Abhi loves being idiotic and hurts Pragya by his bitter actions in KumKum Bhagya


pragya in kumkum bhagya

Pragya has tied the protection thread to Abhi in the Mata’s Jagran. Abhi comes home and starts hating Pragya, thinking about her and Suresh. The question is why is he hurt seeing them together, is that because he has strong feelings for her which he did not understand before. Abhi has really started liking her and is himself hurt by seeing her and Suresh. But does that mean, he won’t use his sense and believe anything that meets his eyes. Abhi is believing Aaliya as if she is true as Lord, and thinks Pragya has broken his trust. Though Pragya is finding evidence to prove herself innocent, Abhi is getting restless and doubting her even more. He throws the protection thread she tied and even burns his favorite pillow, as she has touched it. He says he hates her and everything she is related to.


Abhi is really being stupid in not finding the entire truth and hurting Pragya by his bitter words. Abhi does not realize that Pragya can be innocent and he can be really wrong. Dadi is making all efforts to make them together, but Abhi is just following Aaliya. Aaliya and Tanu has sent the video to Bulbul too, so that they should also disown Pragya from their family. Bulbul is shocked seeing the video and hides from Sarla. While Abhi has burnt his marriage pic in anger and asks Pragya to leave his house, will he realize his mistake? Pragya decides to leave from his house to keep up Abhi’s words. Will Suresh and Bulbul help Pragya in proving her innocence? Keep reading.

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