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Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar:

Neil and Ragini’s past uncovers. The past scenes shows why Neil and Ragini have fought, and the mystery of their relation history. How did their relation break, did it end from heart or just on papers? Neil plays chess with his friends, and does not care for children. Ragini gets worried and a fight starts between them. Some huge misunderstandings get created between them, and they decide to part ways. Neil then leaves for USA by ending his relation with Ragini. Watch Ragini’s young look in the show, and Ronit looks good and effective even in his post leap look. There are some good rewind moments of Neil and Ragini, which shows their emotional breakdown and marriage’s end. Ragini is angry on her children and gets it out on her hospital staff. She asks them not to depend on her for anything and shows her unnecessary anger.

Jamai Raja:

Sid and Roshni had a fight because she has hurt his self esteem. Her mangalsutra gets stuck in his shirt button and they get closer. Both were adamant and not talking, Roshni wants to stay at Sid’s house, and Sid wants to take her back to DD. They are strong headed and Roshni feels she has to agree to go with Sid if he leaves her here. Sid and Roshni argue. They have much affection, and the fights also bring a twist of love. DD’s health gets unwell and Nani goes to get back Roshni. Roshni refuses and Sid assures Nani that he will bring Roshni home soon. Roshni is not in a mood to listen to him, and is adamant that she needs a home where people respect him. Sid decides to make Roshni see the middle class life, so that she backs out herself from the low budget life. Sid feels when she faces the reality, she will realize she should go back. Sid’s mum also asks Roshni to go back to DD knowing her health is deteriorating.

Qubool Hai:

Aahil gets a shock of his life after unveiling the ghunghat off the bride’s face on the wedding night. The actress Additi Gupta will be his bride, as plotted by Tanveer. Dilshad fights with Razia to save Sanam and Seher. Razia gets electrocuted in the factory, and dies. Razia’s evil has finally ended. Dilshad takes the girls and escapes from there. Rehaan and Aahil get shocked seeing Sanam and Seher back home together. Aahil’s bride will bring a big twist in the show.

Additional Note:
– Additi worked in Star Plus’s show Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil as Heer Prem Juneja opposite Harshad Chopra [2008-2010]. Recently, worked in Yeh Hai Aashiqui (as Ganga) in 2013. Additi’s Wikipedia page and Twitter fanclub.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Both the Bhalla and Iyer families were in tensed situation. Raman suggests an idea of keeping a photo shoot to cheer everyone’s mood. The Bhallas and Iyers dress up well and pose for the photos, and also bring a smile on Mihika’s face. They got a reason to be together, even when they are always seen together. Raman has found a unique way to get Mihir and Mihika together. Raman and Ishita pose romantically and he holds her closer showering his love and giving a sweet smile, looking picture perfect. Ishita and Raman match their clothes too. Ruhi and Ishita give a cute pose for the photoshoot, while Mrs. Bhalla and Mrs. Iyer fight to get more space in the frame. They push each other away and burst into laughter. Ruhi looks a Barbie doll in her red frock, by losing one fairy tooth. Ruhi’s pic will be memorable for life. Hope this brings the happiness back in their lives. Mrs. Bhalla is the first one to get ready and looks good in her black western outfit with much excitement to showcase her understated beauty. Raman’s attempt to bring happiness succeeds. He brings a change at home after Mihika’s tragic move. Everyone try to make Mihika smile, and Mihika understands they have done this for her. She still has a guilt that they are doing this for her, and she has really hurt them. Mihika smiles and cuts off the sadness from her heart, to make everyone relieve of her worry. Keep reading.


Anjali and Arjun all set for Everest expedition with Col. Abhiyankar leading it. Aakash meets Roongta and wants to re-join in covering Arjun’s expedition. Arjun supports Aakash and advices Roongta to take him back. Aakash needs to instill believe in Roongta’s mind to get back the project and will certainly achieve it, Will Abhiyankar help Aakash ? Shikha Maa’s will be going for a heart operation whose cost is 12 Lakhs INR and she shares the cost expense with Aakash and worried about it. He consolidates and supports her. The doctor reveals to Aakash about medical problem of Shikha Maa which will be present in her normal life. Abhiyankar’s wife Tara is going to make entry on the show soon and most likely to be part of Everest expedition with him as it was her desire to summit Everest in his company.

KumKum Bhagya:

As we have written before about Pragya asking for divorce. The current scenario is Abhi is worried because of the divorce matter. Pragya is tensed, as Abhi blames her a lot infront of family. He says no one could see Pragya’s true face, and are they serious to ask him to trust her. The lawyers come at home, as the matter is going out of hands. Sarla and Bulbul defend Pragya and argue with Abhi. Purab tries to counsel Abhi. Pragya and Abhi talk to the lawyers and state their opinions. The family tries to explain Abhi and Pragya and requests them for resolving the matter. Pragya is doing this for Abhi’s good. Abhi is worried for Dadi’s health and he finds it tough to accept Pragya.

Jodha Akbar:

Jalal and Jodha have an argument as she goes against him to prove Maan Singh innocent. He asks how can she go when he has not permitted her, as she has high respect as Marium uz Zamani. Jodha says if she can’t use her rights of that place, then what’s the use of that post. She quits from being Marium Uz Zamani, and gets ahead to prove Maan Singh’s innocence. While Jodha has succeeded in doing so, Jalal repents on his mistake and asks her to accept back the place of Marium uz Zamani, as she is the one who deserves it. He clarifies that he was not able to figure out Maan Singh’s loyalty and doubted him, but the situation was such which made him think that. Jalal thanks Jodha for stopping him from doing injustice and proudly offers respect and love.

