Astha's fortitude clicks fortune; Varad tricks Niranjan in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir



Niranjan has been changing a lot after Shlok being away from him since much time. While Anjali’s stay at the Vridh ashram is not found by anyone, and Varad is not even trying to know it, being selfish and caring just for his benefits. Initially, Varad was craving for Niranjan’s love, but now he is getting blind by the power that comes with his surname. When Varad realizes that he could never take Shlok’s place in Niranjan’s heart, he has stopped earning his loyalty, and cheated him by making him unaware of the developments at office. Varad cracks a deal with Indrajeet Sarkar, and requests him to meet, after doing his cabin arrangements at his office, replacing Shlok’s name board with Indrajeet’s. While the duo decide to meet in a conference meeting for the tie up of the businesses, Niranjan is not informed about it. Niranjan decides to visit office, and Varad asks Sojal to stop him at home at any cost.

To relieve Varad from this tension, Sojal tranquilizes Niranjan to stop him from going office and from seeing Varad’s next moves. Niranjan still reaches the office shocking Varad to the core. Varad cleverly hides his meeting with Indrajeet and just gives a wrong brief about institute to Niranjan. He makes Niranjan leave for home, by hiding Indrajeet’s name board outside Shlok’s cabin. Niranjan misses Shlok every moment, but is satisfied seeing Varad managing the institute very well. Varad aims to expand the business and take it to a new height, which Shlok never achieved and make Niranjan proud of him, and forget Shlok. Will Niranjan come to know Varad’s selfish moves?

Astha’s food truck license unavailability has got big trouble for Astha and Shlok. The food truck is seized and Shlok worries thinking to give up, but Astha’s determination and never to lose spirit makes her hatch a plan to get the food truck back. She talks to Shlok and Chowksi about her plan, which they feel is risky and can get more trouble for them. Astha is sure that her plan will work, and accomplishes it to get the food truck back. The happy couple work with more fortitude and make the business click. The days passes, and Shlok and Astha are shown to earn good amount to call Anjali for staying with them in Mumbai. Will Shlok return to Niranjan and ruin Varad’s plans? Keep reading.



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