Pratap battles his inner hatred for Ajabde but continues to worry for Bijolia’s well-being


Ajabde (Baiji Lal) figures out that Pratap aka horse caretaker is a valiant fighter after seeing how he has saved Patta from Afghan soldiers. She informs Hansa Bai of knowing the commander (indirectly referring to Pratap) who will take part in Vidroh against Mewar and lead Bijolia’s army in the fight against Afghans.


She decides to meet Pratap to know whether he accepts that proposal from Baiji Lal. Earlier, Pratap saw all the Bijolia’s people donating their ornaments and jewellery to the Bijolia’s queen – Baiji Lal so that Bijolia can buy military weapons and support in the fight against Afghans. Ajabde donates her ornaments though Hansa Bai was not supportive for it but later she agrees. Pratap also donates his ornaments after seeing Bijolia’s people feelings and patriotism for their province. He learnt from an old man that Baiji Lal is Mamrak ji’s lineage and soon learns that Baiji lal to be Ajabde. Sometime later, Ajabde gets doubts on herself whether she did doing the right thing on agitation against Mewar but gets confidence from her mother Hansa Bai. Pratap couldn’t come to terms with this revelation since he continues to possess hatred for Ajabde as he believes because of her Jaivant Bai has left Chittor. To make matters more worst, Chakrapani puts doubt in Pratap’s mind by suggesting that Ajabde might be fabricating lies in sending letters to Chittor but soon retracts from it. Chakrapani after some hesitation informs Pratap of meeting Saubhagyavati (his wife) and suggests that they can know the truth about Ajabde’s letters from her and Pratap agrees for it.

Pratap then thinks to leave Bijolia since he cannot work with Ajabde. Patta’s jija aka Ajabde comes to him and informs that Baiji lal is right in her own scheme of things and he might be right as well (in not accepting Chittor’s royals fault against Bijolia). He doesn’t disclose details that he is leaving and soon Ajabde aka Patta’s jija informs that Baiji Lal has some proposal for him. Pratap ponders on that note.

Chakrapani at his end meets Saubhagyavati and she learns that he came as a secret member of Pratap to get details of Ajabde. Saubhagyavati informs him that Ajabde sincerely wrote many letters to Udai Singh asking for help but all fell on deaf ears and also informs that Ajabde doesn’t have any ego. He then opens up and informs that she is right and also reveals that Kunwar Pratap is also there in Bijolia. Saubhagyavati gets much surprised to hear it. It turns out that Parvat Das is a secret informer to Afghans in particular directly passing Bijolia’s plans to Mansoor Khan, deputy of Baadshah Khan. Parvat Das also informed them that the Pratap – common fighter who fought with earlier will lead Bijolia’s army as commander. Mansoor Khan informs that Badshah Khan himself will come to Bijolia to handle the situation.

Whether Pratap gives his nod to Bijolia’s army commander post after coming to know from Ajabde aka Patta’s jija ? Does Pratap overcome his inner fears to listen to Ajabde aka Patta’s jija who is showing utmost confidence and self-belief on her Baiji lal ? How would Pratap comes to know that Patta’s jija is Baiji lal/Ajabde ? What would Saubhagyavati be doing after coming to know of Kunwar Pratap’s presence in Bijolia ? How would Parvat Das link of being a traitor to Bijolia be out ? Will Afghans are preparing to enter Bijolia with larger army under Badshah Khan ? Does Pratap needs Chittor’s army support to combat Afghans ? Keep Reading.


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