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Jamai Raja:
There is a new entry in the show, as DD has called him to create troubles between Sid and Roshni. Rajveer will be seen soon in the show as Mona’s son in law, equivalent to DD’s second Jamai. Sid wants to manage his hotel the way he likes, and Rajveer tries to mend his ways, which annoys Sid and they get into a heated argument. Sid taunts him that he is different from him as he gives second chance even to the worst people. Rajveer twists Sid’s hand and Sid gets angry. Sid too teaches him a good lesson and they both start disliking. Sid does not know about Rajveer’s connection with DD. Will Rajveer break out Sid’s identity truth to DD and Roshni? DD invites Rajveer to his home and Sid asks him what is he doing here. Rajveer says he has come to tell his truth that he is Siddharth Khurana. Roshni is shocked…..

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:
Raman and Ishita are invited in Shagun’s cocktail party. Raman and Ishita swirl the ballroom dance, happily as Shagun is out of their way and getting married to Ashok very soon. Ishita dances very well, but Raman’s mood spoils seeing her in the saree. He thought Ishita won’t manage the dance in the saree and she really slipped being uncomfortable as it is tough to dance in saree, but then Ishita managed it well and they look the hot couple on the floor. Raman and Ishita’s emotions and eye locks are the high point in this scene. Mihir hugs Mihika and Ashok looks on angrily. Raman’s smile seeing his lady love is a must watch. Raman changed his words from calling Ishita the ‘’saree aunty’’ to a hottie by her good dance moves. Shagun and Ashok dance together. Ishita really looked Raman’s darling in this party. Mihika and Mihir dance looking really cute together, and Ashok lays his eyes on Mihika having Shagun in his arms. Shagun is excited that she is finally getting married to the man she loves, and it has to be seen till when will her happiness stay…. Raman and Ishita rule the dance floor and viewer’s hearts too.

Diya Aur Baati Hum:
Sandhya has come to know about Sooraj’s flight hijack and breaks down thinking about Sooraj and Bhabho in danger. She hugs Babasa and feels weakened and helpless. Sandhya’s strength and love Sooraj has gone very far and she cries thinking will she be able to save him or not. Sandhya breaks down and even the Rathi family is shocked watching the breaking news on TV about RK’s gang hijacking the flight. Vikram says what will happen now, Sooraj and Bhabho are on board. Babasa asks Sandhya to free RK and save Sooraj and Bhabho. It’s a tough decision for Sandhya, as one side is her IPS duty and country, and otherside is getting back Sooraj and Bhabho safely home. She says my priority is to save everyone on the flight. She does not get ready to free RK. Babasa starts his hunger strike asking Sandhya to get Sooraj and Bhabho back. Sooraj will be helping Sandhya in this flight freeing operation.

Saath Nibhana Saathiya:
Radha treats the kids badly seeking revenge from them and beating them with her sandal. Gopi comes there on right time and slaps Radha saying she is still alive. Paridhi calls the police in the Modi Bhavan. Paridhi is sidelined now as her plan has flopped, but she decides to give a good answer to Radha. Radha falls into more trouble as Paridhi records the proof against Radha beating the kids. Radha refuses saying she did not beat the kids. Paridhi tackles her and shows the recording to the inspector. Kokila is glad and Paridhi has stopped her bad activities against Modis and is busy to kick out Radha from Jigar’s life. Radha says she was beating the kids to give them a good upbringing, and values as the kids were misbehaving. She says she was being a good mum for them. The inspector gets convinced by Radha and says he can’t arrest Radha for this simple matter. Paridhi gets angry and thinks to find some permanent solution to kick out Radha.

