Monday Reminders for Zee TV


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Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya:
Raj scares Avni by getting inside the room, and then bolting it, saying that she has come back as his wife, and staying in the family as a wedded couple, and hence he should stay here and has every right to, legally. Avni asks what does he want? He says that he wants to consummate their marriage. She tries to get out, but he pins her against the wall, and tries to lean in on her, to get physically intimate with her, and disgust her..


Darpan runs with Ganesh. Prabha and Mahesh come there. Prabha hugs Darpan. Mahesh says I will save the lion from Vishwas. Darpan is in front of lion.

Doli Armaanon Ki:
Samrat confronts Urmi and reprimands her, that she branded him as character less, and where was her character, when she was sleeping and spending the night, with Ishaan. She is shocked at what he is saying. He says that he won’t let Ishaan’s child develop in his wife’s womb and that the child would have to die. He points a pistol at her belly, and she is dazed and shocked. The sound of the gun shoot, reverberates everyone, while Urmi stands speechless.

Jamai Raja:
Simran gets Sid’s call and asks him where is he. Roshni speaks and tells it was her naani’s birthday. She thinks if roshni comes to chawl, she cannot reach there, says they all are fine and not to worry. She then sees Raj tensely talking on phone. Sid sees her cutting call and asks why did not she let his mom speak and says he will meet his parents tomorrow morning. He then gets Simran’s call in the midnight that his dad is ill. Income tax officers raid DD’s jewelry showroom.

Jodha Akbar:
Jodha says to Jalal that I don’t know about Salim even after being his mother, she says shahenshah can I got to meet him once? Jalal says I respect your emotions but I can’t grant you permission

Kumkum Bhagya:
Abhi says whatever it is, he will not let Pragya stay in his house now and walks out angrily. Pragya requests Abhi to let her see daadi once, but he does not allow her.

Qubool Hai:
Seher’s dupatta is stuck in Rehaans watch and he puts the dupatta around Seher. Ahil watches from far and is shocked. They are all outside the dargah.

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke:
Aadi tells Gunjan he is really tired. Gunjan makes him sit and gives him water. Golu comes and teases him. Aadi says he is ready to do anything for his didi. Gunjan sends him to go and freshen up. Golu asks Gunjan to play a game, she will speak randomly the word that comes to her mind. He says morning – sunshine, fool- Aadi, Friend- Rachna, Partner-Mayank. She stops by, while Golu runs on Shayl’s call. Gunjan runs after Mayank and catches him doing romance with Bindiya.


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