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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:


Suresh has given a Bachelor’s party for Naman, and invites Maheshwari and Singhanias along with their friends. The party gets rocking as the men enjoy to the fullest. They follow the dress code and it’s a modern wedding. The bachelor’s party is shown for the first time in the show. Even the elders celebrate with them. Naitik calls it a timeout from their wives. The girls also arrange a spinster’s party and enjoy. Meanwhile, Devyaani comes to know about Karishma staying alone at rented house, and she is not with Jasmeet’s parents. She gets annoyed and asks her what is she hiding more from them. Akshara gets tensed as she knew this truth. Akshara manages the situation and asks Devyaani to allow Karishma to stay in Singhania house. Devyaani is unsure to allow Devyaani to come before marriage. Will Akshara convince her?


Aarzoo had a makeover by Zaki. She self clarifies to herself and comes to the conclusion that she has fallen in love, as it gets confirmed by Lord by the rainfall. Aarzoo waits for Sahir in the heavy rain. She hopes Sahir will come. Aarzoo has fallen in love with Sahir, and even he feels the same, but has to confess his feelings to her. Sahir is running away from himself and growing feelings for Aarzoo. There will be love triangle track between Zaki, Aarzoo and Sahir.

Saath Nibhana Saathiya:

Jigar agrees to marry Radha to save Vidya and Meera and the marriage drama starts again. Kokila and Gopi team up to stop the marriage, and even ride a scooty to get to the temple at the earliest. Jigar fills sindoor in Radha’s hairline and makes her wear the mangalsutra, following all the rituals. The family arrives there and are shocked seeing them married. Gopi scolds Radha with no effect of her words on her. Kokila says her usual lines in very high tone. Poor Jigar is so ruined after Rashi’s death, with Paridhi and Radha after him. Radha has become a clever vamp, who has made everyone dance on her fingers.

Jamai Raja:

Sid and Roshni are facing some problems in their marriage. Sid says DD has taunted him a lot, but she has never insulted him. He asks how can she take loan from someone else, without asking him. Sid’s family tries to calm him. Sid is hurt and blames himself for not providing financial security to Roshni. He can’t bear her selling her gold and taking loan and asking help from Rajveer. Roshni is speechless seeing Sid’s anger. Roshni has paid Rs 10 lakhs to DD to save Sid’s respect. Sid regards this wrong as she has done a big mistake. Roshni says she loved Sid and married him, seeing his golden heart. DD breaks down as Roshni has left the house. DD shows her emotional side which Roshni is unaware of. DD will be keeping a condition to get back Roshni and Sid back home.


Chakor gives a new avatar to Bhuvan, by making him wear formal clothes and look like a city guy. Bhuvan gets some strength from Ishwar. Ishwar has solved Chakor’s problem and tells Bhuvan not to worry as he will sort the equation with Bhaiya ji. He calls Bhaiya ji and threatens him, saying if anything happens to Imli, then he will bite the dust. Bhaiya ji is shocked and gets really worried knowing Manohar has been arrested. Chakor starts spreading happiness in her innocent ways, making Bhuvan experience what he had never seen before.


Baldev meets Ranvi post his accident and folds hands requesting him to accept his marriage proposal for Veera. Ranvi’s heart melts and he has accepted their true love. Ranvi gives Veera’s hand to Baldev. Veera is on cloud nine as Ranvi has finally said yes for Baldev and her marriage. Ranvi feels Baldev can have bad habits to some extent, but he truly loves Veera. Baldev gets responsible and starts his transport business. Veera too helps him and takes the training of being a good wife from her elders. She starts taking cooking classes from Ratan and Chai ji.

Suhani Si Ek Ladki:

Dadi takes Rags and Menka’s help in bringing Yuvraaj and Soumya closer. She makes sure that Soumya is always around Yuvraaj, to make him realize what he has lost and what he can get back in his life, as Soumya was his first love. While Krishna is regretting to lose Soumya and feels he was at fault always, his dad persuaded him to become a better person and get back Soumya with respect. Dadi takes Soumya to the temple and tries making Yuvraaj and Soumya bind in marriage. Her plan backfires and she gets upset. Yuvraaj and Suhani’s fights increase further, as he does not know Dadi is the mastermind behind this plotting. Will Soumya come between Yuvraaj and Suhani?

