Love By Chance 15th November 2014 25th Episode, Trisha and Sanyog's Love Story on Bindass TV – Written Update


Love By Chance Bindass 24th Episode, 15th November 2014 - Trisha and Sanyog's Love story

Today’s Love by Chance Episode name is Prank you very much.


Kavi Shastri (the host) starts the show and speaks that we are used to have some habits in a way and if we don’t have those then we can become mad. He speaks of his habit of not taking the first step when he meets a girl and such thing could cost him to stay bachelor/single all his life. He suggests that we need to see life in a different angle and ponder what are those habits if we don’t have then we will become mad, and the ones which make us mad. The story starts with couple of girls and boy discuss about a party which they are organizing on a large scale after 5 yrs. As they were talking, Trisha walks in and they invite her. She asks them about AC temperature and doesn’t show much interest. Kavi speaks that Trisha was very specific in life, things in proportion. Trisha’s demands were fulfilled by her friends and they have to listen to her even at the party. Trisha comes to the party and gets welcome by her friends. Trisha’s friend roommate Sanyog comes there. She doesn’t know him but he is introduced. She doesn’t want to speak with unknown people and he offers beer. She replies on not accepting it and leaves though he still continues to persist but in vain. Kavi (the host) speaks that Trisha used to do many analysis while Sanyog just used to follow his friends and was the best hassle-free guy for whom anything is fine.

Trisha is offered white rum or Vodka but she prefers Gin drink with dash of lime in it and ginger and salt to the glass’s rim so not to get hangover next day. Trisha’s friend was not happy to listen to her demands but agrees to it. Sanyog also comes there and also requests a drink. She asks whether he is copying her. He replies no and then his friend offers him shots and he agrees. She asks him how could he drink beer, gin, and also shots. He replies everyone is drinking and she counters by saying that if everyone decides to jump then will he do the same ? He tries to look seriously and she asks herself on why she is engaging in a talk with him for the second time. Sanyog takes shots with other friends there while Trisha just looks at them while having drinks and tries to get busy with her phone. [ABCD..Main Sharabi song plays]. Sanyog comes close to her and dances a bit and asks why she behaves in that way. Later, Trisha’s friend offers some snacks and she replies one eating only olive oil fried food. She also apologizes to her friend and suggests that her taste is different. Moreover, informs her friend of not liking the dress. Kavi (the host) speaks that Trisha’s attitude was hurting everyone without even realizing. She was just particular and didn’t intended to hurt them.

Trisha continues to only drink and the friends starts a Truth and Dare game. They pull the leg of Anushka on impressing a 54-year old man. She defends herself and then pulls the leg of another girl. Sanyog’s dare comes next and he is being told to make Trisha drunk more. Trisha argues why she is being pulled in his dare and speaks of conservative background. She doesn’t want to get intimate and also belongs to the section of people who yearns for true love with both body and soul. Trisha’s friend argues whether she is calling their character loose and speaks in drunken voice. Another boy claims that Trisha cannot handle alcohol. She then decides to accept the challenge and prove the contrary and engages in drinking many shots and competes with Sanyog and others. [mein sharabi song plays]. After drinking much, Trisha goes to sleep without knowing herself and her friend plans something. She informs the plan to all and Sanyog with some initial hesitation decides to accept it and also inform his friends on executing the plan for them. Next morning, he wakes up beside Trisha and looks at her. She wakes up while wearing his shirt and becomes shocked to see him and asks what is he doing there and why he is not wearing a shirt. He speaks with some hesitation that last night thing shouldn’t have happened and also takes a promise.

Trisha’s friends are hearing the talk between her and Sanyog from the room’s door exteriors. She speaks on remembering to participate in drinking competition and then she slept and doesn’t know further. He speaks on not wanting to say what happened between them but he can say that whatever happened between them will not go outside the room. Trisha replies that nothing have happened between them. He then suggests what about the signs which are proof of their love. She finds words written close to her shoulder that he was present and starts to cry. She thinks he has taken advantage after seeing her drunk. Sanyog tries to put blame on her instead and suggests what else he could have done and suggests that everyone have seen the build-up. She asks whether everyone has seen and just then all her friends comes there. Trisha suggests that everything is a misunderstanding but her friends continue to pull her legs about last night’s event and also about her saying on true love. She becomes annoyed and leaves. Trisha comes to the restroom and speaks to herself on drinking a lot and gets an idea to give justification to her friends. She goes ahead and inform that she and sanyog are in love. On hearing it, Sanyog gets a shock and she goes on to say that last night thing was not just casual fling but instead love at first sight in which you cannot control your heart. Trisha’s friend wonders how she got love in first sight with Sanyog. Trisha speaks to Sanyog that after seeing him she was not much impressed but soon started falling in love with him. She confesses her love – I love you message and speaks that last night decision was the biggest and she couldn’t control her emotions. She asks whether he loves her too. He replies like always anything will work for him.

