zaki says if they go, allegations will be proved true. Nausheen says Alvira that she has helped her a lot and wants one more favor of sending them back to Lucknow. Arzoo says Alvira that her mom’s happiness matters a lot to her and she will go back to Lucknow as per her wish. Gudti says Alvira she knows her plan. Avlira asks her not to mess with her, else she will fall on her face.

Itti Si Khushi:
Gayatri declares that they should leave for home. Dadi invites Rekha to her home. Rekha is more than happy to oblige. Anand was thinking if they had stayed back for a little longer than they could have finalised the rest of the things regarding the engagement. Gayatri asks Aman if he is sure he will be happy with Neha and not Akku. He affirms. Jayanti overhears their conversation from outside. She storms inside Dadi’s room to give her the news.

Maharana Pratap:
Pratap comes face to face with Patta who is arrested by Afghan soldiers. Pratap asks Patta you will come here, tell them (Afghans) to go and they will really leave? No. We will have to give a strong message to them and then one of Afghans’ soldiers keeps his sword around Pratap’s neck. Pratap fights and defeats all soldiers alone after realizing Afghan’s power are in their upper arm, and without any sword. Ajabde watches Pratap keenly and gets reminded of the time when young Pratap had fought with Akbar in a very similar manner. She really gets touched to see Pratap aka horse caretaker in such a similar fight. Patta smiles to see Pratap defeating soldiers. In Bijolia, an old state counsellor speaks of the need for an an intelligent, experienced and fearless Senapati (commander) for Bijolia’s army who will lead them. Hansa Bai is sure that such man will come to help them (Bijolia) from current problems.


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