Raman and Ishita land up in lockup; A laugh riot scene follows in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


yeh hai mohabbatein

Well, story is heading in right direction these days, as Raman is been talking normal to Ishita, in his taunting Raavan Kumar’s style….. Their fights have been increased, which shows Raman’’s anger and ‘keeping aloof’ funda got over his head. Mrs. Iyer and Mrs. Bhalla have been fed up by Raman and Ishita’s fights, and came up with a solid solution to send them to jail, to make them sort their issues and come out as friends. It’s like a cruel remedy to get a kind result. Raman and Ishita are in the cell with the thief sitting in between them. The thief’s expressions are the best in this funny scene, as he is fed by the husband and wife’s fight. She says she makes small mistakes and does not create any big issue like Raman. Raman says will she take his life for his petty mistakes. She says why will I take your life, when you can’t even keep a small bracelet.

Raman says what, that broken, damaged and someone already worn out bracelet. He says it was not broken, he has thrown it and damaged it. He says yes, it was made by Madrasi Gold and taunts her. They argue a lot making the thief’s ears bleed. The thief asks the ladies to get him out and make him get any other punishment. He shouts please save me from their fight. Raman and Ishita argue via him, asking him to convey their messages. He keeps shuffling his head to them, being amazed by their unique taunts. Mrs. Bhalla and Mrs. Iyer see the couple still fighting and are angry, as the jail could not change them, but changed the thief. The inspector too is troubled by their arguments. He scolds them and brings them on the right track. Raman calls Ishita darling and she took acts sweet to him. Finally, some good result from Raman and Ishita’s fight. Well, Raman and Ishita’s won’t change and continue their sweet Nok jhok and that’s what the viewers love them for!! Keep reading!!


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