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Mihir meets Mihika and shows her trust in her. Raman and Ishita try to make them together again. The Bhalla and Iyer families have some light moments after such a big issue. Ishita and Raman get a business party invitation. They agree to go to lift their mood after all the tensed moments at home. Ishita selects a suit for him, and he helps in choosing a beautiful saree. There will be a new spice in the show, with the entry of a young girl who meets Raman in the party, and gets completely bowled over by his persona. She instantly falls for him, and decides to get Raman at any cost. Ishita will have tough time to balance her marriage with this new track.

Diya Aur Baati Hum:

Sandhya and Zakir have done their research over Rajkumar and observed him in detail by watching his videos and knowing his entire history. Sandhya gives a surprise to the staff by bringing Zakir as RK, with face mask. Zakir acts like RK and aims a gun at them, making them believe he is real RK. While Zakir is completely ready to free the passengers and seal the deal with Maya, will this plan work? Is anyone in rescue team a helper of Maya?

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi:

While Ishani still mourns about Harshad’s death, she will be meeting her biological father Nitin soon. Chirag has filled her ears blaming Ranvir behind Harshad’s death, which makes Ishani take a step back from Ranvir. Ishani comes face to face with her real father Nitin. Nitin comes by the excuse of work. Ishani bumps into Nitin and his files fall. She helps him by picking it up and touches his feet in a way while picking the papers. Falguni looks on shocked. Falguni wants to keep Nitin away from Ishani. Ishani does not know Nitin is her father. It will be Ranvir who will unite Ishani, Falguni and Nitin, making them a happy family.

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Ek Hasina Thi:

Sakshi gets the letter for Durga in Dayal’s bank locker. She reads it and wonders why is Dayal referring to Durga as third person, as if she is not his daughter. She thinks of finding out, and goes to the doctor to get Dayal and Durga’s DNA test done. She finds out that Durga is not Dayal’s biological daughter, and gets curious to know her real identity. As the show is moving towards the end, so its not unpredictable. Akash and Durga join hands to take revenge from Goenkas, who have made them orphans. Sakshi finds out Durga is Nitya, and before she thinks to harm her, Durga takes Kangana’s help in proving Karan, Tarun, Rishi and Shaurya as Payal’s rapist. Durga starts believing in Dev’s love and follows Dayal’s words to start a new life with Dev. The show will have justice winning over evil, with Goenkas being punished for their sins.

Mere Rang Mein Rangne Wali:

LD has made a fool of himself in order to fool Radha. He planned the fake marriage to make Radha get a lesson of life, but he gets shocked to know the pandit was real and he really got married to Radha. He spills out that it was not an ad shooting and he has mocked it to take his revenge on Radha. Radha is super shocked and yells on him. Radha asks LD for divorce and is shattered knowing he has gone to such low extent Radha’s mum is stunned too and takes Radha home. Dada ji has done a big puja for LD, and LD has no way to hide his marriage from Dada ji. LD realizes his mistake and thinks to rectify it, by accepting Radha as his wife and taking her home. Radha refuses to accept him as her husband, as the marriage is done by cheat. Radha meets LD’s family when they come to take her, and refuses to go alone, seeking divorce. Will LD be able to convince Radha to accept their marriage?

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Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hai:

While Arjun loves Poorvi, and their love story is steadily progressing, its Gauri who wants to marry Arjun and admits to Neelima that she is having an affair with Arjun. There is another girl added in Arjun’s life, Tanushree, who wants Arjun at any cost. Tanushree is obsessed with him, seeing his boldness and non fearing attitude. Tanushree decides to make Arjun hate her, and then she will go ahead to marry him to make his life hell, as she loves to play with other’s emotions. Tanushree is totally spoiled by her father Bhanu Pratap, and sends the marriage proposal for Arjun at Bachcha Singh’s home. Bachcha Singh agrees for Arjun and Tanushree’s marriage as elections are near and he wants more support by Bhanu Pratap. How will Arjun and Poorvi unite now?


    • I have stopped watching YHM.. The show has become so ridiculous, stupid and creepy..No sane human being can watch this show without getting disturbed… All the assault scenes was done is extreme bad taste and as a woman I am extremely offended by this show. How long can we continue to tolerate this nonsense? Women are assaulted on a daily basis, no police complaints filed & assaulter walking free ?


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