After a while, Sanyog worries about Trisha’s proposal and the prank they played on her which took a different turn than intended. He is advised to not look at her specifications and instead on her cuteness. He agrees with it and soon receives a call from Trisha. She speaks in loud voice that since 60 hours 23 minutes she has been his girlfriend and he didn’t got 20 seconds to save her mobile no. She wants him to meet her in 2 hrs at 9PM at her building. He asks why and she replies because he is her boyfriend. She asks whether he was using her on that night. He becomes nervous and agrees to come to her home at 9 PM. He also agreed to help her in carrying things for her Spa. Her first trick is to become her boss and 2nd trick is to show lots of attitude crossing many boundaries. He reaches her home on a bike much earlier in order to go to Spa. She starts showing attitude to him and also doesn’t want to go on his bike. She suggests that he just wants to get opportunities that whenever there is a pothole she can touch him. He replies on not thinking in that way and she asks him to call an AC Taxi. He agrees for it and comes with a AC Taxi cab. She wonders how easily he agreed and when he comes she replies of not having mood now and doesn’t want to listen to him. She asks how come he is putting forward his rights on her and suggests of having mood swings which he might not handle. She doesn’t want to change even for her boyfriend. He agrees to her decision and was going ahead to cancel the Taxi trip. She then changes her mind and wants to go. He makes fun of her by saying that its good she is not a doctor since if she gets mood swing there then the patient’s life will be at risk. She designates him some work while she will go to the Spa and will be back in 2 hrs. He finds lot of things to do but agrees to do it. He runs to complete those things in just 2 hrs.

Kavi (the host) speaks that Trisha was trying much to get out from Sanyog. But it turned out that Sanyog was a nice guy who was listening to all her points. She underestimated him and Sanyog was very flexible and adjustable and one such live demo will be seen to her very soon.

Sanyog comes carrying all her things with much difficulty and she also reaches there. She finds the food to not meeting the right proportion (talking about black pepper). Trisha’s next trick was to make Sanyog as her employee. Sooner then, both were watching an emotional movie and she finds him crying while eating pop corn. Next day, she asks to herself that he is very adjustable and very sweet and doesn’t have any bad thing. He is also very caring and brings the medicine for headache. She raises the question – Whether to find a good guy or to prove a point to the college friends. She thinks of an idea to ask him the things which he doesn’t like and then will do the same things to annoy him. She calls Sanyog who was in the restroom and asks him to check his mail. He speaks of missing her. On that note, she thinks he is speaking cheap and vulgar words and doesn’t want him to repeat such things later otherwise she will report to police and wants him to be in his limits. He checks the mail and learns about choosing his preferences for 36 questions ranging from his favorite bathing soap to TV show. He agrees for it. Later, he meets at her home and she shouts at him and asks that there is no one thing that he hates since he likes all things. He finds her nice and makes a remark. She again thinks he is playing mind 5 games and wants to know 5 things which he hate. He replies the smell of human excreta and vomitting but she doesn’t accept it. He speaks of being flexible and thinks that she will understand with time. He then reminds her of a friend’s birthday next day. He reminds that they need to look like boyfriend/girlfriend there. She becomes annoyed and asks whether they wear matching clothes as well. He gives her suggestion that any dress will suit her and she replies of not repeating the dress. She then takes him for shopping to buy a new dress and asks what dress she should choose ? He gives some suggestions which she didn’t like and informs that her reputation is at stake and wants to deliver a style statement.

Sanyog begins to actively help her but she is not impressed. She asks him to look another girl since his attitude is not fine. He becomes dejected and she learns about it and apologizes to him. He gets re-energized again and chooses a special dress – red gown for her and thinks that she will ignite many sparks at the party. She thanks him and showers a warm hug and feels something special and he feels similarly. Trisha and Sanyog reaches the birthday party next day in evening. He takes care of her from drinks to not eating chocolate since it was Saturday. They celebrate the friends birthday and later he speaks to her on wanting to say something after the party. She asks what-if they are again drunk like last time with a smile. He replies on not letting that thing happen again. Both share one quiet moment of sharing an eyelock for few moments and she excuses herself from him. She goes to do some make-up and speaks to herself that Sanyog is a nice, stupid in sweet way. She comes back to Sanyog and her friends. Trisha’s friend reminds to her that in the last party all were irritated with her but now  she is changed and looked very happy. She suggests who thought that a prank will change into love. Sanyog speaks how Trisha’s friend wrote about him on her shoulders and her friend opens up and informs that nothing have happened that night between her and Sanyog. Trisha becomes dejected to hear about the prank and carries a teary face and leaves. He tries to stop her but stops short in doing.

Kavi (the host) speaks that just when good things were blossoming between them, she learnt that nothing have happened between them that night. She was thinking like Sanyog was a nice guy except the fact that he lied to her. She was upset.

Sanyog tries to call Trisha but she doesn’t accept his calls [Soch Ke Jisko Mein Hasleta Hoon Ittefaq Tha Ek Mazaak Tha… song plays]. Both remembers their past good moments and she remembers how she spoke that they are in love in the beginning. He comes to her home and wants one chance. He speaks of revising the list which she gave him earlier and the things which he didn’t like – seeing Tears in Trisha’s eyes, making prank on her, seeing her without smile, fighting or get scolded by her. He asks whether she is understanding him and she replies yes. He speaks that she has also lied once and then speaks of being confused – friendship like or someother like. She replies that things are fine and showers a hug to him.

Kavi (the host) speaks that our habits define our personality and define us and its not bad to stick to our habits but to say no to adopt new habits is a wrong thing. She has seen the world via the point of view of Sanyog and have liked it. Sanyog was happy and he didn’t knew that Trisha will soon become his habit in a good way and their love story have a happy ending. Kavi speaks that viewers can share their opinion/feedback about the show using the hashtag #LoveByChance on Bindass TV Twitter page.

Additional Note: 17th November
* We (TellyReviews) believe that Actors have given an amazing performance to a sweet love story which was also emotional. Kudos to Actors, the team and Bindass TV.

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