Monday Refreshing Stance on Sony Pal


sony pal

Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi:
Soniya gets haldi for Rathi and keeps it in hall. Rathi asks Deepu about Soniya. She shows her and says Soniya that Rathi was talking about you since 1 hour. Rathi tries to tell her about Pavan, but Soniya thinks she wants to see him and points at Pavan. Pavan looks at Rathi and smirks while she gets angry. Haldi ceremony starts and ladies apply haldi on Rathi followed by Soniya. Soniya hugs her and haldi also gets on her cheek. Pavan thinks this haldi was for you and at last my name will be engraved on you soon. Rathi happily hugs Pavan who is disguised as Raghav bt is shocked to see it is Pavan and not Raghav.

Hamari Sister Didi:
Dr. Suxena comes to Amrita and calls her to give injection to Dr. Karan. As they came up, Karan was not in bed. Amrita is worried, and recalls what Veer had said. She gets worried for him, runs in the hospital to ask everyone about Karan. The security men say they were changing shifts. Veer scolds them for being lazy. Amrita sends the staff to look for him. Amrita comes out of hospital gate. Dimple and the staff runs out too, and bring Karan back to hospital.

Khushiyon Ki Gullakh Aashi:
Gupta calls Sunil and tells him that Aashi has rejected all the gifts. Sunil says she weren’t like that, they have changed her. Gupta says they are with the stay order on that land, so something. All the investors will leave. Sunil says my daughter shouldn’t face any problems. He says I just wanted to say we should do something or the investors will send their thugs to our place. A man comes with firecrackers to Aashi’s home saying the ladies from the factory have sent them.

Piya Basanti Re:
Himesh calls Rekha to come out fast as they are getting late for the shopping. Rekha comes out and says she is Piya’s friend first and then his sister next and gets back in. She then comes out with Piya. Himesh holds at Piya and holds her hand. Piya is surprised to see his change in behavior. Himesh takes Piya in his bike, stops in front of Kabeer and asks her to hold him tightly.

Singhasan Battisi:
The Brahman requests Raja Vikramaditya to take care of her and Samrat and Chitralekha agrees to it and ask their servants to make arrangements for her stay in the palace but the wife of Brahman refuses and request to make arrangements in a small hut and then Samrat assure the Brahman to see the arrangements and then leave for his yatra. Raja Vikramaditya is seen in a fight using bow and arrow and then later it is shown that the Brahman sees his wife dead in the hut.

Tum Saath Ho Jab Apne:
Imran calls it a day but Najma repeats his dialogue. I need determination and hard work to overtake those lakhs of people. Waqar is looking for Najma. Najma is tensed that it will take around 5 years for her to reach national level. Is it true new neighbour? Can it not happen sooner? He tells her to focus on the ball. If you lose your focus like this only then you might take 10 years. Waqar gets to know from another fellow student that she was in the back side a while ago. Najma is practising with Imran. She hears Waqar’s voice and gets worried. Mariam wants to tell Abbajaan about Najma starting to play tennis but is worried about his reaction. What if he too is against it like Younis bhai?

Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hai:
Watan drops Lakshya and says I will drop Nisha home with full safety. Nisha asks Lakshya to come. Watan says see, she does not trust her Devar, she thinks I will take her. Lakshya says he will drop you, don’t worry. He gets down the car. Watan asks Nisha will she make him a driver, come and sit infront. Nisha sits beside him. Watan smiles. Poorvi talks to Arjun and says he is alone and he will see how much she likes his car. She asks him to save his car. Arjun smiles.


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