Sasural Simar Ka:
Simar and Prem were marrying again, after every misunderstanding got cleared between them. The guests and everyone in family were happy seeing the couple marry. Simar is shocked seeing someone clad in saree and donning the veil. The music stops and everyone turn around to see who is it. The fun event turns into a bad moment. The Bharadwaj family faints one by one. Its Vikrant, who enters there being mad about Simar. He did not love her before and always respected her, but eventually fell in love with her. Vikrant makes everyone unconscious and starts a fight with Prem. Simar confronts him and Vikrant drags Simar with him. Vikrant tells Simar that he loves her a lot. Prem tries to stop Vikrant. He gets injected by Vikrant. Prem falls down and looks on Simar forcefully going with Vikrant as he kidnaps her from her wedding mandap.

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi:
Ranvir and Ishani are finally married. No one is happy seeing Ranvir married Ishani and taunts him. He wanted Ishani to marry Chirag, but she failed. Baal insults Ranvir, but he does not care. Falguni supports Ranvir and Ishani is still in shock how Chirag left her at the final moment. Ishani’s family also comes with Ishani to Ranvir’s house. Ishani puts her hand impression near her dad’s pic. Falguni is tensed as Nitin’s truth will be coming out soon, and will shake Ishani more as Nitin is her biological father. Ranvir is always with Ishani in her all time trouble seeking family. Ranvir senses Falguni worried and thinks to find out the reason. Will Ranvir help Falguni in Nitin’s matter?

Itti Si Khushi:
Neha was annoyed with her family, and everyone dance around her to cheer her up. Neha is getting engaged to Aman and she is very happy. The couple dances with their family and look really happy. It’s a start for Neha and Aman’s happiness. Neha gets emotional seeing her parents. Neha proposes Aman and something goes wrong. Watch out for this twist?

KumKum Bhagya:
Pragya does the aarti at home, being the good bahu. The guests taunt Tanu for not knowing the traditions on the Diwali function. Tanu acts oversmart and starts singing the bhajan. She could not get ahead and halts. Pragya continues from there and impresses everyone by her sweet melodious voice. Pragya gives aarti to everyone after the Diwali puja. Abhi does not attend it as he does not believe in Lord. Pragya is very happy. After a while, the police comes to Abhi’s house with a search warrant. Abhi welcomes the inspector asking about his visit. Everyone is worried as they don’t know why did the police come. Pragya doubts that police investigation is for the marriage hall demolition case. They come to arrest Raj, and stuns everyone as Raj is very honest and does not accept bribe. Raj defends himself. Abhi and Pragya will be seen in police station again. Aaliya blames Pragya for everything and tells Dadi that Abhi was in jail to save Pragya’s marriage hall. Raj is blamed for taking bribe for the demolition as the inspector recovers the papers from them with Raj’s sign. Raj and his wife are adamant that they are innocent. Let’s see how Pragya manages this situation to balance her inlaws and her Maayka.

Veera’s harsh words on Baldev calling him unsuitable for her and Ranvi’s words to be right, breaks him down and he gets angry. He fights with Teja in keeping Veera’s respect and Bansuri lies to him that Veera does not worry for him and did not come to see him. Veera tries to meet him, but Bansuri does not allow her. Baldev gets upset and cries thinking about Veera. Bansuri manipulates his mind, and send Simran to take advantage of this break up phase. Simran acts sweet to Baldev and reminds what Veera did with him. Baldev is angry spotting Veera and Rajveer together. Baldev agrees to marry Simran, on Bansuri’s insistence and his anger being on cloud nine.

Doli Armaanon Ki:
Samrat has been torturing Urmi and Shaurya a lot. He wants to get hold of Urmi and make her come back to him to stay with him for the sake of Shaurya. He asks Shaurya to forget his mum if she does not come. Shaurya gets upset and scared of Samrat. Soon, Ishaan will be returning from London. Ishaan is Samrat’s friend who is a lawyer by profession. He does not find Samrat’s doing rights and feels pity for Urmi. He decides to fight for Urmi and get her justice by teaching Samrat a lesson of lifetime. He fights the custody case of Shaurya from Urmi’s side and also encourages Urmi to file the divorce case.



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