Shagun happily lends shoulder for Raman’s teary heart; Ishita does not care about Raman’s distrust in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


shagun in yeh hai mohabbatein

Shagun has been back with a bang in Bhalla house, to pass some real shaking statements to Ishita. Raman looks on being quiet, as he does not wish to defend Ishita this time, seeing her at fault. Raman has got his ex wife and current wife at his home. He has Shagun and Ishita together. Two birds in the bushes and none in hand. He is very much heart broken, seeing Ishita supporting Mani and not respecting him. He has been very upset seeing Ishita hold Mani’s hand, asking him not to leave and Raman to leave, when he counters them together, when they met for Romi’s matter. Shagun tells about her marriage fixed with Ashok in one week and all functions will be kept. Shagun is happy to have Ashok at one side, and Raman to praise her on the other side.

Raman has been following the Devdas steps, being heartbroken by Paro and going to Chandramukhi. Shagun has come to taunt Ishita, after being glad of Raman taking her name in his speech. Ishita has come to know about Mani being the reason of Raman’s doubt and insecurity. She knows his doubt will eventually go, as she will stand for her right and will not give any explanations to Raman. She asks Raman to let himself know that he was wrong. Ishita is hurt by Raman’s misbehaving last night and does not want to talk to him. Raman is leading his mind in the web of doubts and waiting for Ishita to speak up. Will they confess their feelings and end their differences? The show is dragging the love confession track a lot, and just wish to see Mani clearing the matter soon and opening Raman’s eyes.



  1. omg i can’t take this track anymore..its painful to watch this ridiculous show…raman is acting so immature & ishita is so stupid…why cant they just damn talk and get it over with? i think i will take a break from this ridiculous show…will start watching the show again if and when they do the confession..or at least misunderstanding must be cleared & raman must stop drinking!


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