Ishita mistakenly enters Ashok’s Bachelor’s party and gets troubled in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


yeh hai mohabbatein

Ishita looks beautiful in an elegant saree and even caught Raman’s attention. She goes for Shagun’s all girls party and reaches Ashok’s Bachelor’s party, as per the venue confusion. She is shocked to find all men in the party and looks for Shagun and Mihika. Parmeet welcomes her in the party and introduces his friends. He starts eyeing her and trying to get closer. She scolds him, asking is this all planned by him. He tells her she should not blame him for everything, and he is innocent. He gives a dirty smile and all the men surround Ishita making rounds teasing her. She starts crying and calls for help. Ashok makes an entry and she expects him to make her leave.

Ashok too joins the group and show his true face. She boldly scolds Ashok too and makes the way for herself to leave. Both the creeps Ashok and Parmeet have a laugh seeing Ishita so tensed. Shagun asks Mihika about Ishita, as she did not come till now in their party. Mihika says she will surely come, but maybe late. They start having fun and rock the dance floor. Simmi is upset with Parmeet and his web of lies, and stays aloof. She finds a corner to hide her pain. Ishita heads for Shagun’s party then. Will Ishita and Mihika be able to show Ashok’s true face to Shagun? What is Ashok upto, and his master stroke to marry Mihika is still uncovered… Mihika is acting really oversmart and we just wish Raman saves her from Ashok. Keep reading to get more bits on YHM!!



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