Anjali couple of steps away from kickstarting her EVEREST expedition and Dream


Anjali's Everest is to win father's love

Anjali’s engagement with Vidhaan is planned the same week while marriage next week. But, Anjali’s aim is to go and start her Everest expedition the same week on Sunday. Anjali has full backing of her mother Sarita who vows to send her definitely. Anjali gets some ideas from Maithili on how to evade this situation and she suggests ideas like she should either write down a letter to her father giving him all the details about expedition or she should inform him of loving someone else – Aakash. Anjali declines the former idea of writing down the letter about Everest and also loving someone is also not favourable since it isn’t true.  Maithili thinks Anjali is in love with Aakash and if not the case now it would happen surely. Sarita asks Anjali whether she likes Vidhaan and  doesn’t get direct answer. She makes it clear her only aim is to summit Everest to win her father’s love, and also speaks of regarding Aakash as a good friend and wants Sarita to trust her. Sarita has seen Anjali much happier when she was speaking with Aakash and then speaks of knowing the truth residing in Anjali which she even isn’t aware of. Later, Anjali while on bed remembers Aakash and also her mother words and carries smile when remembering all the nice moments she shared with Aakash at N.I.M, thus love continues to blossom.


Vidhaan’s father is in favor of children taking their own decisions on marriage and Vidhaan seems to support it as well. Vidhaan saw some worry on Anjali’s face during the family talk earlier but kept quiet. Anjali meets Vidhaan after discussions with Maithili earlier. He thinks there is some reason that she is meeting her fiance urgently just a day before his engagement. Anjali couldn’t act on any one of Maithili’s ideas but she might be able to cook up some story in-front of Vidhaan. It turns out that Vidhaan’s father Vikram Bhardwaj speaks to Jagat Singh – Anjali’s father on the thought to break their relationship. Whether Vidhaan really supported Anjali in stalling/breaking the engagement/marriage ? Did he got help from Sarita ?

Arjun has grown-up in an orphanage with a lonely childhood. However, he spoke a lie to the media earlier by informing them of growing-up in London, father was a banker with trekking interest; losing his parents in an accident. Roongta believed Arjun at that time but it got broken now as he obtained info from staff member Pratap that Arjun was cooking-up all such stories and lying. The truth is Arjun started living in orphanage when he was 8 yrs old after his parents death, had criminal background, and served jail term. He is is annoyed but can deal with such things for larger interests – Mission Everest, Thinking (forward looking, not looking at past), his firm – Century Corps immediate future. Roongta soon confronts Arjun on his big lie in concealing his true background but Arjun will not deter much and continue to work on Mission Everest under Roongta’s sponsorship.

Aakash got the contract back from Roongta after some insistence, his words to do the best in covering Arjun’s expedition. Roongta instilled the favour burden in Aakash’s mind by wishing to pay him the same initial offer of 25 lakhs. This is to take out the best from Aakash and also to not make him think on backing out again. Aakash didn’t reveal his vertigo/acrophobia problem clearly to Roongta which would have raised serious question.  Aakash goes to meet his friend Roshni, a psychiatrist and couldn’t overcome his vertigo/acrophobia problem during a test and speaks of fighting it alone. At Abhiyankar’s end, he is heading to Kathmandu the same Sunday and informed his wife Tara’s brother Chand who stays in Guwahati. Abhiyankar will be going to summit Everest after 1825 days (~5 years) and remembers/misses his wife Tara dearly. He informs Chand about Anjali whose only aim is to summit Everest. Chand thinks Anjali is much similar to his sister Tara. Tara had the wish to summit Everest with Abhiyankar since he is most happy there. However, that wish didn’t got met since Abhiyankar backed out for some reason, and it was not her fault in any way. Tara will mark her entry on the show soon. Will she be a part of Everest expedition with Abhiyankar ?

Additional Note:
* Col. Abhiyankar’s full name is Arun Abhiyankar, wife’s name is Tara, and brother-in law’s name is Chand. Arun’s meaning is Sun, Tara is Star, and Chand is Moon – All part of Solar System.



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