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Diya Aur Baati Hum:

Sandhya succeeds in freeing the 10 passengers from the terrorists and gets Chaturi safe. She still has to get Sooraj and Bhabho from Maya’s clutches. Its last plan from Sandhya’s side to save Sooraj and Bhabho from the terrorists. Sooraj and Bhabho get down the plane in the rescue operation, after fooling Maya, Prema and Disha. Bhabho gets wounded in the process. Sooraj hugs her and sits crying. Sandhya spots them and runs to them being worried for Bhabho’s life. Bhabho is bidding bye to her family, and her heart cries to get apart from her son Sooraj. She is having her last breath in his lap. Sooraj and Sandhya recall all the moments spent with Bhabho. The troubles are not ending in Rathi family. Sooraj and Bhabho have faced the hard time in the plane hijack. Sooraj meets Sandhya in this situation, when Bhabho is losing breath. Sandhya and Zakir succeed in freeing the passengers, and the terrorists use the backup plan and do a bomb blast, which badly affects Bhabho. She is a strong lady, and can survive. Sooraj and Sandhya pray for her health, and rush her to the hospital to save her life.

Doli Armanon Ki:

Urmi faces defamation in the court by the opposition lawyer. He tells the court that Urmi is having an extra marital affair with someone, and its none other than her friend Ishaan. Samrat smiles thinking this will bring him victory.

Itti Si Khushi:

Neha is being cursed by Kamini for running away. While Sunita defends Neha for being kiddish and committing unintentional mistakes, Kamini blames Neha for putting Aman in problem and not been ready for marriage. Akku is asked to marry Aman, and the family worries about Akku. Akku asks Aman to rethink on his decision and Aman says he is sure of his decision. But the twist comes, as Neha comes back in the nick of the time, and sits in the mandap in her school uniform. She marries Aman and relieves the family. Neha is glad to come on time, and tells everyone how she was helplessly locked in the school. Aman happily accepts Neha and the couple do all marriage rituals instantly without sending Neha to change, as he does not want to take any risk again.


Veera and Baldev are back in the old avatar, fighting, beating each other and happily dancing by the good news of their marriage. Baldev romances her infront of the elders, which makes Chai ji pull his ears. She asks is he not ashamed to romance her infront of Ratan and her. Veera feels his pain and asks Chai ji to leave him. Chai ji teases them and asks Balcev not to come their home till their marriage. They all do Bhangra as Baldev gives the good news of his mum Bansuri saying yes to his marriage with Veera. Bansuri is very emotional and understands Baldev’s heart as he explains her calmly and with love. Finally, everyone has said yes happily, and soon the Band Baaja Baraat will be seen in the show for the couple in much love. Ranvi is worried, as after Veera’s marriage, she will be facing problems with Bansuri. Ratan gives her bridal dress to Veera and dons the dupatta on her, realizing the dreams she has seen for Veera’s marriage. Veera thanks her for giving her bridal dress, as she has many emotions with it. Baldev and Veera talk on phone for hours, as they obey the elders and not meet much.

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins:

Priyanka visits Viraj and comes across Nisha She starts insulting Nisha and says Nisha can’t stop her from going to the party. Nisha stops her for attending the shooting practice. She thinks to do something quick to stop Priyanka. Nisha always does the wrong things to bring the right effect. She throws coffee on Priyanka, making her angry and laughs looking sweetly silly. Viraj is behind Nisha’s stupid acts, as she loses mind seeing him. She sees Viraj and his friend talking, and makes a video. She loves Viraj and captures him in the MMS.

Shastri Sisters:

Karishma has planned a big game with Astha to break Rajat and Anushka’s love story, as she wants Rajat at any cost. She can’t forget how Rajat has dumped her in college after dating her for long time. She tells Astha about Rajat’s secretive army mission, and hearing the important codes of the files and safe locker. Astha gets an idea to use this against the Shastri Sisters. She tells Karishma her plan of leaking the secret info and troubling Rajat, to put the blame on Anushka. Karishma steals the CD on Astha’s insistence and leaks the confidential info. Rajat is shell shocked when he is called a traitor for leaking the secret mission info, and thinks its Anu behind all this. Rajat is arrested for the blame. While Minty starts hating Anushka more, and take help from Karishma’s father who is a politician. He uses his political powers to get Rajat out of jail.

Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hai:

Arjun dances with Tanu in the party to make Poorvi jealous and enjoys her angry expressions. Poorvi does not know Arjun is doing this to make her jealous. Tanu feels glad to get Arjun closer. Poorvi feels like crying seeing them. Arjun blames Poorvi for provoking him to dance to Tanu.


  1. I like nisha aurr uske cousins. .don’t prolong the story….plzz keep standard. ..plzz remember that viewers are nit fools..avoid stupid nd borring things in story nd the nisha aur uske cousins are going good…keep it always
    ..then Iss pyaar ko 2- it become too borring nd story is prolonging unnecessarily. .plzz…stopthis storyy and come to relevant story……noe it Is too borring…
    Next thing is suhani se ek ladki is intrestibg bt …stupid things are happened …beczz…is it suhani a fool..nooo…then suhani can understand all thingd in dtory suhani not understand any thing and do things as a fool…….nd there is no need of saumya in this story…..foolishness…how can a dadi doing lik this…


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